Does Soda Water Work Well As A Mixer With Bourbon?

The whole whiskey talk can get a little confusing, so let's get that cleared up. Bourbon, scotch, and whisky with or without an "e" are all whiskies. To wear the proud name of bourbon, the whiskey's mash must be made of at least 51% corn. In the past, it was truly illegal to bottle a bourbon unless it was distilled in the state of Kentucky. Today, you'll find bourbon in other areas as well, although many purists won't drink it if it's not from Kentucky.

And what about soda water? It's a little confusing as to what that is as well. Is it soda or water? And what about seltzer and club soda? Soda water is simply carbonated water. Club soda and seltzer water are the same thing; however, some people gravitate toward one over the other. No matter which you choose, soda water is low in calories and the carbonation makes it easy on the tummy. So, how about mixing bourbon and soda water? 

Mixing soda water and bourbon

Although there are many sodas you can mix with bourbon, including Coke to Mountain Dew (sorry purists), soda water is the only one that won't interfere too drastically with the taste of fine bourbon, per Whiskey Bon. The flavored sodas are also full of sugar, so if that's a concern, stick with soda water. To enjoy a bourbon and soda water, choose a highball glass full of ice, then simply top off about 50 millimeters of your favorite bourbon with club soda or seltzer water. Give it a little stir and enjoy.

Whisky for everyone points out that soda water as a mixer makes a great cocktail, but keep in mind that if your goal is to taste, feel, and smell every note of the whiskey, the carbonated beverage may alter that when mixed in with your bourbon. If you want to dodge the heat of bourbon or open it up a bit, then use plain water and not the carbonated stuff.