Why It Pays To Sous Vide Cheesecake

If you have ever tried to bake a traditional cheesecake, that is to say, one that requires a water bath, then you likely know just how tricky it can be to get right. Unlike no-bake cheesecakes, traditional ones are actually fragile custards that must be carefully cooked to prevent cracking or over-drying, according to Simply Recipes. But this is precisely why water baths are so important. Cracks and over-drying are often the result of inconsistent temperature throughout the oven. By surrounding the custard with water that will hold a steady temperature, the custard is more likely to be perfectly creamy and silky in texture. 

For those who hate the idea of having to construct an adequate water bath to make incredibly delicious cheesecake, sous vide just might be the answer. If you are not already familiar with the cooking technique, sous vide is essentially a container of water that is heated to a very precise temperature which is monitored and closely maintained by a sous vide machine (via Bon Appétit). Once the temperature is reached, the food is fully submerged in the water to be cooked. But first, it must be packed and vacuum sealed inside an airtight container. With a clear idea of the technique, it only makes sense to use it for cheesecake too. 

Sous vide is the perfect cooking method for cheesecake

While using a sous vide bath to cook cheesecake will result in a better texture, the size of the cheesecake is limited to the airtight container you can use — such as mason jars. However, the machine's ability to keep a steady temperature inside of the water will prevent cracks and deliver a perfect bake, so long as you are mindful of the time and temperature at which the cheesecake is cooking (via Street Smart Kitchen). 

If the cheesecake is cooked in sous vide for too long or too high a temperature, the custard can curdle just as it would in the oven. The ideal temperature for four-ounce jars filled with cheesecake is 176 degrees Fahrenheit. Baking at a low temperature, the cheesecake can take around an hour and a half to fully set without compromising the signature jiggle in the center of the custard. So, if you are looking for one more reason to invest in a sous vide machine and container, cheesecake just might be the tempting recipe to sway you.