The Nutty Ingredient For Extra Crispy Chicken Schnitzel

The food world just wouldn't be the same without the crispiness and tenderness of fried delicacies. There's fried chicken in the United States, tempura in Japan, and schnitzel in Austria and Germany (per Culture Trip). Schnitzel, in particular, is easy to make and first requires meat that is boneless and thin, per Holy Schnitzel. A flavorful breading then coats these cutlets, which are fried à la deep-frying or pan-frying. Spragg's Meat Shop adds that you can incorporate extra flavors with a side of lemon wedges or sauces like mushroom gravy or bell pepper sauce.

Schnitzel might sound simple on the surface, but there are actually quite a few variations. As All Tastes German explains, the rahmschnitzel (highlights cream gravy), bierschnitzel (casserole paired with a beer sauce), and a cordon bleu twist with pork, ham, and cheese, are all unique ways to enjoy schnitzel. It's also worth mentioning that not all schnitzels have to be breaded; case in point with the schnitzel natur.

German wiener schnitzel is another popular dish, which typically uses veal, followed by pork or chicken as secondary meat options via German Culture. Chicken, in particular, is more of a familiar ingredient to many, so if you're stepping into the schnitzel world for the first time, give chicken schnitzel a try! But just remember to add this nutty ingredient for extra crispy textures.

Grab some sesame seeds

A chicken schnitzel recipe typically calls for flour, milk, eggs, seasonings, and bread crumbs. But a recipe from Martha Stewart combines three tablespoons of sesame seeds with panko breadcrumbs and dill weed. The key here is the sesame seeds, which enhance the chicken schnitzel with nutty flavors and extra crunchiness.

For even more flavor, The Washington Post recommends roasted sesame seeds, which, as Pacific Spice Company explains, makes the seeds a little more reminiscent of almonds. You also have a choice between white or black sesame seeds for the dish, and yes, there is a difference between the two. White sesame seeds are for those who enjoy an element of sweetness, while black sesame seeds may make the schnitzel way more crispy via Spiceography. Their flavors are also a combination of bitterness and earthiness.

It's easy to incorporate sesame seeds into a chicken schnitzel recipe. All you have to do is add the sesame seeds into a bowl of breadcrumbs, mix well, and then proceed as normal with breading the chicken. This will give the chicken schnitzel a more interesting texture and sesame flavors that are perfect for your weeknight meal routine.