Duff Goldman's Trick For The Best Oatmeal Raisin Cookies

When the show "Ace of Cakes" debuted on Food Network in 2006, audiences were immediately smitten with the reality show featuring Baltimore-based bakery, Charm City Cakes and the bearded, sneaker-wearing, rock band guitarist owner Duff Goldman. People were in awe of the bakery's exquisite wedding cakes and birthday cakes that defied the laws of gravity, per Ocala Star Banner

Although Goldman is known for his show-stopping cakes, he is also an expert on all kinds of pastries and desserts, including cookies. Goldman's favorite holiday cookies are Moravian Spice cookies, according to KTLA. The rest of America, on the other hand, favors chocolate chip cookies during the holidays, according to a survey by OnePoll (via SWNS Digital). Peanut butter, sugar cookies, gingerbread, and snickerdoodles rounded out the top five, and the humble oatmeal raisin is apparently the country's sixth choice. 

Shunned by children who mistakenly bite into them thinking they're chocolate chip, some adults eventually learn to appreciate the chewy, buttery cookie, but they still seem to be the last kind of cookie left on the cookie platter. Fortunately, Goldman may have a solution to that.

Soak it up

Fans of the oatmeal raisin cookie know that the sweet treat has amazing texture and flavor. There is lots of warm cinnamon, a sweetness that isn't overwhelming, and the oatmeal and brown sugar create a chewiness that can't be matched. Opposers believe raisins have no place in the world of cookies, but Duff Goldman believes that by simply soaking the oatmeal and raisins before making the cookies, the texture and structure completely change, in a good way, per Delish. This technique will rehydrate the two ingredients, giving the baker an incredibly moist texture with plump, juicy raisins.

Goldman also adds toasted nuts for crunch and to round out the flavors. In an effort to bridge the gap between chocolate chip fans and oatmeal raisin aficionados, he tells Delish that he has created the Truce Cookie, or a cookie that contains chocolate chips on one half and oatmeal and raisins on the other half. Clearly, getting creative is never a bad idea when it comes to cookies. 

If you're not into raisins, try substituting dried cranberries or cherries. Or if you want to go crazy with spices, try nutmeg or cardamom. It won't be the classic oatmeal raisin cookie, but it'll be something you love, and that's all that matters in the world of cookies.