Al Sultan Sweets Mixed Baklava Boxes Recalled Over Undeclared Allergens

If you're already familiar with baklava, you won't be surprised to learn the version of this gooey, yet flaky, confection manufactured by Al Sultan (sometimes spelled "Alsultan") and imported into the U.S. for nationwide retail sale is rich in wheat and dairy, not to mention nuts. But if you're new to baklava, its exact ingredients may not necessarily be obvious. Similarly, if you're not already familiar with the Egyptian version of a petit four — known as a "betefour," per Amira's Pantry – then there would be no reason to know this treat could likely include nuts as well.

But for individuals with allergies to wheat, dairy, and/or tree nuts, exposure can cause illness and even death. It's a major reason the FDA requires allergen disclosures on food labels; It's also why boxes of Al Sultan baklava and betefour are subject to a recall issued on December 20, 2022. 

The allergen disclosures were deemed inadequate

On December 20, Virginia-based Falcon Import and Export LLC, which imports Al Sultan Sweets for sale in the U.S. via mail order and by big box retailers such as Walmart, recalled three Al Sultan (Alsultan) branded confections (via FDA). Two sizes of mixed baklava boxes (12.3-ounce and 750 grams) were recalled due to undeclared dairy and wheat and a 10.5-ounce box of betefour was recalled due to undeclared cashews, pistachios, and almonds.

The 12.3-ounce baklava's UPC is 629700099929, with an expiration date of 02/04/2023; The 750-gram baklava's UPC is 629700099912, with a 01/19/2023 expiration date; The 10.5-ounce betefour box has a UPC of 6297000999739 and an expiration date of 02/04/2023.

As exposure to dairy, wheat, and/or tree nuts by those with allergies may be life-threatening, it's best you don't consume these products if you have such allergies. If you need to return the product, the recall notice states that refunds will be honored at the place of purchase. All of that said, it's worth noting that no illnesses have been reported yet. Also, the boxes in question contain a disclaimer that the enclosed confections were "made in a factory that uses soy, dairy, wheat, tree nuts (pistachios, cashews, almonds), egg, and sesame ingredients," according to the packaging shown in the recall announcement. However, this does not suffice for food safety purposes under the FDA rubric