Dunkin' Plans To Expand Its At-Home Options With A New Cold Brew Line

According to its own corporate history, Dunkin' was pretty straightforward in its early days. Founded in Quincy, Massachusetts in 1948 under the original name Open Kettle. Dunkin' began to expand throughout New England in the 1950s with a simple mission to "make and serve the freshest, most delicious coffee and donuts quickly and courteously in modern, well-merchandised stores." Back then 15 cents could get you a donut and a cup of coffee — the choice was up to the customer whether to dunk or not.

But as is the case with many chains looking to expand, you either evolve your offerings or you become, like a day-old donut, a bit stale. Thus, in 1972, donuts got a little sibling, the imminently-snackable Munchkins, says Boston.com. By 1978, there were muffins in the pastry case. And, in 1996, things got savory with the introduction of another holed food: bagels. Breakfast sandwiches soon followed.

Donuts are only half of the story, as Dunkin' is arguably just as well known for its coffee and the other beverages it peddles. As outlined on their website, Dunkin's coffees come in a variety of flavors, from hazelnut and pumpkin to holiday favorites, and customers can grab non-coffee drinks, like the signature Coolatta or a smoothie. Their coffee has proved so popular in fact that it has made the leap out of their locations and onto grocery store shelves, and a recent announcement indicates that the Dunkin' product line aims to keep growing.

Cold brew is heating up

Dunkin's coffee — in a variety of flavors — has been on store shelves for years. These allow anyone to have a hot cup of Dunkin' in the comfort of their own home. But not everyone likes their coffee warm, which explains the ubiquity of cold coffee. To that end, the Dunkin' At Home website explains that they offer three cold coffee options for the home market. Those are ground coffee that can be brewed hot and poured over ice, cold brew coffee packs for overnight steeping, and K-cup pods which can be brewed one glass at a time over ice.

That list will grow in 2023, says Mark Smucker, CEO of the J.M. Smucker Co., which produces and markets Dunkin' branded coffees. Food Business News reports that the company plans on rolling out ready-to-consume liquid cold coffee, which it sees as the natural progression of the at-home coffee market. Smucker says that consumers are looking for products that are not simply a morning cup of coffee, but a recreation of the coffeehouse experience throughout the day.