17 Best Boba Tea Shops In Los Angeles

There's nothing like a refreshing boba tea to quench your thirst on a hot day in sunny SoCal. Originating from Taiwan, boba tea is a popular drink that is made with tea and tapioca balls (A.K.A. boba). Boba tea is available in a huge array of flavors and variations, and, though the boba balls can take some getting used to due to the unique texture, they add a dimension and depth that truly is one-of-a-kind.

Though boba tea has become increasingly popular across the entirety of the United States, Los Angeles has become a hub for boba tea fans. In fact, it seems as though there is a boba tea shop around every corner. From smooth and comforting milk teas to refreshing fruit teas, there is an option for every taste and palette. Looking for a new way to get your caffeine fix? We've rounded some of the best boba tea shops in Los Angeles.

Volcano Tea House

Located in the popular Sawtelle Center in West LA's bustling Little Tokyo/Sawtelle neighborhood, Volcano Tea House is serving up traditional boba teas and tasty bites for those looking to grab a treat on the go. While this shop may look small and unassuming, the menu is expansive, the teas are authentic, and the boba features an ideal texture that is both soft and slightly chewy.

Not only does this hole-in-the-wall spot offer an impressive array of teas to choose from, but the menu also features a solid list of boba, jelly, pudding, bean, and other topping options. Check out the mini boba for an exciting twist on a classic tapioca boba, or try something entirely out of your comfort zone like the grass jelly for a uniquely Volcano Tea House experience. The fruit jellies are a great option for patrons who prefer something on the sweeter side.


With many locations across Los Angeles and more opening soon, Teaspoon brings attention to the small things in life through boba across the city. Each tea is handcrafted at Teaspoon, resulting in full and fresh flavors in each sip. Co-founder Amy Lai works to combine traditional boba tea preparations and culture with American flavors to create a unique taste profile in each drink that patrons can't find at any other shop in the city.

The menu is ever-changing at Teaspoon, featuring seasonal drinks and staff-created favorites that rotate regularly, in addition to the signature and classic flavors available year-round. The seasonal Peppermint Matcha tea is a sweet and festive white chocolate matcha latte topped with a peppermint crumble. Add in some made-to-order boba for the perfect holiday boba treat.

Milk + T

What once began as a self-serve boba truck in 2015 has since developed into a successful brick-and-mortar location in Downtown Los Angeles's Little Tokyo neighborhood. Milk + T has become a neighborhood staple, gaining a wonderful reputation for not only its flavorful boba but its sense of community and pride as a queer boba bar. The high-quality service is met with high-quality ingredients, making Milk + T a must-try for any Los Angeles boba lover.

Each drink at Milk + T begins with loose-leaf tea imported from Taiwan. These hand-brewed teas are then combined with lactose-free dairy milk, handcrafted fruit jams, and boba balls made from tapioca flour and steeped in brown sugar, or wildflower honey. The attention to the quality of each element allows every flavor at Milk + T to shine.


Located in the heart of Culver City, Latea is a more modern boba shop that invites guests to grab a drink and sit down to get some work done. Each and every tea served at Latea is brewed from organic and all-natural whole-leaf teas. Owner Jack Hsiao operates each location with a passion for showcasing the best and most natural brews, choosing sustainable and healthy ingredients whenever possible.

The menu at Latea is extensive and one-of-a-kind. From classic milk tea favorites to surprisingly tasty specials like creamy cheese floats, there's plenty to choose from. The menu also features food like seasoned fries and baked desserts, making Latea a great one-stop shop for an afternoon boba and a bite. One of the most popular drinks is the brown sugar milk tea, which is a sweet and creamy libation made with fresh assam black tea, your choice of milk, house-roasted brown sugar, and brown sugar boba.

Percolate Tea

Percolate Tea has set up shops in West Los Angeles, DTLA, and Torrance. Percolate Tea offers freshly brewed boba tea drinks and other exciting beverages made with all-natural ingredients at each location. The menu offers a range of interesting combinations to try ranging from classic fan-favorite milk teas to more special varieties including cheese teas, sparkling teas, hot teas, and more.

There is a drink for every palate at Percolate Tea. Looking for something rich and bold? The Sincerely Sesame is a roasted black sesame tea served with creamy oat milk and classic tapioca boba balls. Those that prefer something sweet might enjoy the store-favorite Matcha Royale, which is a dynamic combination of layered whisked ceremonial matcha, handcrafted fruit puree, creamy oat milk, and the signature Percolate boba balls.

Little Fluffy Head Cafe

Since 2017, Little Fluffy Head Cafe has been at the forefront of the trendy cheese boba tea wave making its way to Los Angeles. According to the Little Fluffy Head website, the signature cheese tea is a sweet and savory style of tea. There is a layer of creamy cheese foam above the cold tea, making this one-of-a-kind drink refreshing and rich at the same time.

The menu at Little Fluffy Head also features sweet and savory toppings that can be used to enhance any of the cheese teas. If you're looking for something on the sweeter side, the Dirty Mess is a milk tea base drink combined with creme brûlée and crushed Oreo. The Sweet Ginger is another special concoction that can be described as a sweet and earthy combination of ginger boba milk tea with creme brûlée drizzled throughout the cup.

Jin Tea Shop

Jin Tea Shop is first and foremost an impressive artisanal teashop. With a passion for all-natural tea that is hand selected and designed to soothe the mind, body, and soul, drinking tea from Jin Tea Shop is an experience unlike any other in Los Angeles. Swing by the Pasadena storefront to experience the several different artisanal teas and boba tea drinks the shop has to offer.

From cold brewed leaves to artisanal hot teas brewed in traditional Zisha pots, Jin Tea Shop has achieved masterful tea preparation that is worth checking out for any true tea aficionado. Patrons also have the option to pair any of these teas with the popular Chinese herbal jelly, classic brown sugar boba pearls, or smooth and silky organic tofu pudding.


With locations both in the bustling Beverly Center and in Monterey Park, OneZo is a popular international boba shop. It originated in Taiwan and is known for serving up soothing teas and house-made boba. Each boba is made daily in-store, meaning the boba is not only as consistently fresh as possible, but also it also allows the chefs to offer more than just the classic honey or brown sugar steeped boba balls.

Patrons are able to choose from a wide array of milk teas, iced teas, green teas, lattes, and more. However, OneZo's boba flavor selection is probably the most unique and enticing aspect of the shop. Branch out from the classic black boba balls and explore unique creations like brown sugar, honey, taro, and strawberry tapioca pearls.

It's Boba Time

It's Boba Time is one of the most well-known and highly rated boba chains in the United States. With over 15 locations across Los Angeles, this beloved boba shop is just a short drive away no matter where you are in the city. With the impressive range of menu items, quality teas, and delicious boba and jelly toppings, It's Boba Time has become a consistent favorite among Angelenos.

In addition to drinks like Thai or milk teas with brown sugar boba balls, It's Boba Time also serves cafe favorites such as açaí bowls and Frappuccinos. If you're craving something on the fruitier side, the watermelon slush is a great way to cool off on a warm day. That said, you can also cozy up with a hot coffee with boba during the holidays.


Located in the vibrant North Hollywood Arts District, Teapop is much more than just a boba shop. This community-oriented spot serves as both a tea bar and an art gallery space, bringing together artists and tea and coffee lovers in a unique and exciting space. The shop boasts a large outdoor patio area frequently utilized to put on live music by songwriter collectives, art markets, concerts, and other exciting community events. The interior of the space is decorated with original artwork, making each visit to this spot feels like a mini museum trip.

The menu at Teapop features freshly brewed milk teas as well as tea lattes and coffee for those looking for a caffeine boost. Add the delicious boba or lychee jelly to any drink for just a few extra cents for a more unique combination of flavors.

Pearl's Finest Teas

Pearl's Finest Teas is bringing an entirely customizable boba tea experience to the busy and trendy Fairfax Avenue in West Hollywood. With delicious boba at the forefront of the experience, Pearl's Finest Teas teas offer a collection of carefully crafted and well-loved signature drinks, coffee and matcha beverages, as well as a menu of customizable tea and topping combinations designed for guests to enjoy boba their own way.

The Coco Blue drink is a blue hibiscus tea with coconut-infused vanilla milk, which makes for a visually stunning and innovative signature drink. Alternatively, build your own creation and choose from green, oolong, or black tea bases with your choice of milk. You can also add in a unique flavor such as chrysanthemum, sesame, or kumquat, and finish off with a boba, jelly, sea salt cream, egg pudding, or aloe toppings.

Bubble U

Since opening in 2016, Bubble U has been serving classic boba tea concoctions in a charming Chinatown storefront. Order at the counter and take a seat at the boba bar or grab a charming table in the dining room to enjoy one of the many boba drinks Bubble U has to offer.

The menu at Bubble U is simple and straightforward, primarily sticking to sweet macarons along with tea and smoothie-style drinks. Check out the bright and refreshing fresh tea selection offering classic flavors like signature black and jasmine green, as well as more unique varieties like tung-ting oolong. If something sweet and creamy is more your preference, lavender, Thai, or honey-flavored milk teas are a solid option. From classic boba to crystal boba, there are also several different additions to spruce up the drinks.

Sunright Tea Studio

Sunright Tea Studio is working to bring Southern California's signature sunny vibes to each and every location across the city. With a passion for sourcing the highest quality ingredients and preparing them daily, Sunright Tea Studio seeks excellence in every cup. The Sunright menu is centered around four carefully selected teas: Ceylon black tea, jasmine green tea, roasted oolong, and a special oolong variety called the Four Seasons.

If you're looking for a rich and creamy milk tea, you're in luck. Patrons can choose from any of the signature tea bases before getting creative with the toppings. While the classic boba is always a hit at Sunright, be sure to check out some of the more unique toppings. Other options include fresh taro, Oreos, honey boba, cheese foam, and more.

Tea Mug Boba

Another West Los Angeles favorite, Tea Mug Boba is a standout boba powerhouse serving the bustling Sawtelle neighborhood. This no-fuss spot is one of the only places in town you can find the more authentic Southeast Asian flavors. Of course, Tea Mug Boba is known for classic crowd-pleasers like milk tea boba, Vietnamese coffee, strawberry smoothies, and other familiar flavors. However, Tea Mug Boba also allows patrons to branch out into unfamiliar yet equally tasty flavors.

Some unique must-tries from this authentic spot include the durian smoothie, which is a delicious preparation of a controversial fruit with a surprisingly mild and sweet flavor. Alternatively, check out Tea Mug Boba's number one most popular item, the signature Pandan Milk Tea with boba. This tea is brewed from pandan leaf with mungbean and pairs beautifully with a boba topping, aloe vera topping, or egg pudding.

Pot of Cha

Located near the University of Southern California campus, Pot of Cha has quickly become a local favorite for students and residents alike. Pot of Cha handcrafts each drink recipe with care, striving to find the perfect balance of sweet, herbal, and fruity flavors in every cup. Every tea served is imported from Asia, bringing authentic preparation to the table.

Customization is the name of the game at Pot of Cha. The menu is designed for guests to make individualized choices step by step and each drink is made to order by hand. From ice-blended drinks to milk and fresh teas, there really is something for every palette. The extensive list of toppings also allows for the texture of each tea to be taken to a new level.

Loose Leaf Boba Company

Loose Leaf Boba Company is revolutionizing the way we think about boba tea. Almost every drink in the shop is fresh-pressed to order using a tea press machine that is similar in design to a standard espresso machine. However, it is made specifically for loose-leaf teas. Each all-natural loose-leaf tea is ground and cold-pressed in-house, ensuring authentic flavors in each cup.

The menu at Loose Leaf Boba Company fuses fresh flavors from across the world. From the pineapple, orange, and guava agua fresca to the purple roots red taro and ube fusion smoothie, the flavors at this shop are refreshing and enticing. There are also tons of topping selections in addition to the traditional boba. For example, the basil seeds, too, are a special and dynamic way to top off a fruit-forward tea.

Bopomofo Cafe

With a name that translates to "ABCs," Bopomofo Cafe works to bring nostalgia and recipes rooted in tradition to both the Artesia and San Gabriel locations. Every menu item is hand-made with top-notch ingredients, adding another layer of quality to the experience.

From classic boba drinks to unique seasonal drinks, premium matcha, and espresso drinks to classic cafe snacks and delicious Taiwanese treats, Bopomofo Cafe has it all. Frankie's Matcha is a seasonal favorite made with blueberry compote, premium matcha, and lactose-free milk. Top it off with either boba, egg pudding, or fresh taro! A great food item to pair it with is the Taiwanese Breakfast Sandwich. This tasty sandwich is made with a ciabatta roll that is filled with a homemade Taiwanese sausage breakfast patty, garlic aioli spread, cucumber slices, thinly sliced fresh jalapeños, scallion scrambled egg, and cheddar cheese.