Jacques Torres May Have A Nationwide Chocolate Cake On The Way - Exclusive

Good news, chocolate lovers — Mr. Chocolate may have a nationwide chocolate cake on the way (say that three times fast). Jacques Torres, owner of a gourmet chocolate brand, is one of many pastry chefs dealing with a sweets-packed holiday season. The French chocolatier is known for excelling at the dessert classics, such as his assorted bonbons, hot chocolate, brittles, cookies, and many more drool-worthy treats.

In an exclusive interview with Tasting Table, Torres talked about his most festive offerings, including decadent chocolate trees, giant chocolate Santas, and his newly launched — and highly awaited — hot chocolate bombs. According to the television personality, fans were dying to get their hands on a hot chocolate bomb from the expert himself. Torres finally caved, despite the trend being "labor intensive." Now that the "Nailed It!" judge can check hot chocolate bombs off of his list, he is itching to launch another new item—a chocolate cake.

There is no firm release date yet

If you don't order a chocolate lava cake after every meal out, you are doing it wrong. Jacques Torres is basically the Willy Wonka of our generation, cranking out delicious chocolate bars left and right. Torres told Tasting Table that during the winter he often helps with production due to the influx of orders. When the holidays are over, the Netflix host will resort back to the research and development side of things. So what does that mean for new chocolate items?

Well, Torres explained, "I don't put too many new things out, because every time you put something new, you need packaging, you need advertisement, you need social media ..." There's a lot that goes into a product launch, so not all of the French pastry chef's ideas come to fruition. "I do my R&D [research and development], and from time to time, like the bomb, we decide to put them out. I'm working on a chocolate cake that maybe we can ship," he said.

Torres added that he is "working on different little ideas like that." As for when the nationwide chocolate cake is coming — that's up in the air too. The Netflix star has "no idea" when that offering will be tangible, but he is hoping that it's next on the list as we head into the New Year. If Torres needs a chocolate cake taste tester, count us in!

Head to Jacques Torres' chocolate website to check out his latest offerings.