The Unconventional Method To Prevent Cut Fruit From Browning

Fresh fruit can be difficult to work with when you know it might turn brown before you have a chance to use it. When fruit is cut and the enzymes are exposed to oxygen, it begins to oxidize, which then causes discoloration (via University of Nebraska). While you have likely tried or read about different methods to prevent cut fruit fresh from turning brown, there is one technique you might be surprised by. 

As the University of Nebraska explains, pairing cut fruit with other citrus fruits or even tossing cut fruit in acidic juice can help prevent browning. But the surprising trick that just might be the perfect solution involves steam blanching the fruit once it has been cut (via University of Georgia).

By steam blanching cut fruit, you can prepare your dishes in advance, freeze the fruit, or add it into your recipe when you are ready for it.

How to steam blanch cut fruit

To preserve the integrity of the fruit and prevent browning, steam blanching is a better option than blanching, which involves boiling the cut fruit (via Rockin W Homestead). By using steam instead of hot water to flash-cook the fruit, the slices will retain their shape, texture, and color. After steam blanching, the fruit will be ready to use for making picture-perfect dehydrated fruit, open-face tarts, stewed fruit, and so much more.

But to steam blanch, you will need to use a double boiler or a large pot with a sieve to keep the fruit from coming into contact with the boiling water. Once your cooking station is set up, simply bring the water to a boil, add the cut fruit in batches to the container above the hot water, and plunge the fruit into ice water after it has steamed for a minute or so. When the fruit has cooled, dry it off and use it or place it on a dehydrator tray. 

Though this might sound like an unusual solution, it is well worth trying the next time you need beautiful fruit that doesn't necessarily have to be fresh.