16 Absolute Best Seafood Restaurants In Barcelona, Spain

As Catalonia's capital, Barcelona is a major hub for all things art, history, and culinary. From the famous Sagrada Família church to the Museu Picasso, it's hard to run out of things to do in Barcelona. However, since it is situated on the coast of the Balearic Sea, one of the best things that Barcelona has is incredible seafood. Whether you're craving a classic ceviche recipe, grilled octopus, or seafood paella, there are plenty of incredible restaurants that have mastered the art of cooking ocean critters.

Though pretty much anywhere in the Mediterranean is ideal for enjoying fresh fish and crustaceans, Barcelona, in particular, has a huge array of restaurant options. Like most major cities, you'll find everything from upscale, Michelin-starred establishments to more casual yet delicious seafood stands and eateries. If you're planning to explore the dining scene of Spain's capital, this list of the absolute best seafood restaurants in Barcelona will keep you swimming in filling fish dishes.

Lascar 74

Lascar 74 is a ceviche bar focusing on fresh seafood and the best natural wines. From traditional Peruvian-style ceviches to more modern takes, Lascar 74 has a vibrant menu that brings innovation and flavor to the table. Patrons can also taste the classic al fresco dining experience by snagging a spot on the sidewalk patio.

Both the interior and the plating are very contemporary, leading with style and simplicity. However, the quality and freshness of the seafood are what make the strongest and most lasting impression at Lascar 74. The majority of the wines on the list are natural, with low-intervention practices being a huge priority in the bar's selection. The drink list also features an array of Pisco cocktails, paying tribute to the Peruvian culinary scene and its heritage of ceviche.

Crudo Bar

As the name suggests, Crudo Bar is a seafood establishment in Barcelona specializing in raw and ceviche-style fish preparations. Serving food in the crudo style allows the chefs to maintain the texture, taste, freshness, and integrity of the high-quality ingredients. With a passion for healthy elements in mind, Crudo Bar offers a complex seafood-forward menu that is visually stunning for guests to enjoy.

The spicy tuna tartare is one of the most popular and flavorful dishes on the menu. The combination of fresh fish with the zing from tangy citrus and spice yields a fool-proof combo that makes for the ideal appetizer. Those looking to enjoy a sample of some of the chef's favorites can embark on the tasting menu, which offers a choice of either four or six courses with an assortment of desserts.

Bodega la Peninsular

Located in the attractive seaside neighborhood of Barceloneta, Bodega la Peninsular is a gastronomic winery and tapas bar specializing in seafood-centric bites. The market-driven menu features daily catches that come directly from the Barcelona Fish Market. These dishes include traditional Spanish and Catalonian stews, delicate filets of fish, and small bite tapas.

While the menu is ever-changing and depends upon the daily catches and seasonal produce, Bodega la Peninsular always has something new and innovative in the works. The setting is very quaint and warm, featuring an intimate dining space that is quite cozy. When it comes to drinks, there is an impressive selection of wine, vermouths, and of course, a classic Spanish sangria. Guests can order at the bar or take a seat at a table for two when dining at Bodega la Peninsular experience.

La Paradeta

La Paradeta began as a small family-owned seafood joint in the Sants neighborhood on a mission to offer quality seafood at a fair price. Since then, it has evolved into a successful restaurant group with three locations — but the principles have stayed the same. The menus at the Sants, Meridiana, and Grácia locations of La Paradeta feature simple preparation of different fish to be paired with one of the many vibrant and flavorful house-made sauces.

The appetizer portion of the menu offers light bites like salads, mixed seafood soup, and raw oysters served with lemon. However, the entree section is where you'll find the star of the show. The grilled lobster is both decadent and universal, but if you're looking for a more local delicacy, the cuttlefish is a Spanish favorite that can be enjoyed both fried or grilled.

Can Maño

If you're a fan of sardines, Can Maño should be at the top of your Barcelona bucket list. This simple and homey restaurant is a local favorite that is known to get pretty packed on the daily. In fact, the seafood bar normally opens around 8:15 AM, allowing guests to arrive early and get their fix. Even with all that extra time in the mornings, Can Maño tends to get really busy around noon, so arriving before then is recommended to ensure you grab a spot.

The sardines are famous. The filets are served whole and crispy with nothing more than a lemon wedge on the side. Despite the simplicity of this dish, they manage to wow locals and tourists alike constantly. The mussels are another favorite for shellfish fans, offering a simple and fresh bite.

El Taste de Joan Noi

According to Culinary Backstreets, El Tast de Joan noi is situated in an enticing market in Gracia. Upon entering the restaurant, guests are greeted with a selection of freshly caught fish on ice, allowing them to look at their meal before eating it. Patrons can also sit up against the bar, enjoying a clear view of the simple yet decadent cooking process. This family-owned and operated restaurant opened in 2009, right next door to the owner's original seafood stand in the market.

From baby scallops to sardines, the appetizers start any meal on a great bite. However, the diced and seared tuna is a local favorite that is the perfect blend of sweet and savory. A decadent take on lobster paella can also be ordered in advance, as can the Zarzuela de Pescado, which is sort of like a seafood casserole.


Located just steps from the beach in the center of the Barceloneta quarter, Carballeira has been serving Galacian seafood to locals and tourists since 1944. The interior decor mirrors that of a classic seafood restaurant, with blue tones and wooden accents complemented by nautical art and decor throughout. With a passion for all things sea, Carballeria shows its love for the ocean and the fresh fish it provides through its decor and its careful execution of fish-centric dishes.

Standout plates include Carballeria's rendition of a traditional seafood paella, which is one of, if not the most well-known dish of Spain. For a more luxurious meal, check out the Cantabrian Sea Lobster, either griddled on its own or sauteed with octopus, chili, and garlic for an extra burst of flavor.

Mont Bar

Mont Bar is a Michelin-star restaurant serving up equal parts tapas and grandiose entrees in Barcelona. The restaurant is recognized for using dynamic techniques and exciting ingredients from across the world, united by a sense of creative expression and passion. Each dish is an exercise in refinement, highlighting the top-notch components in simple yet inspired ways.

There are many standout dishes among several menu sections, and each keeps diners returning to Mont Bar for more. Try a touch of everything in the tapas section, including thy decadent oysters and the chipotle Wagyu beef tartare. Another unique dish is the one-of-a-kind combo of Japanese-style mochi with classic Spanish Iberian sobrasada and mahón cheese. Although this one isn't seafood, the spiced sausage is a perfect complement to the light salinity of this traditional Menorca cows cheese. 


Estimar is another Michelin-recognized restaurant contributing to the bustling Barcelona food scene. This intimate, family-owned spot operates first and foremost with respect for the ocean and the seafood purchased from the local Puerto de Roses market. While the prices at Estimar are slightly higher than some other establishments on this list, the quality of ingredients and preparation, paired with the artful presentation and attentive service, is worth the extra spend.

Every seafood entree on the Estimar menu is cooked on the grill and seasoned just enough to highlight the natural flavors of the sea. If you want to try something new, the Roses royal sea cucumber is a vibrant dish entirely unique to Estimar. Alternatively, check out how Estimar pushes simple anchovy recipes forward; fried fish marinated with lemon collided in a bright, briny, and crispy bite.

Bar Mut

If you're looking for a cozy atmosphere and top-notch seafood, Bar Mut is a solid spot for dinner in Barcelona. This bistro-style restaurant is located just off Passeig de Gràcia. The walls are lined with Spanish wines, and though it is definitely on the smaller side, sitting at the marble bar on a wooden stool has a special charm. Rather than a consistent menu, guests order from a chalkboard that features all of the daily offerings and specials. Nothing says fresh options like an offering list that is always changing.

Some regular offerings that locals love include seasonal croquettes and a steak dish that can be paired with either mushrooms or foie gras. If you can make a reservation, that is recommended as the eatery is small, and the appetite for Bar Mut is high. However, if you're able to arrive earlier in the evening, you should be able to grab a table either inside or on the quaint patio.

Can Solé

For almost 120 years, Can Solé has been serving signature rice and seafood dishes to the citizens and admirers of Barcelona. When it first opened in 1903, Can Solé was a go-to spot for local fishermen. Now, it is one of the city's most known and loved restaurants, and it is safe to say that Can Solé has cracked the code on how to create crowd-pleasing yet classic Mediterranean cuisine.

The menu at Can Solé is extensive and full of a wide range of seafood for diners to choose from. From simple Spanish favorites such as lobster with tomato and seafood paella to more complex and layered delicacies like the Catalan cod, fried with onions, grape, raisin, and pine nuts — there is something for every palette at this long-standing spot.

Tunateca Balfegó Espai Gastronòmic

Tunateca Balfegó Espai Gastronòmic is a one-of-a-kind dining experience dedicated entirely to the appreciation of bluefin tuna. Guests are greeted by a bright blue interior featuring ornate ceiling art made of countless bluefin tunas. The menu showcases the popular fish in raw and cooked preparations, making Tunateca a must-try for tuna lovers in Barcelona.

The cuisine at Tunateca Balfegó Espai Gastronòmic fuses Japanese and Western techniques and ingredients to create two uniquely curated menus within one restaurant. There are two separate tasting menu options at Tunateca, both featuring optional beverage pairings as well. Sure enough, the rotating offerings have a range. Current tasting menus show a crispy bluefin tuna pâté sandwich, decked with dried plum and mustard, and a tuna with poblano mole served along with foie ganache and crispy corn omelet. Every dish at Tunateca is innovative and memorable.


Concise plating with minimal garnish and quality wood-fired grilling is Lluritu's signature style. There is not a single stovetop in the Lluritu kitchen, allowing the chefs to hone in on the specialization of grilling fresh fish and other proteins from the Spanish coast. With a passion for highlighting the inherent flavor of the ingredients at hand, rather than excessive embellishment from over-seasoning and over-garnishing, the food at Lluritu is minimally complicated but holds maximum flavor.

The menu has only 15 dishes, with each one designed to highlight a particular type of fish. A standout favorite is the restaurant's namesake Lluritu, which is a meal featuring an entire red scale fish cooked to a crispy texture and a side of red peppers. It is perfect for sharing and pairing with a crisp glass of Cava.


Since opening in 2006, Lasarte has risen to the top of Barcelona's fine-dining scene. The executive chef is none other than Martín Berasategui, a renowned culinary artist who specializes in Basque cuisine and has more Michelin stars to his name than any other Spanish chef. In 2017, Lasarte was given a coveted three Michelin star restaurant rating, and thanks to a recent renovation, it boasts a much more modern and contemporary atmosphere. The restaurant is located in the Monument Hotel, which is situated along the famous Paseo de Gracia.

The lunch menu must be served to the whole table and features family-style dishes like cod confit with sour cream, mustard, and kale alongside a warm seafood salad. However, at dinner, guests are able to order a la carte or take part in the tasting menu experience for the whole table. If the entire table is on board, the tasting menu features 11 one-of-a-kind courses that are worth the €305.

Can Majó

Can Majó is a family-run restaurant that sits right next to the sandy beaches of Barcelona. The outdoor patio is ideal for a sunny seafood lunch or dinner paired with stunning sea views. The Barceloneta market, where most of the seafood served is sourced from, is a short walk away from the restaurant, ensuring that the day's catch is as fresh as possible. When it comes to stand-out menu items, paella is by far the most popular. The crispy croquettes are also a beloved appetizer.

Since it is a family-owned and operated establishment, the service is just as warm as the paella. Plus, the boardwalk and ocean views set the scene for an authentic seafood experience along the coast of the Mediterranean Sea.

Enoteca Paco Pérez

Last and certainly not least, Enoteca Paco Pérez is a two-time Michelin star award-winning restaurant serving fine dining contemporary Mediterranean dishes in a bright and stylish dining space. Executive chef and owner Paco Pérez created the menu at Enoteca to highlight high-quality, raw, and locally sourced ingredients in new ways. The result of the chef's work is an exciting selection that brings together traditional and contemporary Mediterranean influences. Enoteca Paco Pérez also boasts a cellar with over 700 wines to pair with your meal.

The restaurant isn't always open, however; Enoteca Paco Pérez operates as a tasting menu-only restaurant Wednesday through Saturday evenings. The coursed meal is €196 per person and includes an impressive array of chef-curated dishes like sea bass with black tea and marine escabeche sauce, prawns in fricandó, and aged pigeon with chestnuts and corn.