Ginger Beer Fans Tell Tasting Table Which Brand They Think Is Best - Exclusive Survey

Who doesn't love ginger beer? That's hard to say, considering the hundreds of responses to a Tasting Table survey seeking the best ginger beer brand. Much enthusiasm bubbled over the sweet carbonated beverage, popular with all ages due to versions typically containing little to no alcohol, per Town&Country.

Ginger beer has come a long way since its mid-nineteenth-century English roots, in which fermented ginger with water and sugar produced drinks with up to 11% alcohol. As fermentation gave way to forced carbonation, the ABV in ginger beer has dropped to 0.5%, making it technically non-alcoholic, per MasterClass. Now, the soft-drink-style beverage parades confidently across bar counters and home kitchens, drawing devotees from a wide spectrum of craft-brew lovers who consume it straight from the bottle or mix it with fernet for a classic cocktail or enjoy it as a Dark 'N' Stormy or Moscow Mule.

It's no wonder the Tasting Table survey provoked a strong response from those who embrace specific brands. After all, any delicious drink that harbors a host of health benefits draws a passionate fan base. As noted by Johns Hopkins Medicine, ginger can help with nausea relief, gastrointestinal motility, cell damage, inflammation, and more.

Besides all that, ginger beer just tastes really good, and Tasting Table readers aren't shy about identifying their go-to brand.

Goslings ginger beer takes first place

Tasting Table surveyed a wide range of readers to gauge reader interest in ginger beer and identify the most beloved brands meeting the surge of this non-alcoholic, beer-in-a-bottle wonder. Responses numbered 588, representing the percentage of consumers embracing each of the five popular brands. The question specifically asked respondents to reveal their go-to brand for ginger beer consumption. The numbers may surprise you, as they indicate strong devotion to the top three brands, yet the other two also capture healthy percentages.

Landing atop the ginger-beer heap is the Goslings brand, which pulled a hearty response from just over 25% of those polled, garnering 148 votes. Old Jamaica ginger beer is not far behind, with 130 votes and about 22%. With only six fewer devotees than Old Jamaica, Goya landed in the third spot, being chosen by 124 people and taking 21% of the overall total. Fever Tree holds the heartstrings of 105 Tasting Table respondents, landing at almost 18%. Finally, the Australian Bundaberg ginger beer, which also comes in a diet version, scooped up nearly 14%, with big hugs from 81 consumers.