Chopsticks Are The Only Tool You Need To Prepare An Omelet

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An omelet can be a meal unto itself, filled with vegetables, meat, and cheese to go along with super-soft and extra-fluffy eggs and that moist and creamy center. To achieve that beautiful texture every time, you'll need the right tools and technique for perfect omelets. A nonstick pan is ideal, according to Myrecipes, because any egg bits that stick to the bottom will ruin the presentation and flavor. Next is the proper heat level. While some recipes will say to cook an omelet on medium-high heat, there's nothing wrong with low or medium-low heat if you can wait an extra couple of minutes for a fantastic meal.

Then you need to prep and set out your ingredients ahead of time to fold them into the omelet right before it's done cooking. Following that prep, crack three eggs into a bowl and scramble them before cooking. Finally, the key is to keep the eggs moving in the pan until you're ready to fold them over. The eggs will overcook if you just let them sit there, so what is the best tool to move them around with?

Chopsticks can elevate your omelet game

When it comes time to cook the omelet on your stovetop, the only tool you need is a pair of sturdy chopsticks. Wait, chopsticks? Traditional French cuisine masters may tell you to use a spatula or spoon to cook an omelet, but that means handling the pan with a tilting and flipping motion, per Myrecipes. Consider chopsticks rather than moving the pan around to keep the curds from settling at the bottom of the pan. Your wrists will thank you for it later because chopsticks are lighter than the pan, hence less wear and tear on your hand.

But what about a plastic fork? You can't use a metal one due to potential scratches on the surface of your nonstick pan, per Serious Eats. Plastic forks have problems since the prongs may break off, and they're not very sturdy for trying to loosen the curds on the edges. If you accidentally drop the fork, you could have a melted mess on your stovetop, so chopsticks are probably the better choice.

How to use chopsticks when making an omelet

When we say chopsticks, we mean ones designed specifically for cooking. They're usually 13 to 17 inches, making them longer than ones for eating, per Serious Eats. They're also sturdier, unlacquered, and perfectly reusable. Look for food prep chopsticks made of wood or bamboo online or at your local Asian food store. Before you rush headlong into your next omelet, consider practicing first if you're not used to handling chopsticks, notes Food & Wine. Your deft muscle memory with chopsticks comes in handy (pun intended) for omelets. Make sure you clean the chopsticks thoroughly after use with hot, soapy water.

Scramble the eggs with chopsticks as you would with a fork or whisk, adding salt, pepper, and seasonings as you stir, per Myrecipes. In the pan, you'll notice the bottom of the eggs will cook first. But you can't let the curds settle, or the top of the eggs won't cook as fast and the curds may burn. Chopsticks are perfect for breaking them up to allow more heat through. Loosen the edges of the omelet with the chopsticks as you're ready to fold or roll the omelet over. Finally, as your omelet is done, slide both chopsticks underneath it to deftly roll the yellowy goodness over itself to seal in the yummy ingredients and the fluffy egg curds. VoilĂ !