Brunch Expert Nigel Kabvina's Favorite Way To Make Eggs - Exclusive

Eggs can simply be a quick, cheap, convenient source of protein to scarf down in the morning, but they can be so much more, too. Popular food TikToker Nigel Kabvina is all about taking the time to be good to yourself in the morning. As he told Tasting Table in an exclusive interview, for him, brunch is "about making sure that you are going a bit over the top for yourself." It's an antidote to the go-go-go mentality that makes people forget about breakfast.

Kabvina certainly brings a sense of elegance and luxury to his brunch videos. It's a combination of his wardrobe (you can expect waistcoats, three-piece suits, and watch chains), his aesthetically beautiful plating design, and the luxe recipes he prepares. It doesn't hurt that he often has cut flowers in a vase on the table and starts many videos by sabering a bottle of Champagne, too.

But Kabvina's content isn't all show with no substance. It's clear from his videos that he has serious culinary chops as well. Because of this, we decided to ask this brunch expert about his go-to method for making eggs.

When in doubt, add more butter

Kabvina didn't go to bat for one particular method of cooking eggs over any other. "I'm a big advocate of however you like your egg is completely fine." However, he did recommend one simple trick that makes almost any kind of egg dish taste better. It's every chef's friend: copious amounts of butter. "My favorite is making eggs the French way, which means when they say butter, they mean a lot of butter — drowning in butter."

The best part about this idea, beyond its simplicity, is that it applies no matter how you like your eggs cooked. Well-done eggs can tend to be kind of dry, but you know what fixes that? Irresponsible amounts of butter. "If I'm making a French omelet — even scrambled eggs, whether you like them runny or on the well-done side — if you've got a good amount of butter in there, it's incredible."

Of course, there's one major downside to French-style eggs: Most of us probably shouldn't be eating huge amounts of butter all the time, no matter how badly we want to. Even Kabvina admitted, "You can't have them every day." That's why this trick is best reserved for special occasions when you want to throw caution to the wind. When you want to really treat yourself, there's nothing like extra-extra-buttery eggs.

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