The Oldest Food And Wine Festival In The US Is Returning To Boston

The United States is returning to its pre-pandemic activities as exemplified by the onset of wine and food-centric festivals. Culinary-focused celebrations crop up all over the country, showcasing local and regional specialties. Head to New Orleans for a beignet festival, or satisfy your sweet tooth at Hershey, Pennsylvania's chocolate celebration. With so many festivals on the docket, you'll satisfy your stomach and sample no shortage of your favorite specialties.

Indeed, every place offers a few hallmark foods. In particular, cities are treasure troves, especially when it comes to lively food and drink scenes. Boston is one of United States' most exciting cities for eating and drinking. It boasts an established repertoire of historic eateries and up-and-coming restaurants alike. As for glasses rather than plates, trendy and historic bars dot the city. Such options characterize Boston's nightlife.

Clearly, the capital of Massachusetts knows what it's doing, and this year, Boston is returning to the classics. The Boston Wine and Food Festival is entering its 34th season, per the event's website. This year's festival will feature a combination of wine dinners, tastings, and seminars — each guaranteed to combat the winter blues and fill up guests' glasses.

Celebrate 2023 at the annual Boston Wine and Food Festival

The demand is high, and the glasses are full. According to Forbes, the COVID-19 pandemic left a pent-up demand for travel and eating out — a desire soon to be met by the Boston Wine and Food Festival. Previously known solely as the Boston Wine Festival, the celebration is America's longest-running festival of its kind. It has been held 33 times thus far, pausing only during the pandemic.

Returning with a bang, this year's Food and Wine Festival will begin on January 12. Unlike other festivals that span weekends or similarly condensed timelines, the Food and Wine Festival will continue over the course of three months; Forbes describes the celebration as a series of events, meals, and seminars that continue throughout the winter. The Boston Harbor Hotel will host each activity and offer an assortment of curated wines from vineyards across the world (via Boston Wine & Food Festival).

If you can't make it to Boston this winter, you can still partake in the action. It's easy to host your own wine-tasting party and invite your closest friends for a fun night in. With well-paired wines and a few of your favorite snacks, you can pretend you're on a vineyard — or, at the very least, by the Boston Harbor.