The 15 Best Mediterranean Restaurants In LA

From fresh fish to vibrant veggie-forward dishes, Mediterranean cuisine is known for being refreshing, light, and delicious. Some of the most famous dishes include hummus, couscous, feta cheese, and a variety of baked fish. While places like Greece obviously have the best Mediterranean cuisine in the world, cities like Los Angeles have managed to create a culinary scene that does Mediterranean food justice.

Whether you're looking for a hole-in-the-wall pita sandwich shop or an upscale and transportive restaurant in the heart of Beverly Hills, Los Angeles makes finding top-notch and authentic fare easier than ever. Since the term "Mediterranean" includes several different countries and cultures, there really is something for everyone, including those who follow a plant-based diet. Looking to find your new favorite lunch spot in Los Angeles? We've rounded up some of the best Mediterranean restaurants in LA so that you can get a true taste of some of the most beloved flavors of Europe.

Papa Cristos

Papa Cristo's has been serving authentic and tasty Greek food on Pico Boulevard since 1948. What began as a market designed to offer the finest Greek imports and ingredients to the Greek community has since evolved into a flourishing restaurant and catering business. The vibrant menu served at Papa Cristo's Taverna features high-quality imported and culturally accurate ingredients. Everything is served family-style so that families and groups can easily share and enjoy a taste of everything.

Bring a large group and indulge in a smattering of hot and cold appetizers before diving into the incredible selection of sandwiches, kebabs, classic Greek salads, and impressive entrees. The traditional Plaki dish is a local favorite, featuring a flaky baked filet of sole served with sautéed veggies and lemon. The bakery at Papa Cristo's also has some delicious offerings. Cater to your sweet tooth with the cinnamon-forward baklava or grab some chewy loukoumi candy for a sweet treat later in the day.


Located in the Little Armenia neighborhood, Marouch is bringing Lebanese, Armenian, and other Middle Eastern cuisines to Hollywood. The main mission at Marouch is simple. Marouch seeks to bring a sense of family tradition, cooking with love, and authentic ingredients and flavors to the menu for all to enjoy. The inviting vibe and space instantly bring comfort and offer a warm welcome.

The menu at Marouch is divided into three main sections including a bar list, a Meze menu (meaning appetizer or small bites), and one for entrees. Those dining in with family and friends will enjoy the meze for six, which is a platter designed for sharing and experiencing the most popular bites Marouch has to offer. For the main course, explore a boldly seasoned entree like the Ferry, which is a rich barbecue quail dish served with a creamy garlic sauce. Plus, the mahalabieh rice pudding is a light and subtle dessert that anyone will love.

Loukà Beverly Hills

Looking for a luxurious, fine-dining experience? Loukà Beverly Hills offers an array of classic and regional Greek dishes that have been elevated and refined to create a one-of-a-kind experience. Louka is family-owned and operates on a mission of bringing authentic Greek tradition and hospitality to a chef-driven restaurant. Whether you sit at a table or an elegant bar, the entire atmosphere is sure to inspire and impress.

The menu at Louka is extensive and diverse, offering an array of Greek classics as well as modern twists on old favorites. The paithaikai lamb chops are a must-try, offering superior farms grilled lamb chops served with latholemono (a traditional Greek lemon olive oil) and patates tiganites, which is a Greek take on thin and crispy French fries. Pair with a selection from the list of fine wines, craft cocktails, and beer on draft for a perfect date night spot.

Taverna Tony

Located in magical Malibu, Taverna Tony serves up beautiful Greek cuisine right along the coast. From the moment you walk up the stairs, the stunning blue and white exterior transports diners to an authentic Grecian cafe that is designed to feel like a Mediterranean vacation from across the world. If you can, be sure to snag a table on the patio so that you can soak up the sunshine and a nice breeze while sipping on a chilled glass of white wine.

The menu at Taverna Tony is pretty large, offering a wide variety of appetizers, soups, salads, Greek-style pasta, and an impressive range of grilled specialties. The Greek Feast option is perfect for those looking to sample all the best dishes Taverna Tony has to offer. This set price menu includes over 15 different specialty dishes including fried calamari, roasted lamb, Greek potatoes, a tasting of all the house-made dips, and more.

Mandolin Taverna

After making a major name for itself in Miami, Mandolin Taverna has since opened up a stunning and spacious location in DTLA'S Arts District. LA's Mandolin Taverna is located in the garden of the Los Angeles Soho Warehouse, boasting a massive patio that is complete with twinkling lights, cozy furniture, and a transportive outdoor bar. The restaurant continues inside, but if you're looking for a romantic setting in the heart of downtown, stick with a table on the patio.

The menu is inspired by classic coastal Greek cuisine, featuring everything from grilled octopus to beef souvlaki. Start off with the tangy and spicy baked feta meze served with tomatoes, smoked greek chili flakes, and spicy pickled Turkish peppers. The entrée selection showcases high-quality favorites like the whole Mediterranean sea bass with olive oil, lemon, and oregano. If you're able to save room for dessert, the baklava is a decadent dish that caters to any craving.


Located in the eclectic and exciting Silverlake area, Greekman's is a must-try East LA Mediterranean spot. Whether you choose to dine on the beautiful al fresco patio or inside the newly renovated dining room, the delicious food, seasonal cocktails, and impressive selection of natural Greek wines are guaranteed to leave you satisfied. Everything from the straws to the plates is designed to transport patrons straight to Greece without having to leave SoCal.

Start off with a seasonal cocktail or classic favorite from the bar list, which is not only fresh and tasty but super fairly priced (especially for LA). Check out the Santo Surprise for a smoky yet refreshing favorite made with mezcal, grapefruit, lemon, Aperol, and soda water. When it comes to food, the souvlaki skewer is made with a protein of your choice on the wood-fired grill, resulting in a perfect presentation of rich and smoky flavors across the board.

Tabla by Sofi

Tabla by Sofi brings a unique twist to classic Greek cuisine in the bustling Midcity area of Los Angeles. The ingredients across the menu are sourced from a combination of treasured high-quality Greek imports as well as fresh, organic local favorites. This coupling allows the chefs at Tabla by Sofi to create dishes that are authentic to Greek tradition yet also showcase the beautiful protein and products available on the southern California coast.

Whether you are in the mood for a smattering of classic Greek mezes like the Dolmathes Yalantzi (grape leaves stuffed with rice and fresh Greek herbs) or Spanakopita, which is a filo pastry stuffed with feta and spinach, this spot has it all. You can also go for something more contemporary like a pizza-style Greek flatbread. Best of all, Tabla by Sofi hosts an awesome happy hour Tuesday through Sunday from 4 p.m. to 6 p.m., featuring $10 gyros and $7 wine.

Aliki's Greek Tavern

Those looking for some quality yet casual Mediterranean food in LA will love the laid-back nature of Aliki's Greek Taverna. The food here manages to be both filling and refreshing at the same time, and if you're looking for Greek take-out on a cozy night in, this is the place to go. Aliki's is located right next to LAX, and locals that live nearby can receive free delivery on orders that are $40 or more. This family-owned and operated gem has been serving quality Greek cuisine since 2006, and since it is a small business through and through, everything can be ordered via text or phone call.

When it comes to the food, homemade hummus is an obvious must-order as a starter. Seafood lovers will definitely be drawn to the Grilled Lavraki-Branzino when it is in stock, but there are also four different kinds of musaka on the menu that are worth trying.


Whether you're in need of a home delivery for lunch or a quick, grab-and-go Mediterranean meal, XENiA puts a modern twist on classic favorites. XENiA is located in the heart of Culver City, and everything from the sauces to the marinades to the pickles is made in-house. The vegetables are farm-fresh and locally sourced, resulting in contemporary dishes that rotate with the seasons. Though XENiA is most popular for lunch or a light dinner, those throwing a large gathering or party can also turn to this modern Mediterranean spot for catering.

The menu is simple, with patrons being able to choose between salads and bowls, pita sandwiches, and tasty plates. One of the best things about XENiA is the fact that you can build your own meal exactly to your liking, choosing between proteins like free-range chicken, Angus beef, or vegan roasted sweet potatoes. That said, the warm pita with tzatziki is the ultimate starter.


Since 2015, Dune has been serving the Attwater community a delicious blend of cuisine from across the Eastern Mediterranean. Dune Kitchen is dedicated to using the freshest local and organic ingredients available, and it shows in the bright clean flavors that shine across the menu.

Grab a pita sandwich to-go and enjoy at your leisure or post up for a nice meal between errands. The falafel pita is a must-try, and the crispy fried chick-pea balls are nicely balanced with the acidic marinated cabbage and onions. The local herbs also add an optimal amount of freshness that can be tasted in everything from the sauces to the sides. That said, the fried chicken pita is an exciting twist on a traditional chicken shawarma preparation. It combines the American classic fried chicken and pickles with spicy tahini, chermoula, and other signature Mediterranean herbs for a unique and ultimately tasty dish.

Kismet LA

Located on Hollywood Boulevard in the bustling East Hollywood neighborhood, Kismet LA is another fantastic spot for dine-in or to-go Mediterranean fare. Sit down with a group of friends to enjoy the many appetizers and other small bites Kismet LA has to offer tapas style. From spiced harissa olives and spicy pickled with a variety of fermented chilis to shaved summer squash salad served with chevre, preserved lemon, and marjoram, the starters, and small bites are some of the most exciting dishes on the menu.

While the appetizer menu is undeniably delicious, you would be remiss not to try some of the wood-fired entrées as well. Check out the eggplant stuffed with peppers, walnuts, and black mint or the Moroccan spiced carrots seasoned with cilantro and ginger for some excellent vegetarian dishes. Alternatively, enjoy the impeccable preparation of the clams in a Meyer lemon broth served with a fig leaf, charred spring onions, and celery for a balanced and bright seafood favorite.

Cafe Santorini

Cafe Santorini transports patrons to the idyllic destination with a string light-covered terrace and a mouthwatering menu that showcases all of the Mediterranean must-haves. The fried smelts are an adventurous but delightful appetizer as is the oven-roasted halloumi cheese. Those craving something more meat-heavy will love the grilled kabobs, with protein options ranging from seasoned ground beef strips to Santorini lamb.

Find yourself craving some carbs? The risotto and pasta section of the menu has tons of different options that range from seafood-forward fettuccini to classic penne. The entrees are also worth exploring, with the Branzino being a tried and true favorite. That said, the Moroccan lamb shank has a rich flavor that is met with quality spices and herbed couscous that pairs perfectly. Though there is only one dessert on the menu, it is worth saving room for. The flourless chocolate cake is a gluten-free treat that takes decadence to a whole other level.

Joe's Falafel

Just as the name suggests, Joe's Falafel specializes in crispy falafel dishes that are a true favorite among LA locals. Everything at Joe's Falafel is made fresh daily, highlighting traditional dishes from Turkey, Greece, and the Middle East. Despite being a tasty crowd-pleaser, health is also at the forefront of priorities, ensuring that you can feel great about the food you're eating. Located in Studio City, Joe's Falafel has gone beyond being a local favorite to even being a national gem after being named in "Yelp's Top 100 Places to Eat in the U.S." twice.

Though the falafel is definitely the main attraction, other popular choices include the chicken shawarma sandwich, the beef kabob plate, and the gyro bowl. The vegetarian combo plate is a great appetizer for those hoping to get a taste of everything, and the spicy fava beans make for a great side dish.

Avra Beverly Hills

Looking for an upscale Mediterranean experience? Avra Beverly Hills has everything from an elegant and posh setting to decadent dishes that bring true Mediterranean flavors to the West Coast. The spacious restaurant is located right off Beverly Drive, allowing diners to sit on the patio and people-watch while they sip on some quality vino from Spain, Greece, or Italy. The cocktails are also a major hit, with fresh favorites like the hibiscus-forward Gift of Gaia.

The "by the pound" section of the menu features an array of fish that are flown in daily from countries like Greece and Portugal. Avra recommends ordering 1 pound per person, making this the perfect option for those looking to enjoy a meal that is both light, healthy, and refreshing. The raw bar is another great option for seafood lovers. That said, the filet mignon and grilled Colorado lamb chops are both wonderful selections for diners that prefer red meat over fish.


Middle Eastern cuisine is known for its bright flavors and crave-worthy creations. At Adana Restaurant in Glendale, Middle Eastern food shines thanks to quality ingredients and an authentic approach. Though the menu features a blend of Mediterranean and Middle Eastern dishes, Armenian classics definitely steal the show. When it comes to starters, the Armenian eggplant dip and lebni are ideal appetizers.

If you're looking for something on the lighter side, the Persian salad is bright and lemony, but the chopped salad has a bit more flavor thanks to the use of bacon bits and feta cheese. That said, the kabob sandwiches are the real stars of the show at Adana. Choose from meats like chicken or beef and pair your meal with crispy French fries for a filling and satisfying to-go lunch. Though Adana is only open for take-out during lunch, patrons are able to dine in during dinner.