A Colorful Pasta Assortment Has Hit Trader Joe's Shelves

Looking for a hostess gift for that upcoming holiday party or possibly a centerpiece to build a gift set around for the foodie in your life? Or do you just really love experimenting with pasta? No matter what the situation, Trader Joe's has you covered this holiday season with its newly released, limited-run assortment box: Panoply of Organic Italian Pasta.

This attractive, handled box set was spotted by TraderJoesObsessed on Instagram before Thanksgiving and, according to Trader Joe's, includes five 7.05-ounce bags of pasta from around Italy. While all five samples are unique, they are Kosher, organic, and bronze cut, which, according to Patagonia Provisions, means they are made with a bronze die (as opposed to the Teflon dies, which The Kitchn notes is cheaper and faster). The Kitchn reports that bronze makes the pasta rougher, allowing sauces to better grip the pasta. Patagonia Provisions also notes that bronze-cut pasta is perforated, allowing sauces and oils to absorb into it.

Unboxing the box-set

The Panoply of Organic Italian Pasta includes two bowtie pastas, a beetroot-infused red-and-white striped farfalline and a paprika-tinted orange-and-white striped papillon (The Pasta Project notes that "bowtie" pasta was originally named for their resemblance to butterflies — farfalla in Italian or papillon in French, per Collins Dictionary). The set also includes a lemon-flavored torchietti pasta, as well as a spinach-dyed green-and-white striped fischietti pasta, and a tri-color ortolana creste di gallo — a pasta named for its distinct resemblance to a rooster's comb (per Chefs Mandala) and colored with tomato, spinach, and beetroot. Each pasta has its own nutritional information included separately on the box as well as recommended cooking times to make sure they turn out just right.

The box set costs $9.99, according to TraderJoesObsessed on Instagram, and is now available at Trader Joe's stores nationwide. Trader Joe's website and Instagram commenters agree the set could make a great gift paired with gourmet sauces or oils for the pasta lover or aspiring chef in your life.