The Trendy Condiment Gail Simmons Recommends To Top Rice Pudding

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"Top Chef" judge Gail Simmons knows a thing or two when it comes to preparing and tasting delicious meals. The famous food writer has been a part of the award-winning series for nearly 20 years and has also penned multiple books including "Bringing it Home," where she divulges some of her favorite recipes like Bloody Mary Eggs and Christmas Brisket Fried Rice. Simmons explained that her goal with the cookbook was to create "fabulous recipes using accessible ingredients and smart, simple cooking techniques for successful family meals and easy entertaining."

The culinary expert even shared with us some of her favorite dishes that she uses for holiday gatherings that are easy to make, which will give you plenty of time to socialize with family and friends. Her go-to simple meals include a variety of soups and stews like her barley and chicken stew, which features leeks, carrots, lemon, and lots of herbs. She explained that it's an "easy, cozy way to entertain and make the most of all the produce that's in the market right now." However, if you're craving something a bit more sweet, Simmons has the perfect twist on a classic treat.

This popular ingredient adds delicate flavor to dishes

Gail Simmons recently shared on Instagram that while filming the new season of "Top Chef" in London, she noticed that fig leaves and fig oil were all over the menus and she couldn't stop thinking about them. "So I found myself some leaves and went to work," she explained. From this inspiration, the famous cook created a Coconut Rice Pudding with Fig Leaf Oil recipe that she said is one of the simplest and easiest ways to enjoy the trendy flavor at home. She also revealed that the fig leaves are fragrant and intoxicating and recommended blending them "with a fresh, neutral oil so the delicate flavor really comes through." Fans were quick to react to her video by writing, "Definitely trying this" and "Running to my backyard to gather fig leaves."

However, if this dish doesn't sound like something you'd enjoy, there are multiple ways to try this ingredient. Yummly recommends trying it in ice cream, in a creamy panna cotta, or even in a daiquiri. The alcoholic version features two fig leaves, sugar, light rum, syrup, and fresh lime juice. Sounds like a refreshing and winning combination.