30 Best Gift Baskets For Foodies And Food-Lovers Alike

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Once upon a time, gift baskets were seen as a boring gift for someone you didn't want to give much thought to. Dusty fruit, stale crackers, and sweaty cheeses wrapped in an ungodly amount of cellophane hardly conveyed the kind of warm sentimentality most people strive for when gifting during the holiday season. These days, that's all changed. With more and more indie and small-batch artisan crafters producing food and provisions than ever before, there is suddenly a wide range of highly giftable products to choose from.

These artisans seem to have got the memo about lame gift baskets, because suddenly we see all kinds of cool and interesting gift baskets on the market full of the best products from these creators. If you are searching for the best gift for the food-lover or gourmet cooks, read through this list to see the best of the best food and drink gift baskets.

Flamingo Estate The Chef's Kiss

Flamingo Estate is the uber-cool urban farm that's bringing handcrafted and locally made products to the masses with a beautiful collection of bath and home goods. Most of the products are made using ingredients grown on the estate or sourced from local small farms.

Luckily for us, the selection of gifts and gift baskets is vast, and one of the best is "The Chef's Kiss." The box includes a 500-milliliter bottle of unfiltered, first-press olive oil made from 150-year-old Californian olive trees, as well as a bar of 72% dark chocolate studded with dried black Mission figs, organic rosemary, and ginger root, and a jar of bio-intensive native wildflower honey. It all gets boxed up and packaged perfectly to make a beautiful gift for any special person in your life. As an added perk, a tree gets planted for every product sold on the site, in a partnership with 1% For The Planet.

Lady & Larder Classic Small Gift Basket

The holidays are a time for giving, and one of the best ways to gift is to spend your money with small retailers who specialize in sourcing from small-batch and hand-crafted sources. Lady & Larder is a 100% female-owned cheese and provision store located in Santa Monica, California. The owners take special care to only sell the best possible products and produce. For gifting to loved ones out of state, Lady & Larder makes gift boxes that are crafted to order and perfect for gourmands and lovers of quality food items.

One of the best gift baskets available at Lady & Larder is the Classic Small Gift Basket, which features Tulip Tree Trillium, a triple cream brie, Casella's prosciutto, 13-inch hand-dipped candlesticks, a jar of Malibu honey, Rustic Bakery Crackers, and a seasonal selection of fruit and fresh cut flowers and greenery from the Santa Monica Farmer's Market.

Box Fox Fireside

As much as we would all love to treat our family and friends to a hot cup of homemade cocoa, sometimes it just isn't logistically possible with holiday travel more stressful and expensive than ever. The master gift box retailer, Box Fox, has the perfect solution. The Fireside gift box has everything you need to make a cozy mug of hot chocolate at home. The only thing that isn't included is the soft blanket and roaring fire.

The gift box comes with comfy socks, a P.F. Candle Co. soy wax candle in Spruce, a box of luxury milk chocolate hot cocoa mix by Compartes, a package of vanilla bean marshmallows, and a ceramic to-go mug to sip the cocoa out of. All the gift boxes by Box Fox come with a gorgeous handwritten card and a beautiful keepsake box. It's like a warm hug, all wrapped up in a beautiful package.

See's Candies Merry Sweets Gift

Sometimes, the best holiday gift is just a big box of candy. Master candy makers and chocolatiers, See's Candies, has been making candy and chocolates since the 1920s based on Mary See's original recipes. Around the holidays, See's Candies starts rolling out its seasonal collection. For the person in your life with a wicked sweet tooth, opt for the Merry Sweets Gift, a 2-pound 7-ounce package of delicious confection.

The bag includes the Skating Llama Box (filled with butterscotch lollipops and chocolate Santas), the Snowboarding Gnome Box (full of classic See's chocolates, like the toffee chips), 5 ounces of peanut brittle, 8 ounces of sour stars, 8 ounces of milk chocolate balls, 3 ounces of peanut butter treats, one marshmallow tree, and a Scotchmallow Tree. It all comes packaged up in a festive reusable tote. This is a great option for hostess gifts, young family members, or any chocolate lovers in the family.

Palisades Canyon The California Cocktail Happy Hour Kit

Let's have a toast to the new year and may all be merry and bright. Even from far away, you can give the gift of a luxurious happy hour with the California Cocktail Happy Hour Kit from Palisades Canyon. Each box comes with a bottle of ginger citrus cocktail mixer from Yes Cocktail Co., crispy dried orange slices from Dardimans California, and a gold-plated jigger for making the perfect drink. No happy hour would be complete without a few snacks, and this box has artisan caramel corn and tasty candied pecans to go with a gorgeous ginger citrus cocktail. Sunset (and booze) not included, but everything else comes in the gorgeous gift box that is packed with love and care.

Are cocktails not your thing? Palisades Canyon has a wide range of gift boxes that aim to provide an experience as well as a gift. There are hot cocoa kits with cozy socks and "Sunshine in a Box" kits with tea, candles, and buttery shortbread cookies.

Masienda Pura Macha Salsa Trio

Salsa macha is one of those great condiments that have the power to immediately transform a regular or basic dish into something utterly exceptional. Originally from Veracruz, Mexico, salsa macha is a type of chile oil made with dried chiles, fried garlic, chopped nuts, spices, and sometimes dried fruit. It's like a Mexican chili crisp, and the applications are just as endlessly versatile.

Masienda is on a mission to bring high-quality Mexican foods and ingredients to the everyday home kitchen. Gift a taste of this signature brand with the Masienda Pura Macha Salsa Trio, a gift box with three jars of salsa macha. Each jar has a different flavor profile: guajillo/cherry/cacao, chipotle/coffee/peanut, and guajillo/cranberry/hazelnut. Each salsa works just as well as a marinade as it would be drizzled over a slice of pizza. The gift box trio is the perfect way to sample a bit of each of these inventive salsas.

Olympia Provisions Royale 10

Not all gift boxes are full of sweet treats and chocolate confections. Meat lovers will enjoy the Royale 10 sampler pack from Olympia Provisions, which comes with 10 of the most popular cured salamis. Salamis made in the French style include the saucisson sec (made with garlic and black pepper), the saucisson d'Arles (just plain pork), the saucisson d'Alsace (with cinnamon, clove, and nutmeg), and the saucisson d'Noisette, which is made with heritage pork, salt, and hazelnuts. The Italian salamis in the box include Finocchiona, a fennel and garlic blend, the Nola (made with allspice and chili flake), classic sopressata (with garlic, chili flake, and clove), and the cacciatore, made with a blend of caraway and coriander.

More exotic salamis come in the box as well, like the Greek Loukanika, a tasty blend with cumin and bits of orange zest. Finally, a few Spanish-style salamis come in the box as well, including a chorizo Andalucia (made with paprika and clove), chorizo Rioja (paprika and oregano), chorizo Navarre (paprika and cayenne), and the Spanish Salchichon, with a blend of paprika and sweet baking spices.

Norman Love Confections Candy Cane Gift Box

The best kind of gift doesn't require any wrapping on your part. The gorgeous Candy Cane Gift Box from Norman Love Confections arrives beautifully packaged and full of chocolates that look almost too good to eat. The box comes with 10 pieces of exquisite couverture truffles, each with a different flavor from the limited-edition holiday collection. White chocolate truffles include the Candy Cane (crushed candy canes mixed with creamy ganache), the Cup of Cheer (a blend of Kahlua, Bailey's Irish Cream, and coffee), and the Eggnog, a delectable blend of nutmeg, clove, dark rum, and white chocolate.

The milk chocolate truffles include the Gingerbread, full of gingersnap cookie crumbles, the S'more, with roasted marshmallow and graham cracker, the Nutcracker, with holiday spiced praline, and the White Christmas, with hazelnut praline and cinnamon ganache. Finally, the dark chocolate truffles in the box are the Lump of Coal (dark chocolate with a dash of habanero spice), the Mint Patty (peppermint), and the Spiced Cranberry Orange, full of cinnamon and nutmeg-spiked cranberry ganache.

Bella Cucina Italian Antipasti Basket Gift Set Collection

Send your friend or loved one on a trip to Italy with this top-shelf Italian Antipasti Basket by Bella Cucina. The basket itself is a handwoven farmer's market basket that can be reused endlessly for shopping trips or home decor. Inside the basket is a gorgeous assortment of Italian treats, like artichoke spread, olivada spread, preserved lemon cream, and balsamic roasted peppers. Bella's dipping crackers and Pane Rustico Italian flatbread join the dips and spreads, as well as sweet crostata pastry tarts to follow the savory appetizers. A quality olive wood serving utensil is included in the set so the gift receiver has all they need for the perfect Italian snack.

Bella Cucina has many more gift basket options with a wide variety of canned and jarred delicacies, even culinary baking salts and olive oils for cooks and gourmands of all kinds to play with in the kitchen.

Frog Hollow Farm Le Grande Gift Basket

Frog Hollow Farm is a 280-acre organic farm in the East Bay area of Northern California that focuses on regenerative farming practices. The fruit grown on this farm is some of the best in the state, and lucky for us, it ships the signature produce across the country. Forget about dusty old fruit baskets from other retailers — the holiday gift boxes from Frog Hollow Farm are on a whole different level of taste and quality. While baskets of all sizes full of ripe avocados, zesty Makrut limes, and juicy papaya are available, the Le Grande Gift Basket is the largest and most luxurious option.

The basket comes full of organic mixed fruit (selected based on seasonality), an array of jams and conserves (like peach, apricot, and nectarine) made at the peak of the fruit's season, Hungarian shortbread, cookies, brownies, chocolate toffee pistachios, and organic almonds.

Fox & the Knife Pasta Dinner Gift Basket

There's nothing quite like fresh, handmade pasta served with the perfect sauce. While we would all like to have our own personal chef to crank out hot plates of fresh pasta day after day, it's not always financially feasible. The next best thing is likely the Pasta Dinner Gift Basket by Fox & the Knife. The kit comes packed with fresh bucatini, rigatoni, and linguini. Paired with the fresh pasta is an assortment of gourmet sauces, including a rich wild boar bolognese, tomato basil Pomodoro, and a spicy prosciutto-studded amatriciana. There is also a taleggio-stuffed focaccia to complete the Italian feast.

The pasta and sauces are shipped fresh and have to be unpacked immediately after receiving where it will all keep in the refrigerator for up to five days, or frozen for two weeks (if you can wait that long before diving in).

Nueske's Gourmet Sausage Sampler

The Nueske's Gourmet Sausage Sampler makes a great gift for any special occasion, especially so near the holidays when we are all looking for something to cut through the mountain of sweets and cookies available at our seasonal gatherings. The Sausage Sampler includes fresh, all-natural chicken sausages with no preservatives or fillers. Three of Chef Martin Giunta's most popular options have been selected for the gift box: fresh basil and sundried tomato, feta and fresh spinach, and sweet Granny Smith apple.

The sample comes in two sizes: a 2-pound 4-ounce size for $32.99, and a 4-pound 8-ounce option for $50.99. The sausages have to be refrigerated immediately upon arrival, but they come fully cooked and only need to be warmed before serving. They would work just as easily sliced in pasta with peppers and fennel as they would be charred on the grill and eaten straight up.

Wine Country Gift Baskets The V.I.P. Gourmet Gift Basket

When in doubt, you could always just go for the gift basket that's absolutely doing the most. The V.I.P. Gourmet Gift Basket from Wine Country Gift Baskets is really on the next level when it comes to abundance and variety. The basket comes loaded with honey mustard dip, salami, marinated basil thyme artichoke snacks, Godiva dark chocolate pretzels, milk chocolate truffles, cookies, crackers, cheese, crepes, sticky toffee, and more. Even picky eaters will find something in this box to enjoy, which comes with over thirty individual items ranging from delicate and sweet to spicy and salty. The items are paired to be eaten in combinations, or go really wild and make a huge charcuterie board with everything in the basket.

Snacks not really striking your fancy? Wine Country Gift Baskets have a little bit of everything and all baskets can have optional additions of a bottle of wine (or two).

Carlino's Pancake Gift Box

What's the best part about waking up on a cold Sunday morning? Waking up to a hot pancake breakfast. This Carlino's Pancake Gift Box is like gifting that feeling, right down to the wooden spoon for stirring up the mix. Complete with two bags of pancake mix (one plain buttermilk, one chocolate chip), pure Vermont maple syrup, and sweet Carlino's strawberry jam; anyone who receives this box will have everything they need for a decadent brunch.

The well-known Pennsylvanian Italian grocery, Carlino's, has much more than pancakes, so if you find yourself in an especially giving mood, you could always pair the Pancake Gift Box with the Mama's Monday Night Pasta Box, complete with dried pasta and marinara for a cozy Italian dinner night in, or the Afternoon Snack Gift Box, which comes filled with artisanal cheese and salami, plus Carlino's house-made crostini and red pepper jam.

Kerber's Farm Kitchen Companion Gift Crate

Kerber's Farm started as a poultry farm on Long Island, New York, and eventually grew to include a farmstand that churns out fresh-baked pies, as well as other seasonal favorites made from, produced, and grown right on the farm. While you used to have to make the trek out to get a bite of the delicious offerings, these days the farm is selling provisions, preserves, and even fresh pies. The gift packs are especially handy when the season of gift-giving is upon us.

The Kitchen Companion Gift Crate is the best choice for cooks of all skill levels. It comes packed with some of the farm's best-selling items, like extra virgin olive oil, balsamic vinegar, fig preserves, and organic sea salt with dried lavender. It's not enough to make a complete meal, but these items can complement any kitchen and would work in a wide variety of recipes.

King Arthur Baking Company Pizza Party Gift

Another gift basket offering an "experience in a box" is the Pizza Party Gift from King Arthur Baking Company. The same brand that produces some of the best-performing flours on the market also sells handy kits that help you get a little outside of your comfort zone when it comes to baking. The Pizza Night Collection has almost everything you need to whip up pizza dough at home. There's a digital scale for ultra-precise measuring, a bag of pizza flour, a jar of pizza dough flavor, a jar of pizza seasoning, a 16-ounce jar of Dell'Amore pizza sauce, garlic oil, a pizza wheel, and the tested and true pizza recipes from King Arthur Baking Company.

Making pizza dough from scratch can be intimidating and complicated, but this kit makes it easy and fun. Motivating yourself to try something new is half the battle, and hopefully, all these ingredients can be the nudge that you need to fire it up.

Giften Market Charcuterie Gift Basket

Charcuterie boards have become so much more than just simple snack trays and have evolved to become a way of life for some gourmands and foodies. The Charcuterie Gift Basket from Giften Market will tickle the appetites of even the most discerning snackers.

The classic box comes with gourmet mixed nuts, cranberry hazelnut crisps, and herbes de Provence artisanal crackers by Potter's, Bushwick Kitchen raw honey, and a sample pack of artisan salami from Coro Foods. The deluxe version of this box features all this plus a premium olive wood rustic charcuterie board to serve it all on and the Cheese Board Deck, a deck of cards with images of gorgeous charcuterie boards meant to inspire artful arrangements and inventive spreads. The experts at Giften Market have the art of gift boxes dialed in, and the boxes on the website are perfect for any kind of occasion or receiver.

Here Here Market AAPI Creator Basket

The culinary world is all about sharing cuisines and cultures, and we thank the AAPI creators who bring their special tastes and techniques to the general market for everyone to enjoy. The stunning AAPI Creator Gift Basket from Here Here Market is a tasty selection of products, all made by Asian American and Pacific Islander creators. There's a little something of everything in this basket, which features a wide range of exciting flavors.

The basket comes loaded with a jar of togarashi made by Chef Mari Katsumara, the Raw Chocolatey Baking Mix from LusOasis, Hot Habanero Honey from Heaven's Honey, an amazing miso caramel sauce by Mott St, Hot Habanero sauce by S.K.Y, and Cutting Masala Chai from Tasting India. You will also be helping Afghani farmers by purchasing this gift basket, as there is a small jar of Afghani saffron, packaged by Heray Spice. Everything in the box is expertly crafted and responsibly sourced.

Mouth All Cooked Up

It's not every day you come across a gift box so perfectly created for a chef or very passionate cook. The All Cooked Up gift basket from Mouth is chock full of creative, handcrafted delights, with things like saffron pasta by Sfoglini and small-batch harissa spice paste. For condiments, there's hot honey from Mike's Hot Honey, chili crisp by Mr. Bing, Arbequina extra virgin olive oil from Sutter Buttes, hot Korean gochujang sauce made by We Rub You, and seedy whole grain mustard by Tin Mustard.

Along with the sauces is black garlic salt by master salt crafters Jacobsen Salt Co. and Bourbon Smoked Black Pepper by Bourbon Barrel Foods. Most chefs love their coffee, so the addition of a cold brew bean bag by Grady's is just right for this gourmet food box. Anybody from the novice cook to the 5-star gourmet chef will enjoy this selection of goods.

Brightland The Mini Essentials

Not every gift box or basket has to be full of snacks and sweet treats. Some recipients will be psyched to get a box of family-owned and operated Brightland olives oils and vinegar. The Mini Essentials gift box features four miniature bottles of the brand's best sellers. Each bottle is beautifully designed and packaged, and full of unique flavors.

Brightland sells a range of cold-pressed extra virgin olive oil, like the AWAKE, which is robust and bold-flavored, and the ALIVE, the smoother, more grassy-tasting varietal. The gift box also comes with RAPTURE, Brightland's balsamic vinegar that gets double-fermented with zinfandel grapes and blackberries, and PARASOL, the raw Champagne vinegar made from chardonnay grapes and California oranges. Each is delicious enough to be eaten on its own with just a simple hunk of bread or could be whisked into a top-tier vinaigrette that can make any salad sing.

Diaspora Co. Masala Trio

We never thought much about the spices at our local grocery store before Diaspora Co. came onto the market. The dry powder contained in those little plastic vials was all that was available, so it was good enough. Now, there's a new sheriff in town by the name of Diaspora Co. This spice company seeks to change the way we buy and use spices with its collection of 30 single-origin spices sourced from small farms across Sri Lanka and India. Other than spices, the company also offers spice blends, and one of the best gift baskets you can give this holiday season is the Diaspora Co. Masala Trio gift box.

Masalas are Indian spice blends that serve as the bedrock for the entire cuisine. Once you've gotten a handle on using and cooking with masalas in your day-to-day life, you may be starting to understand the culinary foundations of South Asian cooking. This gift box comes with the well-known garam masala, as well as biryani masala and tandoori masala.

Melissa's Citrus Crate

When the rest of the country is hunkering down from the cold, California is still experiencing warm, sunny days. Winter is the peak season for bright and fresh citrus and some of the best specimens grown in the state come from Melissa's. Gift a bit of California sunshine with this Citrus Crate gift box, which comes packed with 6 pounds of peak-season citrus. The exact types and varieties can vary from week to week, but typically you can expect an assortment of blood oranges, pink grapefruit, Meyer lemons, tangerines, Navel oranges, key limes, and kumquats.

Some of these citrus varieties are great to just eat straight up, while others inspire ideas of tasty savory and sweet recipes. Meyer lemons are amazing when paired with roasted chicken and seafood, but also create delicious baked goods, like pound cake and citrus curd. For something easy and simple, most types of citrus make for an incredible marinade or vinaigrette.

Hickory Farms California Craft Beer Gift Basket

Not all gift baskets are wine and cheese. Craft beer fans will enjoy this California Craft Beer Gift Basket from Hickory Farms, which comes packed with an assortment of beers and paired snacks. The reusable galvanized metal tin comes with a variety of six California craft beers: Anderson Valley Boont Ale, Sierra Nevada Pale Ale, Racer 5 IPA, Ballast Point Grapefruit Sculpin, Lost Coast Great White Beer, and Drake's Brewing IPA. Paired with the craft beer selection are a 7-ounce beef summer sausage and a bag of Casa Chicas tortilla chips and a jar of Tenayo chunky salsa to go.

This basket would make the perfect beer flight to enjoy with a few friends, but if you decide to enjoy it all to yourself, we wouldn't blame you. Delicious craft beers also work very well for cooking and could be added to marinades, stews, or braises.

The British Hamper Company Luxury Gourmet British Food Gift Basket

Want to eat like a king but aren't sure what exactly to put on the menu? The fine folks at The British Hamper Company have done the legwork to put together the ultimate luxury gourmet gift basket full of the best of the best when it comes to British treats and delicacies. The Luxury Gourmet British Food Gift Basket is a basket quite unlike any other. The treats included in the basket are corn scratchings by Serious Pig, strawberry jam from Thursday cottage, traditional English mustard by Hawkshead relish, cheese sables by The Pea Green Boat, red onion marmalade by England preserves, Worcestershire-flavored Yorkshire crisps, and cranberry & raisin miller's toast.

Of course, no British snack pack would be complete without the beverages, and this box comes with traditional breakfast tea from Lincoln Tea & Coffee Co. and Medellin hot chocolate from Willie's Cacao. There are even a few sweets, like caramel sea salt crumbly fudge from the Cornish Artisan Confectionary, jelly beans from The Natural Candy Shop, and all-butter shortbread by Teoni's cookies.

Hill Country Texas Food Gift Box

Texans take their food seriously, and some of the products and snacks made in the state can't be found anywhere else. For true Hill Country food fans, there is nothing better than the Hill Country Gift Basket, a package complete with all the Lone Star state's best offerings. The delectable snacks included in the basket are Cornucopia popcorn, a chocolate bar by Madhu, a Thunderbird Texas maple pecan bar, honey from Austin, AustiNuts Lonestar mix, Lammes Chewie Pecan Pralines, Rambler sparkling water, and a bag of gluten-free Siete tortilla chips.

It all comes packed up in a Lone Star box, designed by owner Catherine herself. Catherine used to operate a gift basket business in New Orleans, notes the site, but was struck by tragedy after Hurricane Katrina. After relocating to Austin, Texas, she founded The Artisan gift boxes, which ships the best treats and snacks the state has to offer.

The Basketry A Walk Through New Orleans

Take a walk through New Orleans with the A Walk Through New Orleans gift basket from Louisiana-based The Basketry. The kit comes packed with everything needed to transport you to the Big Easy, if only in your imagination. One of The Basketry's best-selling baskets, the A Walk Through New Orleans features products from some of New Orleans' most well-loved and sought-after food creators.

The delicious basket comes packed with Lolli's chocolate-dipped Oreos and pretzels, Bulldog Pepper Jelly, coffee from Cafe Du Monde, New Orleans Nut Co. Praline Pecans, Aunt Gloria's sugar cookies, Fleur de Lis caramel pecan turtles, Great San Saba Poppin' Pecan Popcorn, and Jocelyn & Co. crackers. Everything comes perfectly nested on a white-washed beaded wooden board that's the perfect thing for serving all this delicious food and something you will use again and again. Also in the package are two Mignon Faget Jester Pelican rocks glasses for toasting health and happiness in the new year.

Zingerman's Mail Order French Picnic Gift Box

What started as a deluxe gourmet deli in Ann Arbor, Michigan eventually grew to become Zingerman's, a mail-order food company with a special focus on meats, cheeses, and meal kits, like the corned beef Reuben sandwich kit. Gift packages from Zingerman's come in all shapes and sizes, and are full of everything from handmade specialty pastries to deluxe snacks and sweets.

The Classic French Picnic Gift Box comes complete with a loaf of Farm Bread, a jar of cornichon pickles, pork and pistachio pate, a camembert-style cheese by Green Hill, and chocolate-covered walnuts by Perigord for a sweet finish. Left wanting more? The Supreme French Picnic Gift Box comes with all that plus prosciutto ham, a fig and walnut confit, and French mountain cheese. Travel might be out of the cards, but you can always have Paris (in your mind) with one of these scrumptious gift boxes.

Eastern Standard Provisions Co. Holly Jolly Holiday Gift Box

Some people think that pretzels are just the soft baked good you see sold in carts on the street, whereas others understand the true artistry that goes into this salty, yeasty, savory pastry. The "Holly Jolly" Holiday Gift Box by Eastern Standard Provisions is for the latter group, who take pretzels seriously and demand quality and excellence in each bite.

The box comes full of six fresh-baked Wheelhouse Signature soft pretzels, a bag of turnbuckle soft pretzel sticks, a bag of one-timer soft pretzel bites, a jar of Maui Onion mustard, and classic pretzel salt. These gourmet pretzels are made without preservatives and arrive frozen. They have to either be consumed immediately (don't twist our arm) or frozen until ready to consume. Eastern Standard Provisions also makes Belgian liege waffles, and gift boxes are offered with a combination of both soft pastries, plus more choices for salts, mustards, and sweet sauces to pair with.

Box of Maine 7-item Maine Breakfast Box

There's nothing quite like taking a trip up to the rocky coast of Maine, where the stunning beauty of the stormy Atlantic ocean against the evergreen trees provides the perfect backdrop for cozy little towns full of hardworking fishermen and welcoming diners that serve hot breakfasts as a balm against the cold sea air. While we would all like to take a vacation to Maine to sample the local delights, the best alternative to actually going is the Box of Maine 7-item Maine Breakfast Box full of all kinds of gourmet Maine-made ingredients.

The box comes with pure Maine maple syrup, organic honey, wild Maine blueberry jam, Bar Harbor blueberry black tea, Acadia roast coffee, canned Maine blueberries, and a blueberry pancake mix. Even if you live in the middle of Phoenix, Arizona, you can be in Maine in your mind with this sweet gift box.

Maker Wine and Gourmet Snack Pack

The Wine and Gourmet Snack Pack has been expertly curated to turn a boring after-work snack time into the ultimate luxurious appetizer. All the wines and snacks in the pack are from female- or minority-owned businesses. The snacks are all gourmet and locally sourced but change from pack to pack. You can expect things like jams from Girl Meets Dirt or a bar of deluxe chocolate by Compartes.

The pack also features several expertly paired canned wines by Maker. The sparkling Sauvignon Blanc is dry and lightly sweet with hints of citrus and passionfruit and is made by Chris Christensen of Bodkin Wines. The Zinfandel is made by Janell Dusi and features 100% California Zinfandel grapes. With notes of red berries, vanilla, and spices, it's the perfect wine for cozy winter nights by the fireside. Last, the Chenin Blanc is made by Colleen Sullivan of Revolution Wines, and it won a gold medal in the New York International Wine Competition.