Trader Joe's New Gingerbread Ice Cream Has Fans Thrilled

Move over pumpkin spice, Thanksgiving is the unofficial changing of the guard from the classic fall tastes to the festive winter flavors most often associated with this time of year, including peppermint, cinnamon, and, of course, gingerbread. As PBS's The History Kitchen notes, gingerbread has been a Christmastime tradition since the 16th century when building gingerbread houses became popular in Germany. Gingerbread is so popular during winter that the Post Bulletin declared it the "flavor of the season."

While gingerbread men and houses are the most common use of the spicy holiday flavor, Trader Joe's has a new way of enjoying the holiday treat — one fitting to its southern California roots where, even in December, Weather Spark notes that the average temperatures are still near a balmy 70 degrees. For all the dessert fans who want the perfect mix of wintery cookie flavors without letting go of the snacks of summer, there is now Trader Joe's Gingerbread Ice Cream.

A spicy, chilly treat

News of the Gingerbread Ice Cream at Trader Joe's broke on Instagram just in time for Thanksgiving when user @TraderJoesList shared photos of the new frozen treat along with its nutritional information. Although the item has not yet made it to the Trader Joe's website, Trader Joe's Reviews lists the official product description as "gingerbread ice cream with triple gingersnap cookies and a gingerbread swirl." If that sounds like a lot of gingerbread to you, you aren't alone, while many fans celebrated the reveal and enthusiastically pledged to head out and buy the chilly treat ASAP, several commenters on the TraderJoesList post expressed skepticism at the idea of incorporating spicy gingerbread flavoring into ice cream.

Nutritionally, per an image shared by user @TraderJoesObsessed on Instagram, the new seasonal product includes about 310 calories per ⅔ cup serving and includes both dairy and wheat. Trader Joe's Reviews also notes that the new seasonal product is kosher.