Kardea Brown's House Seasoning Is What Your Pantry Needs- Exclusive

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Imagine this: you're scrambling to cook dinner tonight and don't have a particular idea in mind. You decide on some already defrosted chicken but are sick of that Italian seasoning you always throw on it. In that situation, Kardea Brown's house seasoning would easily save the day. The Food Network star just dropped her first-ever cookbook and, if we're being honest, the recipes are not only delicious but also totally unique.

"The Way Home: A Celebration of Sea Islands Food and Family with over 100 Recipes," provides an upgrade to Southern-style dishes, and opens your eyes up to new meals from the Gullah community. During an exclusive interview with Tasting Table, Brown disclosed her inspiration behind the cookbook and her most fruitful tips for getting the food right (we are drooling over that seafood macaroni and cheese). Although the culinary star offers fun twists on classic recipes, there is one ingredient that remains constant throughout the book.

The seasoning only contains five ingredients

Kardea Brown, known for her Food Network show, "Delicious Miss Brown," included a house seasoning in the beginning of the book that is referred to frequently throughout the rest of the recipes. "During my show, my producer noticed that I was using a lot of the same spices and ingredients, and he thought, 'Maybe we should coin this because it's something that you use all the time,'" she told Tasting Table.

Brown continued, "I said, 'Well, it's like my house seasoning,' and that's where it started. I literally say it tastes good on anything, poultry, red meat, veggies, seafood — it's a season-all." The house seasoning consists of one teaspoon each of onion powder, kosher salt, freshly ground black pepper, sweet paprika, and garlic powder. Brown advises you to make as much as you want, mix them all together, and store it in an airtight container for up to one year.

Your pantry and tastebuds will thank you, and so will that Italian seasoning after receiving a well-deserved break. In the television personality's new book, she claims that the house seasoning can be used on recipes like her chicken perloo, fried oysters, or her slow-cooked brisket sloppy joes. Thanks to Brown, we are headed to our kitchen right now to add that house seasoning to our dinner menu.

Purchase Kardea Brown's cookbook, "The Way Home: A Celebration of Sea Islands Food and Family," on Amazon. Keep up with Brown's upcoming projects on her Instagram page.