The 15 Most Fashionable Eateries Around The World

The world of haute cuisine and celebrity chefs is not that different from the world of haute couture fashion. Trendsetters in the industry push the envelope creatively and those innovations trickle down and find their way into the realm of the regular people. More and more, high-end fashion designers and retailers are expanding their empires to include fashion-forward eateries and cafes, if only just to provide an elegant resting place for their shoppers. 

According to some designers regarding the intersection of fashion and cuisine, their brands represent style as a lifestyle, and food is an aspect of life they want to represent within their brands as well.  All over the world, some of the most respected names in fashion have opened chic restaurants with the same attention to detail and design as their clothing lines. Read on to see where you could get a bite with the fashionistas of the world.

Gucci Osteria

Italian luxury brand Gucci has teamed up with Michelin-starred chef Massimo Bottura to bring several locations of their newest venture, Gucci Osteria. In Los Angeles, Florence, Tokyo, and Seoul, hungry (and thirsty) shoppers at Gucci stores can take a seat to sample some cuisine that marries the Italian roots of the brand with contemporary and local flavors and techniques. 

For example, the Beverly Hills outpost of Gucci Osteria serves inventive dishes with fun names like "You & Me in Capri,"  a lemon ricotta raviolo with bottarga, or "Coming from the Hills 'I Love Rock Climbing,'" a dish of local white trout, hazelnuts, and mushrooms. Mattia Agazzi helms the kitchen at the Los Angeles location, which is located above the brand's flagship location on Rodeo Drive. The restaurant exudes the same elements of style and elegance that the clothier is known for, in every detail down to the to-go boxes.

Dolce and Gabbana Bar Martini

While the exact origin of the martini cocktail is obscure, it is quite possible it derives its name from Martini, the brand most known for making the dry vermouth found in most martini recipes. Over in the fashion center of Milan, Italy, Dolce and Gabbana have teamed up with Martini to create Bar Martini, a bar and restaurant where the style and sophistication of both brands are evident in every bite and sip.

Scores of hungry fashionistas flock to this divine establishment during Fashion Week looking for a quick espresso break or a leisurely meal. Bar Martini has both indoor and outdoor seating, with a menu that befits its high-class ownership. Expect Italian classics like saffron risotto, pappa al pomodoro soup, or Caprese salad. The restaurant also offers impressive caviar and truffle services, with pairings like lemon cream spaghetti (for the caviar) or parmesan cheese risotto (for the truffles).

Gianni's at Versace Manor

While it no longer has any association with the brand, Gianni's Restaurant at the former Versace Mansion has an air of fashion history that can't be ignored. Originally built in 1930, the Versace Mansion passed several hands (and other names) before it was bought by Gianni Versace in 1992. In just five years, Versace spent almost $32 million renovating the estate, before he was shot and killed on the front steps. Today, the mansion is operated as a hotel with a restaurant inside that pays homage to the late and great fashion icon.

The restaurant capitalizes heavily on the history of the mansion it's located in and the menu pays tribute to its famous former owner's country of origin. The Italian-influenced menu features everything from cacio e pepe to truffle gnocchi, and several menu items are named after Gianni himself, like the signature spaghetti pomodoro.

Bar Luce

Anyone who has ever watched a Wes Anderson movie has likely wished they could slip into that colorful world and experience it firsthand. Thanks to Prada, now you can. The highly esteemed luxury Italian fashion brand collaborated with Anderson to create a vibrant cafe in their flagship store in Milan called Bar Luce. According to Anderson, the vision for the cafe was for a place where real people could do real, everyday activities like eating, drinking, reading, and writing.

Every detail of this charming spot has been diligently designed, from the Formica counters to the terrazzo-inspired flooring. It's an homage to great Milanese cafes of the 1950s and 60s and only fitting for the fashion house to have such an iconic cafe within its walls. Classic cocktails and Italian coffee drinks are the standard order here, though the cafe does offer some light bites like cured meats and paninis.

Bergdorf Goodman Restaurant

Even though the era of large department stores may be waning, there's one shopping destination that's as busy as ever. Bergdorf Goodman, located on New York City's famed Fifth Avenue, continues to be a mecca for fashion hounds of all types. Weary shoppers can take a rest on the department store's seventh floor at BG Restaurant, which offers expansive views of Central Park as well as divine dishes befitting of the high-class establishment.

The elegant restaurant serves lunch and afternoon tea, with seasonal items that reflect the chic surroundings, including the famous Gotham salad, made with diced chicken breast, ham, gruyère, tomato, bacon, beets, a hard-boiled egg, lettuce, and thousand island dressing. There's more substantial fare as well, such as pan-seared scallops with fennel and decadent lobster macaroni and cheese. The prices can get a little extreme, but you're paying for the experience and the ambiance, after all. 

Ralph's Paris

Ralph Lauren may be one of the most iconic American designers of all time and the brand represents a timeless American spirit. It's a bold choice for a company with such strong American roots to open a restaurant in Paris, but the sophistication and style of Ralph Lauren proves that even Parisians can and will enjoy American food if it's done right. Ralph's is the vision of Ralph Lauren himself, who wanted the restaurant to be the best American restaurant in Paris and a place where everyone could go for a delicious bite.

The dining room itself is decorated in a fitting combination of wood, leather, and vintage wool textiles, that manages to be both cozy and chic at the same time. The menu features American classics, like burgers, steaks, and Southwestern chili, as well as a Sunday brunch menu for a flat rate of just 69 euros.

The Polo Bar

Back on United States soil, Ralph Lauren has another gorgeous restaurant with a similar focus on Americana decor. The Polo Bar only opened in 2014, but step inside and you may well feel like you stepped into an 18th-century British clubhouse. Equestrian paintings decorate the hunter-green walls, and the entire restaurant is covered in leather, wood, and brass embellishments.

Dining at The Polo Bar is not for those on a budget, but can you really put a price on such an experience? The trust fund set that fills the restaurant night after night doesn't seem to mind, but this is the type of place where a shrimp cocktail costs $32 and a single crab cake is priced at $34. Enjoy the experience and order a signature Vesper martini. If you're on more of a budget, try one of the Ralph's Coffee locations, which offer freshly brewed coffee at much more affordable prices.

Kith Treats Cafe

Offering an vast selection of premium goods, Kith is the place to go for fashionable apparel and footwear, both from big-name designers to the store's own in-house label. After becoming a well-established name in the fashion world, Kith founder Ronnie Fieg expanded his brand beyond just clothing to something with a bit more bite. Kith Treats is an offshoot of the retail store and serves cereal blends created by famous celebrities and athletes on soft serve ice cream, in milkshakes, or in their "commuter bowls," for eating cereal on the go. One such creation, dubbed "The Flat White," was created by Virgil Abloh and features Cinnamon Toast Crunch and a toffee crunch topping.

With 22 choices of cereal and 23 additional mix-ins to choose from, the possibilities in terms of combinations are nearly endless. New menu items and celebrity collaborations are popping up constantly, so there's always something new to try after a long day of shopping.

Sadelle's at Kith Paris

Across the sea in Paris, France, is another fashion-forward collaboration from Kith. The Parisian location houses the French outpost of Sadelle's, a New York City institution. The brunch restaurant espouses New York classic cuisine and serves items like bagels with lox, caviar with soft scrambled eggs, triple-decker turkey sandwiches, and French toast so thick you need a knife to cut it. 

Sadelle's is located on the first floor of Kith Paris. It's the restaurant's first location outside of the United States. The space is chic and sophisticated, with Tiffany blue seats under an expansive glass skylight. Don't miss the signature dessert, a collaboration with Kith Treats. It's called the Babka Swirl and features a blended soft serve ice cream base with chunks of chocolate babka and topped with Coco Pops cereal. There's also a full beer, wine, and cocktail menu, along with a full spread of coffee and tea, if you find yourself more thirsty than hungry.

Emporio Armani Cafe

The Italians love to eat, so it comes as no surprise that iconic Italian fashion brand Emporio Armani has several restaurants under the Armani brand, in locations that span from Bologna to Dubai to Tokyo. The Emporio Armani Restaurante and Caffe in Bologna is one such destination and offers some of the finest food in the city. Handmade pastas fill the menu, with options like homemade herb tortellini with smoked cream sauce, fried leeks, and cherry tomatoes. The Armani signature dish is the risotto, a decadent affair with saffron threads and 24-month-aged Parmesan cheese. 

In general, the caffes are much less formal and serve selections of Italian coffee drinks and pastries to curb an afternoon hunger spell, as well as signature cocktails like the Emporio Spritz, the brand's take on a classic Aperol spritz but with a hit of grapefruit juice for a touch of citrusy zing.

Beige Tokyo

Perhaps one of the most luxury fashion houses in the world is Chanel, known for a century of cutting-edge designs in women's apparel and suiting. The brand has had a traveling pop-up known as the Coco Cafe, appearing in several major cities worldwide over the past few years. In 2004, a less transient concept was born when famed chef Alain Ducasse teamed up with Chanel to create Beige Tokyo, an elegant eatery located in the Japanese Chanel in Ginza, Tokyo.

The menu is five-star all the way and the dishes revolve seasonally. There are both Japanese and French influences, and mains include dishes like Matsukawa karei with chestnut tree leaves, mushrooms from Yamanashi and fig, or ezo shika (Japanese venison) with grilled leeks and white turnip. Reservations are required and, if you can swing it, the best seats are on the seasonally-available terrace where "Le Jardin de Tweed" has been designed with the same sleek, clean lines that the fashion brand is famous for.

Dior Cafe

Some restaurants seem to be made specifically for the Instagram crowd, and the Dior Cafe in Seoul is exactly one of those places. With macarons and lattes stamped with the luxury fashion brand's logo, even a casual stop at this cafe begs to be posted on social media. The restaurant is located in the Dior pop-up location in Seoul's trendy Seongsu-dong neighborhood and is planned to remain open until 2025. The menu is small but elegant, comprised chiefly of coffee and tea drinks as well as a selection of pastries by Pierre Herme. 

The Dior brand has other cafes, namely the one located in Harrod's, the famed London department store. The location at Harrod's has a bit more of a substantial menu, with main courses like halibut meunière and risotto with roasted Jerusalem artichoke. Another Dior Cafe can be found on the rooftop terrace above the women's boutique in Miami, where the setting features Toile de Jouy printed animal sculptures.

Tommy Bahama Restaurant

Tommy Bahama's is the go-to clothier for Floridian retirees and golf club members alike. It's beachy, luxury resort wear, and the brand's signature restaurants follow the same pattern. There are several locations of Tommy Bahama's restaurants, as well as the Marlin Bar, a more casual drinks-focused establishment. The restaurants tend to pop up in tropical and warm locales reminiscent of Tommy Bahama's spirit. You can find these spots in Arizona, California, Florida, Hawaii, Nevada, New York, and Texas.

No matter the season, the restaurant serves an appropriately tropical and coastal menu, with items like coconut-crusted crab cakes, tamarind, and pineapple glazed mahi-mahi, and Kona coffee-crusted rib eye steaks. Wash it down with a Mai Tai or pineapple martini to keep the island vibes flowing. The key lime pie is a house specialty, and not to be missed. It's made the traditional way, with fresh key lime juice and a generous dollop of whipped cream.

Tiffany's Blue Box Cafe

"Breakfast at Tiffany's" isn't just a classic romantic movie. You can actually have breakfast at Tiffany's by dining at the Blue Box Cafe. The cafe has locations at the brand's flagship store on Fifth Avenue, at their store at South Coast Plaza in Southern California, and inside Harrod's in London, England. The cafe at Harrod's serves breakfast dishes and afternoon tea, with a traditional spread of elegant patisserie and finger sandwiches. The tea selection is appropriately vast, but the cafe also offers a full wine and cocktail menu.

The Blue Box Cafe on Fifth Avenue is currently closed for renovations until 2023, and the brand has been teasing a wonderful new experience in the space when they reopen. The location at South Coast Plaza is currently hosting a collaboration with Petrossian, the caviar company. It's a pricey experience, but the quality of service and ultra high end cuisine is well worth the cost.