Duck Tongue Is A Cantonese Delicacy Full Of Flavor

Believe it or not, Chinese food differs greatly depending on which region of the country you're in. The Sichuan province, for instance, utilizes Sichuan peppercorns to create comforting dishes like beef noodle soup and spicy Chongqing chicken, as noted by 10Best. There are eight branches of Chinese cuisine that are all unique in their own right, but today, we're going to take a look at the Guangdong style, aka Cantonese cooking.

Cantonese dishes are not often enhanced with much sugar or spice because each ingredient must remain as natural as possible. To this end, the freshness of foods is highly valued, and produce is abundant in the Hong Kong and Guangzhou areas. Many Cantonese flavors are quite famous and well-received among tourists and locals alike, as dishes like dim sum, BBQ pork, and steamed fish are all packed with familiar flavors via China Highlights. And by familiar, we mean using ingredients like oyster sauce, ginger, and rice vinegar. However, there are foods you might come across in China that are not typically eaten in the West, like snakes, dogs, or sea creatures. Cantonese food also has a few delicacies that are not for the faint of heart, and one of them is duck tongue.

Strong duck flavors

Why would anyone eat a plate of duck tongues? Because they're packed with strong flavors, juicy, fatty areas, and pleasant contrasting textures when fried, according to Serious Eats. And in Chinese culture, it's common practice to make use of all animal parts.

Another reason to love duck tongues is because of their simple prep process. As Ktchn Rebel explains, duck tongue pairs well with all kinds of seasonings and spices, and can be deep-fried or braised as a snack, appetizer, or main dish. One popular method of enjoying this delicacy is with black bean sauce, which is called "top-pick duck tongue," per Chinese Food. This method involves cooking lots of duck tongues with Shaoxing wine, rock sugar, and ginger, which yields salty flavors and tender pieces of meat (black beans don't seem to be used in the source's recipe, though).

If you identify as an adventurous eater, give duck tongues a try in the future, either by ordering some at a restaurant or making a batch yourself. Ktchn Rebel states that you can find some frozen packages in Asian grocery stores or online. It's also important to note that prior to consuming these, you should get rid of the crunchy bone, per Honest-Food.