14 Best Grocery Stores Of The Pacific Northwest, Ranked

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Whether you're a Pacific Northwest local or just stopping by for a short time, it's worth pursuing the region's full spectrum of top grocery store chains. This may seem trivial as a tourist attraction, but we assure you it's not! Due to the Pacific Northwest's unique food philosophies, this special and vibrant region is rightfully home to some of the most beloved grocery establishments in the country. Additionally, the Pacific Northwest is home to fascinating to many agricultural influences, according to American Farmland Trust. Due to these factors, you can find an excellent variety of stores within these states, each one bringing something different to the dinner table.

From high-end boutique chains to family-owned community markets and beyond, there's a grocery store for every need and preference within the Pacific Northwest region. If you're looking for your perfect fit or just curious about learning more, check out our top grocery store picks in the Pacific Northwest.

14. Amazon Go Grocery

Amazon Go Grocery may be a bit of a surprise. However, it did get its start in Seattle, and the influence of tech companies on this Pacific Northwest city is undeniably significant. According to Built in Seattle, Amazon's Seattle headquarters created a huge driving force for the emergence of tech culture in the city. Both out of legacy and the concept's congruence with tech, Amazon Go Grocery is definitely worth mentioning.

According to The New York Times, Amazon Go Grocery's technologically advanced business model takes the concept of "grab-and-go" to an entirely new level. It provides customers with a checkout-free experience coined as "Just Walk Out" technology. With the use of ever-present cameras and sensors, each item grabbed is geniously accounted for in real-time. In short, this major perk of ultimate convenience could be a game-changer.

Amazon Go Grocery seems like an unlikely pick; however, it deserves a spot in the running. It may not strike many similarities with the other stores, but it's likely the new model for the future of grocery stores as we know them. As seen on the Amazon website, there are several locations sprinkled throughout the U.S.as well.

13. Broulim's Supermarket

Broulim's Supermarket is a self-proclaimed "hometown grocery store" that celebrates the many valuable reasons to buy goods and groceries locally. Broulim's empire consists of a handful of locations stationed in Southeast Idaho and Western Wyoming. Its lower ranking is due to its less accessible locations. However, the chain's allegiance to this specific region can be quite charming for those who get the chance to stop by. 

The first Broulim's was developed in Rigby, Idaho, in 1922 (via Broumlin's). A century later, there are over 10 Broulim locations dedicated to the same neighborhood feel as the original store. These establishments feature standard meat, produce, deli, bakery, pharmacy, and floral departments — every element needed for a functional and family-friendly grocery store. Serving up all of the basics, Broulim's Supermarket is a tried-and-true go-to for shoppers in this region.

Like many grocers, Broulim's prides itself on community involvement and charitable giving. There is also a strong focus on shopping locally, both for its own stores and other small businesses in the area (via Broulim's).

12. Zupan's Markets

Another PNW treasure can be found in Zupan's Markets, a boutique grocery store chain of three gorgeous Oregon locations. Zupan's stands out as a specialty store that celebrates life's decadent indulgences. It specifically caters to food enthusiasts and culinary creators, which is evident in the carefully curated selections across departments. From fresh, high-end flowers to custom cheese board offerings, this unique store provides premium products and services you won't find anywhere else.

Zupan's private label line further adds to the luxurious appeal of this family-owned business. Made of the highest quality ingredients and only found in stores, Zupan's private-label products include ice cream, albacore tuna, balsamic vinegar, and more.

This store is also known for its wine selection which caters to both the masses and more particular buyers. Looking to try interesting yet inexpensive local selections? You'll find them! Or, if you're in the market for a special bottle to wow its recipient, you'll easily find options in this category as well. If you're not sure what you're looking for, Zupan's employs wine stewards who are always available to help with the decision-making process.

Zupan's premium products and pricing may not be accessible to the PNW community at large. However, if you're shopping for a special occasion or want to add a little luxury to your everyday life, Zupan's provides an elevated experience sure to make you excited about running errands.

11. Uwajimaya

Venture off the path of standard U.S. grocery store chains, and you'll be sure to strike gold in Asian supermarkets. Our pick for the Pacific Northwest is Uwajimaya — an expansive shopping experience featuring vast and carefully sourced products ranging from exotic produce to Asian skincare.

According to Uwajimaya, the story starts from humble beginnings. In 1928, the original owners and Japanese immigrants Fujimatsu and Sadako Moriguchi decided to start selling fish cakes independently. Nearly 100 years later, Takoma, Washington, is the headquarters for the first of four Uwajimaya locations. To this day, Uwajimaya is fully family-owned, and its current CEO is the great-granddaughter of Fujimatsu and Sadako Moriguchi.

The Uwajimaya headquarters is more of a prized community fixture than just a business. It also serves as the inspiration and center of Uwajimaya Village (via Blanton Turner), a marketplace and cultural hub that includes retail shops and residences.

Beyond its rich history, there are many reasons to visit one of Uwajimaya's Pacific Northwest locations. While it is focused on niche offerings, that's also part of the appeal. Within these Asian markets, you're sure to discover a vibrant variety of incredible, hard-to-find products that will enhance your culinary explorations and eating experiences.

10. New Seasons Market

Since its inception in 2000, New Seasons Market has prided itself on being a neighborhood-friendly establishment in every sense of the word. This grocery store chain consists of 20 stores in Oregon, with community support and engagement at the center of the brand's philosophy. New Seasons Market keeps it simple; as stated on its website, the aim is to "build community through good food." The small chain practices this through charitable donations, reusable bag donations, and paid community service requirements for each staff member, among many other initiatives (via New Seasons Market). Additionally, the company is known for treating its employees exceptionally well.

New Seasons Market also values selling ethically sourced, high-quality products. If you're in Oregon and looking for local, organic, and hormone-free labels when grocery shopping, this chain is an excellent choice for you. Through its private label Partner Brand, New Seasons Market also makes an effort to source the best regional flavors, then share them with the community.

These are just a few reasons to support New Seasons Market, making this grocery store chain a must-shop if you happen to be based in Oregon.

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9. Haggen

Any discussion of Pacific Northwest grocery stores wouldn't be complete without the mention of Haggen. The grocery store retailer is a local favorite and has upheld the tradition of offering a premium and immersive shopping experience for nearly a century.

There are a few things that make Haggen stand out from the crowd. According to The Orange County Register, Haggen can be compared to the ever-popular Whole Foods due to its similarly vast range of affordable and premium offerings. To add to the similarities, local sourcing is another strong value of the chain that can be seen across departments. Haggen is also known for having an especially great beer and wine selection and dessert offerings. All in all, Haggen is an elevated version of the one-stop shop, often including a pharmacy, deli, and other amenities.

The chain has undergone some controversial revamping in recent years. The controversy primarily swarms around its hard and fast expansion in 2015 that abruptly grew the chain from 81 regional stores to over 160. This bold decision caused significant financial difficulties and backlash from locals clinging to what once was Haggen's legacy (via The Orange Counter Register). Although this knocks Haggen down a bit compared to others, the grocery chain will ultimately remain a Northwestern favorite with honorable roots.

8. Yoke's Fresh Market

Yoke's Fresh Market takes the cake for turning store ownership into much more than providing a place to buy groceries. This local group of employee-owned stores aims to source the freshest products and offer the fairest prices possible. It does this by staying involved in the community, creating and maintaining lasting relationships with partners, and constantly staying creative about best serving its customers above all else (via Yoke's Fresh Market). What is the result of this prioritization? "High-quality ingredients at refreshingly low prices."

Additionally, Yoke's Fresh Market stays active in its communities by consistently giving back to local organizations through annual food drives and charitable donations. By keeping it local, employee-run, and community-driven, you can tell that giving back is at the forefront of this business's philosophy.

This grocery store includes just under 20 stores, spreading across Washington, Idaho, and Montana. It may be hard to find, but we recommend stopping by Yoke's if you get the chance.

7. Ridley's Family Markets

Ridley's Family Markets is a regional chain of grocery stores and pharmacies that claims the title of family-owned and operated. Showing up on the grocery scene in the 1980s, these stores can be found all over Idaho and in Colorado, Utah, Wyoming, and Nevada (via Ridley's Family Markets). Nearly 30 stores make up this PNW business, making it a moderately sized chain that still upholds charming hometown values.

Are you a creature of habit when it comes to your errands routine? If you're in the area, it may be worth it to place your loyalty on Ridley's Family Markets. The regional chain offers customers the option of signing up for Ridley's Advantage Card program — a rewards system that allows customers to save every time they swipe their card. Beyond great discounts and the occasional giveaway, the program even aids customers in receiving travel rewards and building scholarship funds.

Overall, Ridley's Family Markets are a fantastic grocery store pick. These stores are family-friendly, a great everyday option, and spread through the Pacific Northwest.

6. Market of Choice

Previously known as Price Chopper, Market of Choice caters specifically to the state of Oregon. The small chain consists of just over 10 stores, operates as a family-owned, independent business, and focuses primarily on natural, organic, and health-conscious foods (via Market of Choice).

As hinted in the name, one of Market of Choice's main prerogatives is providing a full spectrum of options to its varied customer base. More specifically, the small Oregon grocery chain is constantly evolving to deliver products for a wide range of dietary concerns and preferences. This includes plenty of paleo, vegan, and gluten-free options, to name a few. Market of Choice stays mindful, accommodating to the everchanging barometer of customers' needs. The company is also highly vocal about its values of equity and inclusion. It aims to support and uplift BIPOC, LGBTQ+, and women entrepreneurs, stressing the importance of creating safe, welcoming, and supportive environments for both customers and staff.

Market of Choice clearly values its employees and customers, accessibility to products, and consistent affordability, making it an easy choice for many PNW shoppers.

5. Rosauers Supermarkets

With over 20 locations spread across the states of Washington, Montana, Oregon, and Idaho, Rosauers Supermarkets lies somewhere between classifications of a hidden gem and a regional treasure.

The company got its bold start in 1934 despite an especially tough economy due to the Great Depression (via Rosauers Supermarkets). Its founder J. Merton Rosauers was fresh out of high school and barely making ends meet when he boldly decided to try his luck with the grocery store industry. The first iteration of Rosauers was a quaint neighborhood food store. However, the original Rosauers Supermarket was erected in 1949, making it the first supermarket built in Spokane, Washington.

Rosauers Supermarkets has come a long way from its Depression-era days and is now a thriving chain within the Pacific Northwest. To give back, the company states that it works closely with a variety of nonprofit organizations, paying it forward through both investments and direct community engagement. 

Rosauers, as we know it today, is a charming Pacific Northwestern grocery store stocked with all of the necessities. From its bakery department to its built-in pharmacies, Rosauers Supermarket is a perfect everyday option for residents of this region. The combined history, culture, and current efforts of Rosauers Supermarkets score it a high spot among the best Pacific Northwest grocery stores. 

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4. Fred Meyer

In PNW grocery store discussions, it would be impossible to ignore Fred Meyer, aptly named after its original owner. As noted by the Oregon Historical Society, Mr. Meyer was one of the pioneers of the "one-stop shopping" concept and an innovator in his own right. Hailing from New York, Meyer eventually moved to Portland, Oregon, to make a name for himself and his bold ideas.

As history has it, Portland locals immediately appreciated the ease of one-stop shopping, and Fred Meyer stores quickly grew a fanbase. Because of the store's popularity and convenience, Fred Meyer became more of a community hub than a stand-alone business. The early Fred Meyer locations are partly responsible for Portland's transition from a small town to a booming metropolis (via Oregon Historical Society).

Today, Fred Meyer stores carry on the legacy of over-the-top convenience for its shoppers. Locations include every department you can think of, from a holiday department to garden and patio sections and everything in between. The modern-day Fred Meyer continues to bring home its high expectation of accessibility through its strong online presence and functionality. Shoppers can choose pick-up and delivery options, allowing them to shop from the comfort of their own homes.

In short, Fred Meyer lands an essential spot among the top grocery stores. This chain is responsible for molding today's grocery stores — not just in the Pacific Northwest but all over the world.

3. WinCo Foods

Ask any Pacific Northwestern — WinCo Foods is an absolute staple within this region. It's a large chain with over 100 stores, according to Forbes Magazine. Beyond that, it's also widely recognized as a charming neighborhood store with plenty of attributes to support that claim.

WinCo Foods is employee-owned, making this for-the-people grocery store chain feel like a community pillar in its various regions. The first WinCo was established in the 1960s, with the chain staying relatively small until the 2000s (via WinCo Foods). So, although WinCo has expanded exponentially, its identity as a smaller neighborhood grocery chain is still felt within its mission and overall feel.

The store hours are another interesting feature. Most WinCo locations are open 24 hours, allowing shoppers to stop in any time of the day or night. As you can imagine, this characteristic adds an element of appeal to many customers. WinCo's wide popularity and unique features definitely make it one of the Pacific Northwest's best grocery stores. 

2. Safeway

Safeway ranks high among its competitors due to its undisputed influence on the Pacific Northwest and the grocery store chains inspired by it.

In 1915, M.B. Skaggs started his first small store selling groceries and other goods (via Safeway). By 1926, a mere 11 years later, he had grown his empire into 428 stores across the country. It was within this year that Skaggs truly saw his success skyrocket after merging with another business totaling an additional 322 stores. Safeway has come a long way from its humble start in the small town of American Falls, Idaho, and is nationally recognized as one of the top players in the grocery store industry.

Safeway maintains its high acclaim by consistently providing quality products and upholding longstanding expectations. As a large chain, Safeway's variety of specialty diet and health-conscious items is also notable. Additionally, the chain is committed to supporting the community through its charitable foundation (via Safeway Foundation), inclusive hiring processes, member perks, and more.

1. Albertsons

Albertsons has a rich and fascinating history and sustained commitment to excellence. The chain was started by a Safeway district manager determined to funnel his grocery store knowledge and expertise into his own business (via Albertsons). The mission began in 1939 and quickly snowballed into the establishment of Albertsons locations all over the country. Following in Safeway's footsteps, Albertsons has become one of the major food retailers in the United States, boasting over 2,000 locations throughout North America.

Albertsons is among the best Pacific Northwest grocery stores due to its philanthropy, cult following, commitment to sustainability, and environment-friendly practices. As an example, Albertsons' community reach and fandom are one of legacy, stretching as far as Boise State University's Albertsons Stadium.

It may be a massive grocery chain; however, it genuinely operates from a place of thoughtful practices and community celebration. Despite a 2022 announcement that Albertsons will merge with Kroger, longtime fans can still expect to keep the parts they love about this Pacific Northwest grocery.