The Sweet Reason Princess Diana Took William And Harry To McDonald's

It's safe to assume that most people have very different eating habits compared to those of the British royal family. The average American family has a budget, cooks in between work and activities, and might prep meals in advance. The royals, however, have private chefs, order what they want, and don't have to clean up after themselves. A fancy meal can be an everyday occurrence for the members of the monarchy; for the rest of the world, it's a rare treat.

But that doesn't mean kings and queens, as well as their heirs, don't crave the same things everyone else does. After all, crowned and bejeweled though they are, they are still humans. The late Queen Elizabeth II enjoyed fish and chips (albeit precisely prepared) and often ate a simple breakfast: a bowl of Special K cereal. Meanwhile, according to Harper's Bazaar, Catherine, Princess of Wales, opts for oatmeal or smoothies in the mornings. So relatable!

While their kitchen staff may be able to whip up anything the nobility desires, some things just can't be substituted — like fast food. And thanks to McDonald's ubiquitous presence and appealing marketing, kids around the globe seek out food from the chain, even the royal ones. When they were younger, Princes William and Harry were no exception and their mum, Princess Diana, was happy to indulge them. While they undoubtedly enjoyed the brand's famously addictive fries, there was something else they were after during their trips to the golden arches.

William and Harry liked Happy Meals

Darren McGrady, who worked as personal chef to Diana and her sons (plus Queen Elizabeth II) recounted to Marie Claire a time when Diana informed him that she was taking the boys out to McDonald's for lunch. Horrified, McGrady insisted that he, of course, could make burgers for them. "No, it's the toy they want," the princess said, as per the chef's account. Not even a royal chef could compete with that.

Obviously, William and Harry were fans of the Happy Meal — the pint-sized meal box that comes with a cheery toy. The kid-friendly option has appealed to children of all ages, backgrounds, and social statuses since its inception in 1979. In fact, Happy Meals are so popular that the fast-food restaurant began selling adult versions in October (via Nerdist). Do you think the Royal "McToys" ended up in the royal kitchen junk drawer like they do in other homes?

McGrady also noted that the princes often enjoyed unpretentious meals, such as pizza and potato skins, just like any other kid would. Apparently, the habit stuck because, even today, Prince Harry loves stopping at In-N-Out with wife Meghan Markle in their home state of California whenever he can, according to Reader's Digest. Apparently, the staff at the couple's preferred location knows their order by heart, but the public doesn't know yet if they opt for protein style or animal style (not to be confused with the rumored "monkey-style" burger). Unfortunately, Harry won't find toys there.