The Best Ramen Restaurants In NYC

Over the last decade, high-quality ramen shops have made their mark on cities across the United States. A far cry from college student staple Top Ramen packets, renowned chefs from Japan have begun to share their traditional recipes as well as unique twists on the classic broth and noodle dish. Hand-pulled noodles, nuanced secret broth recipes, and perfectly cooked proteins are a must at any of these local spots serving up high-end, supremely delicious ramen. Whether you are looking for a lowkey takeout spot on a rainy day, or a fine dining experience complete with sake pairings and delicate appetizers, the ramen scene in New York City is undeniably impressive.

From traditional pork tonkotsu broths boiled for days to vegetarian miso favorites, there is a high-quality ramen spot for every palate somewhere in New York City. With that being said, we've rounded up the must-try ramen spots in NYC for you to enjoy.

Mr. Taka Ramen

Chef Takatoshi and owner Takayuki Watanabe are bringing authentic Japanese-style ramen to the Lower East Side at Mr. Taka Ramen. After years of experience owning and operating their own respective ramen spots in Tokyo, this talented culinary duo decided New York City was in need of a taste of genuine ramen.

The menu at Mr. Taka Ramen is chock-full of classic ramen dishes. The classic tonkotsu ramen is a crowd favorite, complete with house-made pork broth, hand-pulled thin noodles, sliced pork belly, parmesan cheese, and an array of vegetables and fried seasonings. Try the spicy iteration of this classic dish for a bold kick of spicy paste, chili oil, and a perfectly cooked soft-boiled egg. Although each dish is perfectly balanced on its own, Mr. Taka Ramen also offers a variety of toppings that can be added to any dish. The fried garlic packs a flavorful punch to any bowl and a crispy texture.


ROKC NYC is a chic spot for cocktails and contemporary twists on traditional Japanese port town cuisine. ROCK NYC honors the history and Chinese origin of specialty ramen noodles, highlighting the fusion of eastern and western flavors and influences across the menu. The ramen dishes at ROCK NYC are organized by region, creating dishes designed to showcase the ingredients and seasonings found in different local cuisines. When it comes to stand-out favorites, the Kyoto ramen takes the cake. This soy chicken and fish-based broth is topped with pork belly, garlic oil, and a soft-boiled seasoned egg, creating a delicate and perfectly balanced combination of flavors.

The unique cocktail selection is just as important to the ROKC NYC experience as the food. The original cocktails draw inspiration from the ever-changing Tokyo cocktail scene.


Chuko, meaning vintage in Japanese, is the namesake and the mission driving this delicious Brooklyn ramen spot. Chuko takes pride in its dedication to fusing traditional ingredients and preparations from across Japan, as well as unique and novel ingredients in its one-of-a-kind ramen dishes. The menu is concise and delicious, offering four iterations of ramen, each with the option to be made vegetarian. The kimchi ramen offers a surprising kick, blending the spicy Korean fermented cabbage with the signature Chuko broth.

While the ramen is the undeniable star of the menu, the selection of snacks at Chuko is the ultimate supporting bites to round out the meal. From the crispy Brussels sprouts seasoned with fish sauce and peanuts to the okonomiyaki tater tots with bonito flakes, each small bite is packed full of flavor.

Marufuku Ramen

Located in the bustling East Village neighborhood, Marufuku Ramen serves authentic Hakata-style tonkotsu ramen. This traditional preparation is characterized by the signature milky and umami broth made from boiling pork bones for hours, paired with hand-made thin artisanal noodles and Cha-shu style barbecued pork. There is also a creamy vegetable ramen which has the same umami flavors and careful preparation as the classic tonkotsu perfect for all dietary needs.

The interior of Marufuku Ramen is dimly lit and offers seating at individual tables, as well as at the dynamic kitchen-front bar top allowing guests to enjoy the vibrant smells and sights of the talented chefs. Sip on a selection from the sake menu while you watch your food being prepared for the full Marufuku experience.

Ivan Ramen

Chef Ivan's namesake restaurant Ivan Ramen is bringing bold Tokyo flavors to the Lower East Side. This U.S. flagship location boasts acclaim from some of the restaurant industry's most respected critics and was featured in Season Three of Netflix's "Chef's Table." The menu at Ivan Ramen is approachable yet authentic, serving bold Japanese flavors in a way that feels accessible to all. From the classic smooth and creamy tonkotsu to the spicy red chili ramen, the hand-pulled noodles and nuanced broth are supremely delicious across the board.

Ivan Ramen also offers an impressive array of beverages to complete the dining experience. In addition to a standard wine and draft beer list, the selection of sake is unmatched. Ranging in price from $10 glasses to $150 bottles, the carefully curated menu offers delicious sake at every price point.

Minca Ramen

Minca Ramen has been serving authentic Japanese-style ramen in the East Village since 2004. The house-made broths are the star of the show at Minca. While the toppings remain consistent across the menu, each slow-cooked broth boasts a unique, rich flavor. The original Minca Ramen broth is made of half pork and half chicken broth, boiled down from bones and seasoned generously with traditional Japanese flavors from seaweed, dried bonito, and imported dried shiitake mushrooms. In addition to the delectable original broth, Minca also offers a more garlic-forward chicken broth base, a miso base for a vegetarian option, as well as spicy broth options to satisfy every palate.

With every delicious bowl of ramen, diners are able to choose from a selection of Minca's hand-pulled ramen noodles. From thick to thin noodles, wavy to whole wheat, each selection offers a different mouth feel designed to enhance the incredible bold broth flavors perfectly.

Ramen Nakamura

Hailed as a bonafide "ramen god" in Japan, chef and owner Shigetoshi Nakamura brings some of the most incredible ramen to New York City at Ramen Nakamura. Partnering with Sun Noodles, the leading ramen noodle manufacturer across the United States, Ramen Nakamura highlights the quality noodles amongst bold and unique twists on classic broth flavors.

From the small plates to the impressive ramen bowls, each dish at Ramen Nakamura is bursting with flavor. Check out the edamame pesto for an inspired twist on the classic soybean starter. As far as entrees go, the menu at Ramen Nakamura has it all — from the classic TonToro pork to the one-of-a-kind vegan truffle miso or the Steak Mazemen served with medium-rare prime sirloin, every bowl is bursting with flavor and perfectly executed presentation.


Located in the heart of Manhattan's East Village, TabeTomo proudly serves traditional tsukemen or "dipping ramen” as well as classic jiro-style ramen to diners of all tastes and cultures. Chef and owner Tabetomo believes that serving his 60-hour tonkotsu broth and hand-pulled noodles in the tskukemen style allows guests to enjoy a purer, richer broth and firmer noodles, allowing the incredible flavor of each individual element to shine.

Tabetomo offers three Jiro-style ramen preparations. Check out the classic tonkotsu for a picture-perfect, genuine Japanese favorite characterized by a decadent pork broth, perfectly cooked slices of pork chashu, and seasonal vegetables. There is also a perfectly balanced vegetarian ramen option, complete with a house-made vegetable broth base and topped with the best selection of seasonal veggies.


TONCHIN NYC is taking the Manhattan ramen scene to the next level. With a passion for not only delicious and authentic Japanese cuisine, but also for creating a memorable, community-oriented dining experience, the team at TONCHIN NYC has created an inviting, stylish, and, of course, a tasty experience for guests to enjoy. In addition to the selection of tonkotsu ramen dishes, TONCHIN NYC also offers a full menu of Japanese-inspired favorites. Enjoy one of the light and fluffy fried fish and spicy miso buns seasoned to perfection before you dive into a warm and inviting bowl of ramen.

The drink menu at TONCHIN NYC is just as impressive as the culinary preparations. With selections of natural wines, signature cocktails, seasonal as well as traditional sake, craft cider, and draft beers, there is a perfect pairing for every bite and every palate available at the TONCHIN NYC bar.


With locations in both Brooklyn and Midtown, Ichiran has streamlined the ramen-eating experience. Ichiran encourages guests to slow down, step back, and take the time to focus on the carefully crafted flavors of the signature pork tonkotsu broth. Take a seat in one of the Ramen Focus Booths, a unique single-person seating area designed to remove guests from the distracting sounds, and sights of a typical ramen shop. It is the hope of the chefs that these booths allow guests to fully understand and enjoy the depth of flavor from both the original broth, as well as the Ichiran red sauce, a thick and spicy blend of over 30 peppers and seasonings.

The menu at Ichiran is also designed with ultimate guest satisfaction in mind. Guests can make specifications on every element of your ramen, from the flavor strength of the broth to the noodle texture.

Bua Thai Ramen & Robata Grill

Looking to branch out from traditional Japanese-style ramen? Bua Thai Ramen & Robata Grill is bringing Thai-style ramen and other delicious dishes to the Upper East Side in a stylish and welcoming dining space. Take a seat at the bar top or on the beautifully furnished patio for buy one, get signature cocktails during happy hour, or sit down in the main dining room with family and friends for a full meal experience.

The ramen dishes at Bua Thai are truly one of a kind, with broth bases ranging from creamy and mild lemongrass soup to spicy kimchi miso. Each dish offers bright, balanced flavors that showcase the beauty of Thai spices and perfectly cooked proteins. With over 10 ramen dishes to choose from, there are options for every diner at Bua Thai.

Jin Ramen

With three sit-down locations across New York City, Jin Ramen is a must-try for any bona fide ramen lover. Jin serves Hakata-style ramen, known for its pungent smelling and boldly flavored tonkotsu broth made from boiling pork ribs at a high temperature so the marrow infuses its rich flavor in the broth base. The noodles at Jin are thin, white, and dense, providing the perfect mild chew to best enjoy the hand-crafted broth.

Standout dishes include the signature green coconut Thai curry, a house favorite made with sautéed chicken, bean sprouts, zucchini, yellow squash, scallions, and handmade curly noodles. For a more classic dish, try the spicy tonkotsu with full flavor creamy texture cooked for hours on end, and topped with braised pork belly, pork seasoned soft-boiled egg, bamboo shoots, fresh scallions, nori, and sesame seeds.

Ippudo NY

Ippudo NY offers guests a lively dining experience in four locations across New York City. The open-concept kitchen and dining space of the flagship location in the East Village allow guests to watch as skilled chefs hand-pull noodles, stir the slow-cooked broths, and garnish each ramen dish with care. With seasonal appetizers unique to each location and a variety of vegetarian and vegan options in addition to the traditional pork broth ramen selection, there is something for everybody at Ippudo NY.

It is no surprise that the Karaka Spicy is one of Ippudo's most popular dishes– the pork tonkotsu broth, noodles, chashu, boiled spinach, seasoned bamboo shoots, naruto, Ippudo's special blend of spicy paste mixed together with fragrant garlic oil and Japanese peppers on top to create a perfectly balanced blend of bold flavor.


Since 2016, Zurutto has been a hot spot for quality ramen on the Upper West Side. The wood-lined interior dining room offers views of the fast-paced, aromatic kitchen, further adding a sense of excitement to the dining experience. The drink menu boasts draft and local craft beer options, as well as wine and sake to pair with the delicious gyoza and ramen offerings.

Unlike most ramen spots that focus on pork-based broths, the majority of the ramen dishes at Zurutto begin with a chicken broth. This departure from tradition packs the same punch of flavor as a more classic tonkotsu broth, yet offers a uniquely Zurroto twist. The menu also offers incredible vegetarian miso ramen, perfect for those with a plant-based diet or just looking for a lighter, cleaner meal.

Ramen Ishida

Well aware of the ramen boom making its way across New York City, the chef and owner of Ramen Ishida, Yohei Ishida, is working to bring chicken-based ramen to the forefront of the discussion. Ramen Ishida has perfected a clear chicken and soy broth flavored with countless ingredients like truffles, porcini mushrooms, and local, ethically sourced Bobo chickens to debunk the ramen myth that tonkotsu broths bring the boldest umami flavor.

In order to let the broth truly shine, Ramen Ishida carefully selects the perfect match of noodles to the broth -– from thin, smooth noodles to thick, wavy flour noodles, each dish is paired with the perfect noodle based on flavor profile, form, length, thickness, and texture. The signature Ramen Ishida dish is a must try, and features the signature chicken soy broth and thin noodles topped with Chāshū pork, chicken breast, bamboo shoots, shiso, egg, and truffle paste.

HinoMaru Ramen

Located in the Astoria neighborhood of Queens, HinoMaru Ramen was the first establishment to bring hand-made ramen to the area in 2011. Since then, this local hotspot has been churning out some of the most delicious house-made broths in the city. The signature tonkotsu broth is slow-cooked for 17 hours at low temperatures, allowing the marrow of the pork bones to release and create an incredibly flavorful umami broth.

The signature HinoMaru Ramen is a crowd favorite and a must-try for any first-time diners. The Hakata-style spicy pork bone broth is topped with braised chashu pork, kikurage, menma, scallion, bean sprouts, nori, and fish cake. This perfectly balanced bowl highlights the finesse and perfectly refined balance of flavors that can be found across the board at HinoMaru Ramen.

Kung Fu Little Steamed Buns Ramen

Kung Fu Little Steamed Buns Ramen is known across the city for its modern interpretations of classic Chinese dishes. Using only the freshest ingredients, this midtown spot serves no-frills, high-quality Chinese-style ramen, dumplings, and other traditional dishes for impressively low prices. Whether you choose to dine-in in the bustling theater district storefront or take some warm and comforting food on the go, the quality of food at Kung Fu Little Steamed Buns Ramen is top-notch.

There are an incredible number of ramen options available at Kung Fu– from traditional ramen soups to stir fry ramen, dipping noodles to chilled sesame ramen noodles, there is a ramen dish for every preference. The noodles across the menu are hand-pulled and hand-cut with care, creating a base for each stir fry, ramen, and dipping noodle dish that is texturally and flavorfully perfect.

E.A.K Ramen

With two locations in Hell's Kitchen and the West Village, E.A.K. Ramen serves up some of the best Iekei-style ramen in the city. This distinct style of ramen is recognizable by a slow-cooked pork marrow and soy broth served with thick, straight noodles, and E.A.K. has mastered the execution. At E.A.K., the Iekei broth is made from a treasured secret recipe, boiled for 18 hours, and served with handmade, pulled, and cut noodles for the highest quality bowls.

The E.A.K. signature ramen is a great place to start for first-time visitors– the Yokohama style pork and chicken broth is topped with shoyu tare and thick noodles, topped with spinach, chashu, and nori for a classic, rich, yet delicate bowl. For something more adventurous, check out the Oh So Hot! Miso ramen, a blend of the signature Yokohama style pork and chicken broth, miso tare fried garlic, and thick noodles. spinach, chashu, bean sprouts, cabbage, spicy ground chicken, and nori for a bold, vibrant dish that will leave you slurping up every last drop.

Ramen Misoya

As the name suggests, miso is the star ingredient at Ramen Misoya. Each dish on the menu at both the East Village and West Village locations showcases the delicate and delicious flavor of miso, a traditional Japanese ingredient made primarily of fermented soybeans. The menu is divided into three sections: Kome miso broth ramen, which offers the most traditional rich miso flavor, Shiro miso for a less salty, mildly sweet miso base, and Mame miso, a bold, dark red, bitter miso paste.

The chefs at Ramen Misoya have studied the nuanced flavor distinctions between the miso selections, pairing specifically chosen vegetable and protein toppings designed to bring out the subtle notes in each type of miso. With the option to enjoy each ramen bowl spicy or even vegetarian, diners at Ramen Misoya enjoy the perfect balance of personal choice and chef-inspired flavor combinations.

Totto Ramen

From the acclaimed owners of Yakitori Totto, Totto Ramen offers a chicken-broth-focused menu driven by the same values of sustainability, flavor, and tradition that have allowed its sister restaurant to shine. With locations in Hell's Kitchen and Midtown East, Totto Ramen is bringing big flavors born from sustainably sourced ingredients to all of New York City.

The signature Totto chicken broth is made in-house daily from a blend of free-range chicken, potatoes, onions, and a few other secret ingredients to ensure freshness and depth of flavor in every bowl. In addition to the more classic ramen toppings offered on the menu, Totto Ramen serves some of the most creative ramen dishes in the city. Check out the fried chicken ramen, a spicy broth topped with crispy fried chicken, a soft-boiled egg, and nori for the ultimate American Japanese fusion bowl of ramen.