19 NYC Restaurants To Celebrate Thanksgiving 2023

For a holiday focused on food, Thanksgiving comes with a lot of stress, especially for those who end up cooking the big meal at home. For those who would rather do anything but fuss around in the kitchen, we've got the solution: order in or put on your Thursday best and go out. This year, many New York City restaurants are offering some fantastic prix fix menus for the Thanksgiving feast. From traditional turkey and trimmings to culinary journeys through the Mediterranean, southern Italy, and Korea, these multi-course dinners are guaranteed to satiate.

As a habitual restaurant guest and both a lover of the Thanksgiving feast and someone who's cooked some or all of it in the past, I completely understand the desire to leave this meal to the professionals. I have eaten at many of the restaurants on this list and know the quality of their cuisine, but for the rest, I took a look at recommendations from restaurant critics and food bloggers. These 19 prix fix options range in price from your standard night out to truly splurge-worthy, around the five boroughs, presented alphabetically. Now, it's on you to decide where to don your Thanksgiving pants this year and if they'll be casual or fancy.

As You Are

Chef Camille Beccera's As You Are is a bright light in Brooklyn. Not feeling the drama of the homecooked meal this year? Come to As You Are, indeed as you are, a hungry person who wants the comforts of a hot meal without the fuss.

Beccera's menu is creative and outside the box, and thankfully she brings that energy to her $75 Thanksgiving prix fix, which we consider an absolute steal. Want to kick off your Thanksgiving meal with a seafood bisque instead of the traditional butternut squash soup? You got it. Perhaps add a dozen oysters, too. The best part? This three-course meal, complete with a bread basket of scratch-made rolls and cornbread, will almost certainly cost less than the price of all of the ingredients needed to make the spread at home.  

As You Are
(718) 303-3535

252 Schermerhorn St, Brooklyn, NY 11217

Black Barn

Conveniently located across from Madison Square Park, we recommend a stroll around the beautiful landscaping as a pre-meal stomach primer to Black Barn. Because, at $110 per person ($55 for children 12 and under), you've got quite an impressive spread coming your way. 

Appetizers and side dishes are family-style, so you don't have to choose between a wild mushroom toast or a venison sausage to start. You don't have to choose between sides, either, from stuffing and sweet potatoes to roasted Brussels sprouts with crispy bacon. Not feeling the traditional turkey this year? Go for a beef tenderloin or a seafood-centric paupiette of sole and shrimp mousseline instead. You can even take your NYC restaurant-made Thanksgiving feast to-go.

Black Barn

(212) 265-5959

19 East 26th St, New York, NY 10010


Who says Thanksgiving has to include turkey as the main dish? A red meat-laden, Korean-inspired Thanksgiving may be just what you need to get that celebratory feeling, and Cote has an absolute feast for the most carnivorous of us. For $155 a person, the price is splurge-territory, but for the number of starters, USDA Prime and American wagyu beef, omakase-style accompaniments, and savory sides, you're making out like a meaty bandit.

Our favorite part of this prix fix is how it is in line with the celebration of it all. Korean barbecue is meant to be enjoyed among friends, everyone sharing and enjoying and fighting for that last juicy piece of tender grilled beef. Cote is convivial, but it's also booked at the time of publication. Still, it's worth it to set a notification for openings.


(212) 401-7986

16 West 22nd St, New York, NY 10010


Daniel Boulud is one of those names that is synonymous with upscale dining. The menu at his namesake restaurant, Daniel, proves that after 30 years, this is still one of the city's finest establishments. The price of $295 a head is the most expensive prix fix on our list; if you do decide to clean up nice and make this your dinner destination, we recommend it for a date night or even a solo adventure.

Daniel's three-course feast does have notes of traditional Thanksgiving to it — a plate of heritage-breed organic turkey with stuffing and gravy is available — but it mostly sticks to its roots of offering the most luxurious food you can think of. Potentially topped with truffles, always presented beautifully. The seasonal dessert options are especially tantalizing, including an ice cream parfait that will put any store-bought pint to shame.


(212) 288-0033

60 East 65th St, New York, NY 10065

F&J Pine

F&J Pine is a delicious representation of Calabrian cuisine, and this year, you can indulge in the best from southern Italy with a few traditional Thanksgiving dishes, too. In the past, Thanksgiving meals at F&J Pine have been a legitimate feast, with everything served family style. 

If you're looking for somewhere with more than enough food for a hungry crowd, this is it. The best part? Your meal keeps coming in true Italian fashion. F&J Pine stages its Thanksgiving meal in a run of salad, antipasto, primi, and secondi per tutti courses. That means plenty of pasta following hot apps and traditional Thanksgiving meats making up the main course. Because no good Italian meal would be complete without it, you'll want to save a bit of room for F&J Pine's delicious cookies, cakes, and pastries.

F&J Pine

(718) 792-5956

1913 Bronxdale Ave, Bronx, NY 10462

Franks Wine Bar

The sister restaurant of Frankies 457 in Carroll Gardens, Franks Wine Bar, has one of the most impressive wine selections we've ever seen, with the eats to match. The family-style feast at Frank's Wine Bar, aptly named Franksgiving, is one of this year's best prix fix options in New York City, clocking in at $95 a person. 

To give diners that cozy, at-home-with-friends feeling, the Franksgiving feast is served family-style, complete with roast turkey and many, many accompaniments, including a few Franks favorites: Bianca toasts with sage butter and the Brussels sprouts cacio e pepe, among others. Tie things up with a slice of sweet potato pie or butterscotch budino, and consider yourself sufficiently fed until December.

Frank's Wine Bar

465 Court St, Brooklyn, NY 11231

(718) 254-0327


Dan Kluger is known for some of Manhattan's best bites; if you choose to spend your Thanksgiving at Greywind, you'll see (and taste) why. The $165 per person price tag is steeper, but based on the menu offerings, you'll be more than impressed.

We love any meal that starts with shared snacks for the table. Your NYC restaurant Thanksgiving begins with freshly baked fennel focaccia. Consider this your stomach primer for the next three courses, all of which are festive and seasonal. You can go the traditional route with turkey and stuffing, but a ribeye steak works for those craving red meat. For meatless eaters, a roasted delicata squash with kale tabouleh is available. The table will get to enjoy shared sides of cornbread, mashed potatoes, and roasted seasonal vegetables. If you can't make it out for the night, consider ordering a turkey pot pie from the bakery ahead of time.


(347) 252-4012

451 10th Ave, New York, NY 10018

La Goulue

A quick jaunt to France may not be in the cards this year, and that's okay. Eat at La Goulue instead and enjoy all the benefits of chic French bistro life without the flight. For only $96 per person ($48 for children 12 and under), fancy French vibes are en route.

The Thanksgiving prix fix gives a nod to the traditional meal with a plate of white and dark meat turkey and trimmings, but we love that if you just want to have a full-on Francophile meal, you can do that, too. Start your meal with a butternut squash soup veloute or have scallops gratin with a leek fondue. Alternatives to the turkey main course include salmon, mushroom risotto, or a juicy 12-ounce New York strip steak complete with hand-cut frites on the side. 

La Goulue

(212) 988-8169

29 East 61st St, New York, NY 10065

La Marchande

At La Marchande, French luxury mixed with a New York chophouse is the vibe. It's evident in the decadence of the three-course prix-fix, priced at $105 a head ($55 for children 12 and under). There's not much about this meal that makes us think of "traditional Thanksgiving," but that's a reason to love it. Roasted turkey breast with a side of confit turkey leg? Sign us up.

We love a meal that starts with a few table snacks before having to make an actual decision about what to order, and if you do too, you'll be more than pleased with the brioche pull-apart rolls, shrimp cocktail, and crudités. And because there aren't nearly enough opportunities to eat food covered in shaved truffles in life, you have the option to add a mid-course Parmesan risotto showered with white truffles from Alba for $75. 

La Marchande

(212) 837-2089

88 Wall St

Leland Eating & Drinking House

Randi Lee and his team at Leland make nearly everything from scratch, from pickled veggies to sourdough bread, and that attention to detail is evident in the amazingly affordable $80 Thanksgiving prix-fix. The convivial, relaxed family vibe at Leland gives a family-style NYC Thanksgiving meal.

This meal comes with a lot, and we mean a lot, of plates, so if you're unsure of just how much food you're getting for $80, we're here to tell you it's a remarkable amount. Dishes to look forward to include turkey jook (rice with egg, ginger, scallions, tamari, soy, and chili oil) and turkey porchetta with gravy. A la carte side options are also available, and if you want to buck tradition entirely, order the whole roasted duck for the table. Leland is sold out at the time of publication, but keep your eyes peeled for potential openings. 

Leland Eating and Drinking House

(646) 470-7008

755 Dean St, Brooklyn, NY 11238

Morgan's Barbecue

Cooking that Thanksgiving meal may not be in the cards for you this year, but putting on real clothes to go out and eat may not sound so great, either. If that's the case, leave Morgan's Barbecue in Brooklyn to do the heavy lifting for you. It's $325 for this gargantuan meal, and we see it as the meal that keeps on giving; plenty of food for Thanksgiving lunch or dinner and days' worth of leftover sandwiches, too.

The complete Morgan's Thanksgiving Package feeds up to 12 people. It weighs in at nearly 30 pounds of food and includes a 16 to 18-pound whole-smoked turkey, green beans, sweet potatoes, stuffing, cranberry sauce, and gravy. If you'd rather avoid all the fixings, you can opt for just the turkey and gravy for $220. Make sure to order your package by Monday, November 20.

Morgan's Barbecue in Brooklyn

(718) 622-2224

267 Flatbush Avenue, Brooklyn, NY 11217

Nino's Restaurant

If you're up for a little adventure this Thanksgiving, hop on the Staten Island ferry and head to Nino's for its Italian-inspired Thanksgiving prix fix. The meal is sure to make the trip worthwhile.

If Thanksgiving is a family affair this year, this is the spot for you. You've got a long list of appetizers to choose from, including salads, baked clams, and stuffed pumpkins. You have 15 main course options, too, so you've got a lot of choices. If you're craving the traditional roasted turkey with all the bells, you got it, but you can also go rogue with a steak or shrimp scampi. Other options include chicken parmesan, veal marsala, or surf and turf (for $10 extra). Any kids at the table have their own appetizer and entree choices for $25.95. 

Nino's Restaurant

(718) 448-3838

1110 Hylan Blvd.Staten Island, NY 10305


Chef Greg Braxton and his crew at Olmsted pay homage to seasonality in everything they make, most of which comprises ingredients grown in their garden. For this year's Thanksgiving feast, Chef Braxton is serving a beautifully seasonal three-course offering where kabocha squash meets radicchio, and heritage turkey is served two ways. The $145 price tag is one of the more significant ones on this list, but if you're looking for something truly special, Olmsted is an excellent choice.

Before you even sit down for your meal — the main course is turkey bo ssam, the more celebratory option on this list — take a walk through the Olmsted "Library," an intimate room with cookbook-lined shelves and live green walls. From there, you'll head to the garden. There's something poetic about seeing your food in its natural form before it's on your plate.



659 Vanderbilt Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11238


Peasant is the wood-fired brainchild of Marc Forgione, known for his Italian culinary feats and feasts. This year's Peasant Thanksgiving $135 prix fix ($60 for children) is an ode to both the Mediterranean ease and warmth of the space, as well as the open-fire rotisserie method of its cuisine. 

In true Italian fashion, you will not be having just one course during this indulgence of a meal. Your primi and secondi options are fairly decadent — rigatoni alla vodka with lobster and shrimp, for example — but you'll want to save room for the rest. We love that there are non-poultry options on offer, but even if turkey just isn't your jam, we're absolutely sold on the chestnut rotisserie gravy served with it. And for a little extra warmth and holiday spirit, we recommend a seasonal cocktail, too.


(212) 965-9511

194 Elizabeth St, New York, NY 10012

Porter House

There's something so New York about the white tablecloth steakhouse, such as at Porter House. The $165 per person cost ($75 for children 10 and under) covers three courses and may be one of the most affordable nights you'll have at a high-end New York City steakhouse maybe ever.

The Thanksgiving prix fix still feels like you're eating at a high-end steakhouse, from the appetizer choices (you know the wedge salad is going to be a good one) to the duo of steak options on offer. A traditional turkey plate with trimmings is available, as is a filet of salmon from the Faroe Islands. Plus, the sweetest bite of all comes at the end with apple crostata and pumpkin cheesecake. 

Porter House

(212) 823-9500

10 Columbus Cir, Suite 4, New York, NY 10019

The Seafire Grill

The Seafire Grill is the seafood sibling of Benjamin Steakhouse, so if you've ever enjoyed a steak dinner there, you know these offerings are guaranteed to be stellar. This year, for $95 a person, you can have a classic Thanksgiving dinner without making anything but the reservation. 

Unlike most of the other restaurants on this list, The Seafire Grill keeps it really simple for its three-course offering. You'll have your choice of either a soup, salad, or a ½ dozen oysters Rockefeller to start, but your main course is the Thanksgiving classic: Turkey with all pearl onions, giblet gravy, and cranberry-citrus sauce. Sometimes having too many choices is overwhelming, so if you'd rather leave it to the professionals to make the best possible plate of food, this is your spot.

The Seafire Grill

(212) 935-3785

158 E 48th St, Between 3rd and Lexington Ave, New York, NY 10017

The Smith

The Smith is that restaurant that always answers the age-old question, "I have no idea what I want to eat. Where can I go that has everything?" And so we recommend eating here to those with a big family or that Friendsgiving group that can't quite squish into someone's one-bedroom apartment. At an affordable $78 per person, The Smith is continuing in the tradition of something for all tastes, with a spread that really covers all the bases and then some. 

What we love most is the number of main course options, three of which are turkey (pot pie, turkey leg osso bucco, and roasted turkey breast. A mushroom rigatoni also looks standout. Apple brioche stuffing and crispy Brussels sprouts are served family-style; a lot of ways to keep the theme of "the more, the merrier."

The Smith

(212) 420-9800

55 3rd Ave, New York, NY 10003 (Additional locations at Midtown, Lincoln Square, and NoMad.)


This Thanksgiving, do the cultured thing and the food thing. Find time during the week leading up to Thanksgiving to walk around the Fotografiska Museum to explore all the beautiful photography on display. (The museum won't be open on Thanksgiving day.) Then, follow up an impressive exhibition with an even more impressive meal at the museum's European-inspired restaurant, Verōnika, for the $160 Thanksgiving menu ($65 for children 12 and under).

While definitely touching on splurge status, the Thanksgiving offering falls into the first-class category, starting with house-made croissants and an amuse bouche. Entrees include a salt-crusted lamb, a vegan roast turkey, and the star of the evening: A plate of dark and white meat turkey accompanied by burgundy truffles. You'll also get your choice of two sides and, of course, a selection of European-inspired sweets, some vegan, some not.  


(646) 993-6993

281 Park Ave S, Second Floor, E 22nd St, New York, NY 10010

Victory Garden Cafe

If you're not feeling the traditional roast turkey and mashed potatoes and especially don't see yourself making anything of the kind in your own home, Victory Garden Cafe in Astoria is putting a Greek spin on the holiday. Located at the center of Greek cuisine in New York City, Victory Garden Cafe is offering a turkey day meal at $49.95 per person, which is an absolute steal.

This year's Greek Thanksgiving feast will let diners choose from a Greek-style turkey with stuffing, shrimp scampi, or baby lamb chops with lemon potatoes. A la carte appetizers and sides are also available, including Greek dips like taramasalata and babaganoush, tiro keftedes and keftedes (cheese balls and meatballs, respectively), and grilled calamari. A surprise signature dessert will end your meal on the sweetest of notes.

Victory Garden Cafe

(718) 274-2087

21-69 Steinway St, Queens, NY 11105