Kids' Meals Are Returning To United Airlines In Time For Holiday Travel

They're baaack. We don't want to press our luck, but a recent announcement from United Airlines may indicate air travel is slowly returning to the realm of normalcy — or at least becoming a bit more family-friendly. According to a press release, United is bringing back kids' meals on select flights beginning in 2023. Available by pre-order, via the carrier's website, offerings include options for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

United is rolling out the in-flight kids' menu in stages. Currently available on flights traveling more than 2,000 miles and in cabins that offer complimentary adult meal service, kid-friendly options on select domestic flights (including Hawaii) and on international flights departing from the United States include a breakfast tray with French toast, sausage, fruit, and a croissant. Meanwhile, the lunch/dinner menu features chicken tenders with fruit, a dinner roll, and a dessert. 

On international flights arriving in the United States, the lunch/dinner option is a grilled cheese sandwich, fruit, a dinner roll, and a dessert.

Happy tummies make happy tots

According to the United Airlines press release, beginning in 2023, anyone purchasing a United Airlines ticket in an eligible cabin on select United flights will be able to pre-order a designated children's meal during the booking process or add a selection to an existing reservation, via the airline's mobile app. These meals will not be available to order on board, so any caregivers wishing to have the cabin crew feed their hungry tots should be sure to make that request in advance.

"We know there's a lot to balance when traveling as a family — especially during the busy holiday season — and hope this helps to put parents' minds at ease as they prepare for travel with us," said Aaron McMillan, United Airlines managing director of hospitality and planning.

In addition to kids' meals, United Airlines also offers a selection of special meals for travelers with special dietary needs, including Asian vegetarian, gluten intolerant, kosher, and vegan options on domestic flights (including Mexico and the Caribbean) of more than 2,000 miles, premium transcontinental flights, routes between Hawaii and the U.S. mainland, and on all short- and long-haul flights to or from the United States.