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Frank's RedHot Turkey Injector Makes It Easy To Spice Up Your Thanksgiving

Just in time for the holidays, Frank's RedHot — the iconic Louisiana-style hot sauce brand — has announced a new product that spice enthusiasts will likely be excited to try. According to a press release sent to Tasting Table, the company is selling a new specialty marinade that comes with a unique tool designed to apply it.

The new product is the only marinade sold by Frank's RedHot, which lists multiple kinds of hot sauce, barbeque sauce, seasoning blends, and even mixes for queso dip and bloody marys among its current offerings. The brand, which touts itself as the number one hot sauce in the world, has already been squarely cemented as a vital part of at least one other U.S. food holiday: the Super Bowl. The National Chicken Council reports Buffalo sauce was invented at Anchor Bar in Buffalo, New York in 1964, with Frank's RedHot being the wing sauce's signature ingredient (via Epicurious). And now, Frank's RedHot wants to be included in more of spicy food fans' holiday celebrations.

An injection of flavor

Available to purchase on the McCormick website and in select stores across the U.S., Frank's RedHot Injector Marinade is made with the brand's best-selling cayenne pepper hot sauce. As the name implies, it's sold with a syringe-like injector to allow cooks to infuse flavor right into their meat of choice.

The brand explained in a press release sent to Tasting Table that the new injectable marinade works particularly well on pork and poultry — i.e. turkey, which just happens to be the star of most families' Thanksgiving feasts. If your family is a big fan of spice, this could be a time saver, as the product description notes it eliminates the time usually required for brines or marinades to infuse their flavor into your bird. (And that's not just talk: Barbecue expert Steven Raichlen explains on Barbecue Bible the process is one of the quickest ways to add flavor and moisture to meat.)

Even if you are not a hot sauce fan, Frank's RedHot Injector Marinade might be worth the investment this holiday season, as the 16-ounce bottle and injector set only costs $7.99; Similar tools from brands like OXO run more than double that price on Amazon.