Gemma Stafford's Bold Baking Academy Is Adding Live Classes - Exclusive

These days, you can get cooking tips at the drop of a hat. The online world has given us access to everything we could ever need, from baking substitutes to the best seasoning for pumpkin pie — and thanks to social media, you can ask your favorite professional chefs any type of kitchen-related questions or participate in culinary lessons from the pros. Even Gordon Ramsay started a cooking academy for a hands-on experience that even the best MasterChefs would want to participate in.

Ramsay isn't the only name to offer cooking classes, as professional chef Gemma Stafford also provides versatile classes for any baker. Stafford created the YouTube channel "Bigger Bolder Baking," highlighting her own recipes and hacks. In an exclusive interview with Tasting Table, the cookbook author revealed that for the last year, she has offered online classes called the Bold Baking Academy as a month-long course — and now, she is taking those classes to a live format.

Live classes will be up to two hours

Gemma Stafford told Tasting Table that her current courses go deep "on certain topics like bread, French desserts, and cheesecakes." Bold Baking Academy fans will be happy to know that the classes will start live this month: "Come November, we're going to start to take that class live." Stafford explained, "It's an hour-and-a-half to two-hour live class on one specific topic, on one specific recipe."

The social media star mentioned that the academy received "great feedback" when it first dropped online options, which has inspired her to want to provide more choices for her baking students. According to Stafford, these new classes will be a bit shorter and will cover "more varied baking topics" — which you can learn more about on ", and all that information will be on our social media and in our newsletter."

For those looking for a variety of topics in a more traditional format, Stafford also recently dropped her second cookbook, "Bigger Bolder Baking Every Day: Easy Recipes to Bake Through a Busy Week." The recipes have all you could never need, from a butterscotch banana cake to raspberry-and-yogurt scones. With the holidays swiftly approaching, snagging this book is a no-brainer for your sweet tooth; between Stafford's no-yeast cinnamon rolls recipe and her live classes, your events are sure to get a tasty boost from your upgraded baking skills.

Head to Bigger Bolder Baking's website to learn more about Stafford's new cookbook or check out her YouTube channel to keep up with her recipes.