Richard Blais Gives Us The Scoop On His Newest Restaurant - Exclusive

Richard Blais is no stranger to the restaurant scene — he has four venues under his belt, after all. You'll find Four Flamingos in Florida, Ember & Rye and Juniper & Ivy in California, and The Crack Shack in various locations all over the country. There's no question Blais keeps himself busy, and we're thankful for that, as his restaurants are not only delicious but also welcoming to anyone, no matter the occasion.

Even though Blais is pretty darn busy managing his current restaurants, that's not stopping him from opening yet another must-try venue under the warm California sun. 

During an exclusive interview with Tasting Table, the celebrity chef chatted about his latest venture — a new fusion restaurant called California English — and gave us a look at what we can expect when it opens in the coming months. He explained the cultural mix of cuisine, the overall vibe, and why he loves cooking for everyone. 

The new restaurant will have a U.K. influence

Richard Blais likes to play with his food when it comes to creating an interesting menu. For example, at Ember & Rye, he is all about mastering the Santa Maria cut — a San Diego favorite — by using his own technique that he calls "grill fusion." With California English, diners can enjoy a little inspiration from our friends over in the U.K.

"It is going to be my infatuation with all things from the U.K.," he said. "I've wanted to do a restaurant with that influence for a long time." As a result, you can definitely expect fish and chips to be on the menu. 

"Every culture has a beautiful stew. Every culture has a scone or a biscuit or whatever you want to call it. Every culture has a calzone or an empanada or a Cornish pasty. It's amazing when you get to learn about culture through food," Blais said. But don't expect only all things U.K.-inspired at this soon-to-come spot. Since it's located in California, it will also reflect that area, Blais said. "Wherever the restaurant lives, any restaurant needs to be a big part of that community. It's combining those two worlds."

The vibe will also be very Californian — breezy but luxurious. "I want to cook for everyone ... whether it's business meetings or date night or social events or celebratory things, the restaurant's going to be upscale casual," Blais said.

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