OMNI Is Bringing Its Plant-Based Meats To Walmart

Most anyone who shops at a grocery store knows that plant-based foods have an increasing presence in the parade of eating options. In the United States alone, the segment reached a market value of $7.4 billion in 2021, fueled by a 6.2% increase in retail sales over the prior year, according to the Plant Based Foods Association.

In spite of pandemic-driven issues in that time period, including food supply disruptions and inflation fears, plant-based foods survived and even thrived. That's especially true for plant-based meats, which exploded with 74% growth over the three years spanning 2019 to 2022. It's no surprise that Walmart has taken notice and joined the bandwagon in a significant way.

A current industry term, "alternative proteins," brings a focus on the dietary, health, and environmental benefits of eating meats made from plants rather than animals. The Good Food Institute (GFI) explains that alternative proteins, which include plant-based meats, can alleviate the negative effects our food system has on the environment while also lowering the risk of zoonotic diseases spreading to humans. According to GFI, the global impact reaches far and wide, including the ability to nourish larger populations without depleting crucial resources.

With 5,335 total retail units in the United States by mid-year 2022, Walmart stands to bolster the rise of plant-based meats while giving consumers some healthy, tasty options. Here's what to expect as the OMNI brand drops four new products in Walmart grocery aisles.

Plant-based foods headed to Walmart

OMNI entered the world of plant-based seafood in 2021, per CNN, and is dropping its OMNI Crab-Style Cake into the upcoming Walmart selections, according to Deli Market News. It has a similar taste and appearance to natural crab but without any artificial colors, added antibiotics, or mercury, a common concern in seafood consumption, explains OMNI. Appealing to an even broader community of consumers, it's also considered vegan- and Buddhist-friendly. Nutritional values include Omega-3 ALA, high amounts of protein, and a low saturated fat content.

Other OMNI products that Walmart shoppers can explore include favorites substituting plant-based ingredients for typical meat-based ones. OMNI Potstickers come stuffed with the company's signature Omni Ground protein mixture, and they reportedly contain less cholesterol and about 66% fewer calories, notes Deli Market News. OMNI Spring Rolls also contain the Ground mixture, along with carrots, mung bean vermicelli, and two kinds of mushrooms: wood ear and shiitake. Another option is OMNI Luncheon, which is said to be a healthier alternative to pork.

Since these products have been designed with similar textures and tastes to their meat-based counterparts, the learning curve for preparation can be minimal. OMNI gives Walmart and other consumers a head-start with product-centric recipes such as the OmniPork Luncheon Musubi and Crispy OmniCrab Cake with Fried Tofu Salad.