The Short-Lived Ben & Jerry's Pear Ice Cream You May Have Forgotten

Whether you crave classic ice cream flavors like chocolate, vanilla, or strawberry, or more uniquely flavored decadent frozen treats, Ben & Jerry's always delivers. Each year, the company introduces a new lineup of delectable ice cream flavors, including 2022's Chewy Gooey Cookie (packed with milk chocolate, coconut, fudge, shortbread, and caramel) and Cherry Crumble (a combination of buttery ice cream, cherries, and oat crumble), per its website. Then there are the old standbys and beloved flavors that ice cream connoisseurs devour year after year, like Brownie Batter Core, Chunky Monkey, and Half Baked, all of which were fan favorites in 2021, as reported by Ben & Jerry's.

The company's flavor graveyard is where Ben & Jerry's lays to rest its "dearly de-pinted" flavors that, well, just didn't work. From Peanut Butter and Jelly to Miz Jelena's Sweet Potato Pie and everything in between, there have been some zany flavor concoctions over the years. One of those retired pints, and admittedly one of the weirdest Ben & Jerry's flavors ever invented, incorporated pear with a few unexpected additions.

A strange pairing

If you blinked in 1997, you may have missed it. Oh Pear, Ben & Jerry's frozen concoction of pear ice cream, paired with a hint of almond and a light fudge swirl, only lasted a year on grocery store shelves before it was, well, shelved. While you may have long forgotten about this flavor, it made Insider's list of discontinued flavors that should be resurrected from the flavor graveyard and should you feel the same way, you can request its return via Ben & Jerry's official website.

You won't find a pint of this pear-flavored frozen concoction on freezer shelves anymore, so instead, check out this list of every Ben & Jerry's flavor ranked from best to worst to find a pint that suits your taste buds. And if you really want to experience a blast from the past with the flavor profile of this ice cream, consider whipping up this pear almond tart recipe or this pancake with caramelized pears dessert, both of which include similar fruity and nutty flavors.