The Employee-Approved Tip For Crispy Crust On Frozen Trader Joe's Pizza

Everything about Trader Joe's just screams "unique." The quirky marketing methods. The flavorful food items. The friendly employees who love to converse with customers. Heck, there's even a hidden stuffed animal in most stores for the kids to find, according to Taste of Home. But Trader Joe's wouldn't be what it is today without one of its most beloved products: frozen pizza.

These aren't some lousy, sad-looking pizzas we're talking about here, as Trader Joe's elevated 'za includes such delicacies like uncured pepperoni, stone-baked crust, and vibrant vegetables. But all pizzas are created equal in that they run into the same type of problem: the potential for a ruined crust. Maybe it ends up too doughy, or perhaps it takes on an unpleasant, burnt quality. Whatever the case may be, Tara Miller and Matt Sloan, who are marketing powerhouses of Trader Joe's, share an employee-approved tip for an ultra-crispy pizza crust. Here's a look into their "product hacks" podcast episode.

Grab a cast iron skillet

On the August 29, 2022, episode of the "Inside Trader Joe's" podcast series, co-host Matt Sloan notes that his go-to cooking vessel of choice for pizza is either a cast iron skillet or a pan that's suitable for both oven and stovetop use.

First, they preheat the oven to 425 degrees Fahrenheit. Then, they take the frozen pizza, place it on the cold pan or skillet, and pop it in the oven. Next comes the watching game, as they wait for some browning and bubbling to take place within the cheese. The skillet or pan is then removed from the oven (watch out for the scorching hot handle) and then placed on the stovetop to cook for several minutes. The crust crisps up nicely over "some fire under the pan," though Matt doesn't state what exact heat level or temperature he uses.

This method works wonders because of the dual oven and stovetop usage: The oven helps to cook the pizza uniformly while the stovetop focuses on the bottom part of the pizza. Cast iron skillets are also pro for making foods a bit more dry, which enhances textural contrast and caramelization, via gmtoday.

So, whether you plan on making a TJ's pizza parlanno or a gluten-free pizza, be sure to utilize Matt Sloan's tip for perfectly crispy pizza.