Panera Quietly Debuted 7 New Grocery Products In 2022

Panera's grocery products, also known as Panera at Home, are extremely popular among grocery shoppers, with the brand's refrigerated soups being the most favored. According to Panera, the sale of refrigerated soups in 2017 surpassed $100 million, making the brand a leader in the niche category. Among its vast refrigerated soup lineup, Panera's broccoli cheddar soup is by far the favorite among restaurant diners and grocery shoppers, so much so that about 130 million cups of the soup were consumed in 2018 by diners and shoppers alike.

In addition to its refrigerated soups, Panera currently has various other grocery products in stores such as salad dressings, macaroni and cheese, sliced bread, bagels, coffee, and artisan bread. The company is now adding to its delicious at-home offerings. In a Panera press release from October 25, 2022, the company revealed a new lineup of products that are exclusive to grocery stores. Some of the new products will be available nationwide, however, some will only be available in select regional locations. Here's what new Panera grocery items you can expect to find soon.

A taste of Panera at home

Panera's new line of grocery store products that will be available nationally includes Italian Wedding Soup, Chipotle Ranch Dressing, Wildflower Honey Mustard Dressing, Garlic Demi Baguette, and Refrigerated Pasta Bowls in Chicken Caprese, Tuscan Style Chicken, and Lemon Chicken Primavera flavors. The products that will only be available in select regions include plain, everything, and cinnamon swirl bagels and Parmesan, everything, and tomato basil artisan cheese crisps. The final new Panera item is English muffins, which will be only available at Northeastern grocers to start.

In addition to the new grocery products, Panera is also updating its packaging so that shoppers can more easily identify and associate the grocery products with the casual cafe restaurant. The new packaging will include new photography, more notable placement of Panera's logo, and enhanced use of the shade of green that Panera is commonly known for using. Just like Panera's cafe menu items, the grocery items will be free from artificial flavors, sweeteners, preservatives, and colors.