Level Up Your To-Go Coffee With This Simple Mug Trick

As coffee fans know, the morning beverage is best when served piping hot or perfectly iced, but naturally, it can only stay at one extreme for so long. It's easy to forget about a batch after you've made it or get busy with other morning tasks, so by the time you return to your mug and are finally ready to hit the road the liquid has gone lukewarm.

Sure, there are easy ways to circumvent lukewarm coffee. Mug warmers have become an increasingly popular and flashy appliance, known to extend the longevity of your coffee's heat. But The New York Times warns that these warmers can only do so much, and you of course can't bring them with you on your commute.

It's easy enough to rely on the microwave for hot coffee, though reheating your cup can be annoying and inconvenient, especially if your brew cools down while you're on the move. And how do you keep iced coffee as cold as possible for as long as possible? Luckily, we have a trick perfect for those who like to nurse their morning caffeine.

Pre-warm or chill your mug for longevity

If you do a little legwork to prepare your travel mug ahead of time you can sit back to slowly sip your coffee without sacrificing its temperature. For hot coffee, Today recommends two ways of preheating your mug to keep your coffee as warm as possible: You can simply pop your mug in the microwave or fill your mug with hot water while your coffee is brewing. Pour out the water only when the coffee's ready and the inside of your mug will already be warm and toasty. Thanks to the law of thermodynamics, this will prevent your coffee from cooling as quickly as if you put it in a cold or room temperature cup (via Wired). As travel mugs often can't be microwaved, according to Road Mugs, this warm water method is especially ideal.

Opposite that, if you'd like to keep your iced coffee colder longer you can fill the mug with ice water before pouring in your brew, like you may have seen done to your cocktail glass at a fancy bar (via Wine Enthusiast). Today reports you can also pop your mug in the freezer, though this method won't work as well on insulated mugs.

Just a little thought and one simple step before pouring your coffee into your to-go cup will make all the difference to your day.