What Is The Best Type Of Spirit? - Exclusive Survey

Beer and wine are popular drinks with dinner, but when you want to end the night on something lighter — or stronger — only a spirit will do. Scotch, rum, tequila, and the like operate with versatility. Pour a glass alongside water or ice ... or simply take your spirit neat.

While drinking spirits exactly as they come may sound unpleasant, drinking your alcohol neat maximizes its flavor. According to Vine Pair, certain spirits are better to drink neat than others. Aged and dark spirits are actually best sans any added water, as their complexity means there's more flavor to detect. Clearer liquors, however, can similarly forgo any water, though you'll have to be more selective. Gin, vodka, and rum are among the best spirits to drink solo, allowing you to slowly sample their subtlety.

So choose a spirit and pour a glass. Tasting Table asked 626 people about their go-to spirits. While options range in intensity and strength, the votes didn't vary quite so much. One spirit topped the list, though, so get your shot glasses ready.

For Tasting Table readers, vodka is the spirit to keeps spirits up

Vodka is a preference as clear as its appearance. Vodka fans accounted for 30.03% or 188 votes. Vodka is a versatile liquor, with the drink's base made from fruit, grain, or potatoes.

Whiskey amassed the second-highest percentage of votes. More than 23% of those surveyed preferred the strong spirit, with 149 people in favor of the darker liquor. Tasting Table readers most enjoy their whiskey on the rocks; however, according to The Hamper Emporium, whiskey is best taken neat. When drinking the spirit as is, hold it in your mouth for a few seconds before cleansing your palate with water. This technique allows you to taste the full spectrum of your whiskey's flavor, though you can also enjoy your drink with water or other mixers.

Rum, tequila, and gin rounded off the list. Rum received 123 votes — 19.65% of the favor — whereas tequila earned 102 votes, with 16.29% of drinkers in favor of the margarita essential. Gin received the fewest number of votes, with 64 people in favor of a gin and tonic sans the tonic. More than 10% of people voted for the drink.

If you can't decide on a spirit, one of these options will surely do. Before you buy a bottle, check out what to splurge on to inspire your next glass. You'll just have to decide if you want to take your drink on the rocks — or exactly as is.