Not Everyone Is A Fan Of Trader Joe's Pumpkin Alfredo Sauce

People go hard for Trader Joe's products. There are fan sites, such as Club Trader Joe's, where like-minded individuals trade tips, recipes, and news about the unique grocery store chain and its offerings. There's more than a few social media accounts, like Instagram account Trader Joe's Fan Club, that bring this community together. We even get in on the game, letting our audience know where we stand on the hits — and misses — you find populating Trader Joe's shelves.

Speaking of misses, there are always going to be a few, that's the cost of taking the swings that Trader Joe's does. Though certainly subjective, Eat This, Not That has a list of products that they recommend taking a pass on, such as pre-made sandwiches and chocolate gummy bears. With all likelihood, though, some of the items on that list might already be gone from Trader Joe's shelves. As we've mentioned before, the store is quick to cycle through unpopular items on a weekly basis.

Now, a seasonal item that recently hit shelves has stirred up a bit of controversy as shoppers are claiming that it falls well short of mark and leaves them a bit disappointed.

Does pumpkin need to be in everything?

Fall is firing up across the U.S., and that means pumpkin season is upon us, which is great news for fans of the warm, baking spice smells that come along with the variety of pumpkin spice foodstuffs available. Of course, it's important to note, as Tree Hugger does, that the flavor — and scent — that most associate with pumpkin is actually that of spices like cinnamon, allspice, nutmeg, and ginger and not the large orange squash. Pumpkin itself is great in everything from quick bread and pie to ravioli and gnocchi.

Where it is not great, according to the site Trader Joe's Reviews, is in a jar of Alfredo sauce. The pumpkin Alfredo sauce was lacking in the cheesiness and creaminess they were looking for, and the pumpkin itself they found to be too overpowering for what is usually a rich, but delicate sauce. Commenters also found the sauce lacking, commenting things like: "Agree! I put it on the Cauliflower Gnocchi (10/10!) and instantly regretted it haha."

The Instagram account Trader Joe's List, however, gave the pumpkin Alfredo a glowing review. They enjoyed the slight sweetness that the pumpkin provided, and further noted that the garlic, onion, and black pepper were pleasantly pronounced. Their comments were more mixed than those of Trader Joe's Reviews, with some followers voicing support for the sauce alongside those who said it "tastes like fake jarred Alfredo."