Ina Garten's Fancy Whiskey Sour Upgrade

Whiskey sours are a classic cocktail, composed of whiskey, lemon juice, sugar, and an optional egg white. They've also got a long history, as the sweet and sour cocktail can be traced all the way back to 1862 during President Abraham Lincoln's administration, when the first recipe for the concoction was published in Jerry Thomas' "Bartender's Guide," per Remarkably, the whiskey sour has stood the test of time over the past 160 years, and while the egg white is optional, it's best to include it.

If you're weary of consuming raw egg whites, we get it, but using the ingredient won't alter the taste of your cocktail at all while making it super frothy and delicious. Be your own bartender and try this classic frothy whiskey sour cocktail recipe that incorporates a homemade sour mix and bourbon or rye whiskey. Once you've mastered the traditional recipe at home, there's a super simple way to make it even better. Here's how food maven and home cook extraordinaire Ina Garten upgrades her beloved whiskey sour cocktail.

Garnish with bourbon-soaked dried cherries

While whiskey sours are traditionally garnished with an orange wheel or maraschino cherry, the Barefoot Contessa kicks things up a notch with dried cherries soaked in bourbon, per YouTube. Garten notes that she loves to drink whiskey sours during the winter in particular, and customizes her cozy cocktail with dried cherries marinated in bourbon.

To prepare them, combine 1/2 a cup of dried cherries in a small bowl with four ounces of bourbon and microwave for 60 seconds (via Food Network). Set them aside while you prepare your cocktail. Then, thread three to four of the marinated cherries on a cocktail skewer and add to your glass as garnish. If you're all aboard the whiskey sour train, you can also try a few fun twists on the classic cocktail from (like adding red wine or muddled jalapeño), and check out these additional cocktails to try if you like whiskey sours. Cheers!