The French Dessert-Inspired Latte Only At Starbucks In East Japan

When it comes to dessert-inspired beverages, Starbucks seems to reign supreme. Sugary ribbons of syrups and sauces envelope hot, iced, and blended beverages and many get the deluxe "cherry on top" with whipped cream, sprinkles of some sort, and extra drizzles of sweetness.

Some of these beverages can be found on their regular menu, but the secret menu holds more dessert frappucino treasures. According to Starbucks Secret Menu, baristas can whip up the likes of a churro, peanut butter cup, green tea kit kat, and coconut ice cream-flavored frappucinos. In other parts of the globe, the word "dessert" takes on a whole new meaning, as fruity and exotic flavors pop up on such menus. And this is especially true for Japan.

The region of Japan that you're living in or visiting will determine what kinds of Starbucks drinks are available, especially when it comes to seasonal offerings. The Chubu region, for instance, is known for utilizing apple butter, roasted green tea, and white chocolate sauce with grape flavors, while the Kanto region loves its honeydew melons, passionfruit sauces, and butterfly pea tea syrups, via Starbucks Stories Asia. And within this eastern part of Japan also lies a French dessert-inspired latte that tastes just like a mont blanc (per Starbucks Stories & News).

Warm chestnut flavors

According to the food blog, The Hungry Bites, a mont blanc consists of three parts: a tart base, lots of whipped cream on top, and "vermicelli" strands of chestnut puree. It's perfect for those who love white chocolate, chestnuts, and "warm" flavors that are reminiscent of the holiday season.

Japan's twist on the traditional mont blanc dessert comes in the form of a mont blanc latte and is composed of oat milk, chestnut puree, and Starbucks blonde® espresso, all while being topped with whipped cream, chopped chestnuts, and a drizzle of chestnut sauce, per Starbucks Stories & News.

When drinking this fall-flavored beverage, Entabe states that you'll first pick up some mildly sweet notes of chestnuts from the toppings, followed by a harmony of the oat milk (which is akin to sweetened cow's milk, says Bon Tea) and espresso (which tastes soft and smooth, per Starbucks). It seems like the drink isn't too heavy nor too rich, which makes it perfect for those who crave "light" coffee flavors.

But not only was this drink only available in the eastern part of Japan but it was also offered from September 1 to September 20. Maybe one day this chestnut-flavored latte will expand to other countries, but until then, we can only dream of mont blanc flavors and other creamy French desserts.