The Easiest Way To Clean Fresh Pumpkin Seeds

As the Halloween season rolls around, it can be a little tough to compare our jack-o-lantern carving efforts with some of the seriously gifted squash carvers out there. But those of us lacking in artistic ability can enjoy the conciliatory reward of crunching contentedly on the delightful, potentially once-a-year snack that is the roasted pumpkin seed, which are truly hard to eat without having a good time.

If you've ever gone through the hassle of sorting the seeds from the goop scooped straight from the pumpkin, however, you understand that this tasty treat is often the result of a labor of love. We've all spent longer than we'd like painstakingly scraping the fibrous, sticky membranes away from the precious seeds — valuable time that could be spent carving, eating, or sorting candy. 

Fortunately, the easiest way to clean fresh pumpkin seeds is as simple as it is low-maintenance. This life hack will change your pumpkin-carving (and holiday-snacking) game.

Best ways to eat fresh pumpkin seeds

The simplest, best method for cleaning pumpkin seeds is to simply fill a bowl with water and place the gunk and seeds inside. The solid, pumpkin-y bits will sink, while the buoyant seeds will float — easily skimmed from the surface (via Eating Well). Once you pat them dry on a baking sheet with some paper towels, you're ready for roasting. Whether you opt for a minimalist approach to roasting your pumpkin seeds or like to spice things up a bit (via Healthy Recipes), the sky is the limit for different ways to season your pumpkin seeds.

You can also roast your fresh pumpkin seeds with oats and nuts for stunning granola, turn them into a craft trail mix, or use them as a welcome crunchy topper for salads (via New Hampshire Bowl Board). And if those options aren't for you, perhaps mouthwatering spiced pumpkin seed brittle would better satisfy your seasonal cravings.