How To Avoid A Frittata-Flipping Disaster

Many would argue that breakfast is the most important meal of the day, and it can also be the most delicious. There are so many tasty options to choose from like a classic bowl of oatmeal with honey and strawberries or fluffy pancakes served with sweet syrup. Scrambled eggs are also a healthy and satisfying choice, but the real star of a Sunday brunch is the frittata. The breakfast dish can be made savory with potatoes and mushrooms, or even sweet by adding ingredients like apples and cherries.

However, while it's fun to enjoy this type of meal out at a restaurant, it's also nice to eat it from the comfort of your own home. That said creating the perfect frittata is no easy feat. According to The Kitchn, there are a lot of ways this dish can go wrong like not cooking the vegetables before adding the eggs, forgetting to add milk or cream, or using the wrong type of pan. The outlet cautions that a nonstick or a plastic one with a handle just won't due because the ingredients need to be first cooked on the stove and then later put into the oven to finish the job. This is why they recommend using an oven-safe skillet for the best results. Another mistake that's hard to avoid, is a frittata-flipping disaster.

These techniques will give you the perfect frittata

After you sautéed your vegetables and added any other ingredients you're craving to your eggs, you just need to use this hack to avoid any flipping issues with your frittata. Serious Eats notes that if you don't have a broiler to finish this breakfast dish with, you can just turn it over like you would a Spanish tortilla. The outlet explains that using the method versus finishing it in an oven will also create a more rich and thick omelet. What you'll need to do is grab a pot lid or plate and just place it over the skillet and flip it upside down and then glide it back onto the pan.

However, if you're still set on using the oven to create a fluffier version of the frittata, there's another simple solution. The Spruce Eats suggests after you've cooked it in the oven for around 30 to 40 minutes, let it rest and flatten a bit before you serve it. Next, put a cutting board or plate on top of the pan and flip them both over. You can then use a silicone spatulate to remove the frittata's edges neatly from the pan and cut it into whatever kind of sections you like. Now you're ready to enjoy a perfect creamy or fluffy frittata, whichever way you prefer!