Here Is Alton Brown's Go-To Dinner These Days - Exclusive

If there is one thing we know for sure, it's that we want Alton Brown to cook us dinner. Even though that probably won't happen in the near future, we can at least live vicariously through our television screens. The former Food Network star is an iconic face in the food industry which means we would love to know exactly what he stores in his pantry. Brown has ten cookbooks and counting, so it's only fitting that we want to know what his typical meal is these days.

In an exclusive interview with Tasting Table's sister site, Health Digest, the "Good Eats" star revealed the go-to foods that he can't get enough of. As Brown says he will never describe himself as a "health cook" he has been making his physical and mental health a priority as of late. Turning 60 has encouraged the "Cutthroat Kitchen" personality to make some lifestyle changes, which includes what he creates in the kitchen.

Brown is mostly grain- and fish-based

As Brown dug deep into his current wellness routine, he named the foods he normally eats in a day. He explained that depending on where he is located (Atlanta or New York) his "diet is highly grain-based and fish-based." The food scientist added that he and his wife rarely include beef in his meals any more as "it's a treat when we [they] do." Brown usually enjoys "a lot of small shilling fish that grow to maturity very quickly and are sustainable."

When speaking with Health Digest, just that morning, the chef had made a peanut rice dish topped with tinned smoked mackerel. Brown enjoys a glass of red wine often, but tends not to use butter. He mentioned, "We use a great deal of olive oil over other fats in the kitchen — I'm not saying we rule out butter, but I don't reach for it all the time. We tend to reach for oils." Kale is also a big ingredient in the Brown household as his wife, Elizabeth, very much enjoys dark greens.

As far as grains go, the food mogul will always include anything from "farro to buckwheat to cracked wheat for tabbouleh." For a snack, Brown generally makes hummus three times a week, made out of lima beans instead of chickpeas. Let's just say we wouldn't be opposed to Brown making us some weekly hummus.

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