Alton Brown Reveals What's On His Shelf Of Canned Fish - Exclusive

Ever wonder what is in the pantry of Food Network's most infamous chefs? Bobby Flay once revealed exactly what he's hiding in the cupboard, and the internet went crazy. His well-stocked pantry included all things pasta, sauces, and arguably way too many mustards. While Flay has one of the neatest and most organized pantries, we can't help but wonder what other famous faces in the culinary world fill their cabinets with — one of those food personalities being Food Network star Alton Brown.

In an exclusive interview with Tasting Table's sister site, Health Digest, Brown revealed what a typical day of eating looks like; the food scientist now grabs some sort of greens, a type of grain, and red wine. Of course, Brown has to include a protein, so he tends to opt toward fish. The "Good Eats" host calls his shelf of canned fish a "fish bank" with a slew of options that both he and his wife enjoy. So what fish is normally on the menu at Alton Brown's house?

Brown cannot get enough of sardines

Alton Brown shared with Health Digest that he is trying to find healthy food he loves and eat "as much of it as [he] can." Although the "Iron Chef" personality explained that he "will eat all the tinned fish in the world," there is one fish that he has as often as possible.

If you guessed sardines, you would be right. When asked about his favorite tinned fish, Brown said, "Massive amounts of sardines. Smoked sardines. Marinated sardines. Canned mackerel." He hilariously added, "We eat a huge amount of squid, because I'm pretty sure they would eat us all if they could. They're aliens."

In addition to the "Cutthroat Kitchen" host's canned fish shelf, you may find some vitamins on his pantry shelves as well, as Brown has taken an interest in brain supplements. He recently partnered up with Neuriva to promote brain health after making some lifestyle changes in the wake of his 60th birthday. With a passion for food and science (and fish), one might even say that his latest partnership has gone swimmingly.

Learn more about Neuriva's brain health supplements on their website. Head to Alton Brown's website to keep up with his latest projects.