23 Casserole Recipes You'll Turn To Again And Again

There are few things as convenient — or as comforting — to a busy home cook as a casserole. And while the easy-to-assemble dish might appear to be a more modern invention, with some of the most well-known variations including ingredients like canned green beans, tuna, or tater tots (aka the Midwestern hotdish), The Seattle Times disputes this, challenging the common belief the casserole was created in the 1860s by a Canadian named Elmire Jolicoeur living in New Hampshire. The outlet posits casseroles have existed in one form or another across different food cultures throughout history, explaining the name casserole actually refers to the vessel it's baked in, not the dish itself.

While many people simply consider a casserole to be the quickest way to use up leftovers, you're of course not required to use day-old food to create this convenient, forgiving dish. There aren't many rules for making a casserole: The only two things you really need to remember are that casseroles are cooked in an oven (and therefore need to be made in an oven-safe dish) and they should be hearty enough to feed both belly and soul.

With those common misconceptions out of the way, here are 23 fantastic casserole recipes for a quick and easy meal.

Croissant Breakfast Casserole

What do you do if you're in possession of some stale (or soon to be stale) croissants, cheese, ham, and eggs? Why, make Croissant Breakfast Casserole, of course!

This easy bake takes the stress out of getting up early for breakfast prep, especially if you've got plenty of mouths to feed. It's the perfect dish for a holiday brunch, to bring to a potluck, or even to give yourself a break the morning after you throw a fabulous party.

Recipe: Croissant Breakfast Casserole

Buffalo Chicken Lasagna

Truly the best of both worlds, our Buffalo Chicken Lasagna recipe brings together the familiar flavors of Buffalo chicken wings rolled up in the comforting goodness of pasta and cheese. The dish takes about 40 minutes to make start to finish, so it's an easy choice for busy nights and activity-packed weekends.

Think comfort-in-a-pan: Buffalo Chicken Lasagna is great for game days, rainy days, or anytime you might need to provide yourself or your family a large serving of joy.

Recipe: Buffalo Chicken Lasagna 

Potatoes Au Gratin with Gruyère

We don't think we'd be going out on a limb to say that, of all the comfort foods out there, potatoes au gratin may be the one to rule them all. The classic, filling dish that can be served as a side with just about any and every protein: be it meat, chicken, or seafood.

The best part about our version is it tastes just as good reheated. Make this comforting side for your next dinner party and enjoy it again as an easy, practically dish-free breakfast or lunch the following day.

Recipe: Potatoes Au Gratin with Gruyère 

Green Bean Casserole

What would Thanksgiving be without green bean casserole? While we're all right with the idea of having the traditional casserole with all the high-calorie bells and whistles (think cream, butter, and fried onions), sometimes you want something a bit lighter to fill that role — especially when you're well past the holiday season.

Enter our nutritious green bean casserole, which we think you'll be able to get behind any day of the year. It's just as hearty as that secret family recipe, but with a tad less butter and cream, swapping fresh mushrooms for that can of condensed soup.

Recipe: Green Bean Casserole

Sweet Carrot Casserole

This recipe for a colorful, flavorful root vegetable side dish signals the coming of fall like no other: Dark, yet vibrant colors, check. A sweet-savory combo, check. This sweet potato and carrot dish even comes topped with a glaze studded with chopped pecans.

While we're considering this as a potential Thanksgiving side, ready to be elevated to a classic that becomes requested year after year, it could fit in with just about any meal for a filling, comforting bite.

Recipe: Sweet Carrot Casserole

Ham and cheese strata

There are countless ways to pull a casserole together, and recipe developer Kate Shungu gifts us with this ham and cheese strata.

Made by layering ingredients on slices of bread instead of using the more traditional day-old loaf, this irresistible eggy, meaty, and cheesy dish has a pleasantly crunchy top thanks to the corn flakes that's sure to delight and surprise your hungry hoards. What's more, you likely already have many (if not all) of the ingredients for this dish on hand, making it perfect for last-minute brunches and "pretty pretty please" sleepover parties.

Recipe: Ham and Cheese Strata

Cabbage au Gratin

We can't think of very many things that might suffer from being blanketed in cream and cheese and then baked — and we're happy to report that cabbage is not one of them.

While many people have come to expect a side of potatoes au gratin, this recipe challenges the imagination by swapping the starch with something green and leafy. Cabbage au gratin is perfect on its own (particularly if you're a vegetarian) or as a side for a grilled or roasted meat dish.

Recipe: Cabbage au Gratin

Fresh Yam Casserole

If you're planning on making a roast chicken (or turkey, if you see the word "yam" and immediately think Thanksgiving) and need to pull together a quick side, this Fresh Yam Casserole could be just the ticket. The recipe is oven-ready in just five minutes and needs only half an hour in the oven before it's ready to be consumed.

Jazzed up with a spice mix of cinnamon, cloves, and nutmeg, this cozy yam casserole screams fall.

Recipe: Fresh Yam Casserole

Pineapple Cheese Casserole

You could easily dismiss pineapple casserole as a regional thing, but there is a reason this dish is a classic many can't do without. While often eaten around Easter, per Southern Living, when it comes served as a side with ham and cornbread, pineapple cheese casserole can and should be enjoyed year-round.

This casserole is likely to be a hit even for those without fond childhood memories of the dish, as it has a flavor unlike any other your guests are likely to come across. Best of all, pineapple cheese casserole is — as Southern Living puts it — a challenge to mess up. 

Recipe: Pineapple Cheese Casserole

Yellow Squash Casserole

If you've ever found yourself staring at a yellow squash and wondering what you might want to use it for, this could be the answer to that question — as well as another involving how to introduce a new casserole into the family repertoire of dishes without feeling like you're eating the same thing meal after meal.

This rich and cheesy squash bake hits all the right notes and plays perfectly in an ensemble cast of supporting flavors for any roast poultry dinner. It also works well as a vegetarian main served with a fresh side salad or a cozy, filling lunch on a rainy day. 

Recipe: Yellow Squash Casserole

Cheesy Funeral Potatoes

Yes, the name is a bit morbid, but there is a reason for the funeral association that comes with this dish. As HuffPost points out, the first thing friends and relatives often do when a loved one dies is flood the fridges and kitchens of the deceased's family with casseroles, of which this is a popular one.

But you don't need to be in mourning to enjoy this luscious, cheesy potato dish, which can be quickly whipped up using chunks of potato or frozen hash browns, a can of cream of chicken soup, cheese (of course), and just a few other ingredients. Top with some cornflakes for crunch and the whole thing is done in under an hour.

Recipe: Cheesy Funeral Potatoes

Irish Bread And Butter Pudding

When many people hear the word "casserole," they think of savory, filling meals. But casseroles can be desserts as well, and all of the comfort and nostalgia you may be searching for in the perfect casserole was baked into our hearty Irish Bread and Butter Pudding.

This sweet classic is a rich, satisfying dessert that can be pulled together quickly with just a few slices of white bread, cream, eggs, butter, cinnamon sugar, and raisins. Leftovers can be kept for up to two days in the fridge, meaning you can serve this bread pudding for dessert and then continue to enjoy the fruits of your labor during breakfast the next day.

Recipe: Irish Bread and Butter Pudding

Sweet Potato Casserole With Bacon

Sweet meets savory in this delightful casserole that teases the palate in a few different ways: Sweet potato mash offers a lightly flavored backdrop that allows generous helpings of bacon and Gruyère cheese to provide a savory note, elevating the creamy dish.

This sweet potato and bacon casserole works well as a side, although we can see you skipping your entree altogether to enjoy an extra large helping; Perfect all on its own for a filling lunch or paired with a citrusy salad to cut through the richness if you'd like to eat this casserole as your main.

Recipe: Sweet Potato Casserole With Bacon

Spaghetti Squash Lasagna

What happens when you love lasagna but aren't too keen on carbs? You make our Spaghetti Squash Lasagna of course! This casserole recipe pulls many of the classic lasagna elements, including a lightly spicy tomato sauce and generous helpings of three kinds of cheese: ricotta, mozzarella, and Parmigiano Reggiano. Though it deviates from the tried and true noodles, we think this Spaghetti Squash Lasagna is a dish even your Italian grandmother would love.

In addition to being keto-friendly, the lack of meat means this meal is suitable for vegetarians.

Recipe: Spaghetti Squash Lasagna

Cauliflower au Gratin

Healthline classifies cauliflower as an "extremely healthy vegetable" thanks to the many nutrients and beneficial plant compounds it packs per serving, all while delivering very little by way of calories. And while some may say cooking cauliflower in a milky white sauce topped with cheese is not the most nutritious way to consume this cruciferous vegetable, it adds a mouthwatering bit of oomph to one of nature's gifts.

Perfect as a filling vegetarian main or hearty side, though it calls for Gruyère this recipe can be adapted to use whatever easy-melting cheese you have on hand.

Recipe: Cauliflower au Gratin

Oven-Roasted Greek Briam Bake

A roasted vegetable medley that can give ratatouille a run for its money, this version of briam (or briami) brings together a host of favorites from potatoes and red onion to eggplant and zucchini, with the option to substitute or add in mushrooms and red peppers. It also contains briny Kalamata olives and crushed tomatoes for a saucy side or veggie-heavy main.

When amped up with aromatics like garlic, oregano, pepper, and salt, you get a flavorful, memorable casserole that will have you coming back for more.

Recipe: Oven-Roasted Greek Briam Bake

Chicken Casserole with Campbell's Soup

If you're stumped for recipe ideas and in a rush, we suggest pulling together this classic casserole that's big on both flavor and nostalgia. Simply boil the noodles and combine with the other ingredients before baking, the most time-consuming part of this recipe is cooking the chicken breasts and waiting for them to cool down enough to be handled (though in a pinch you could easily sub in leftover cooked chicken or rotisserie chicken from the grocery store).

This meal hits all the right notes: it's delicious, filling, and it might even bring back memories of grandma that were long forgotten. Paired with a glass of wine and your favorite movie, we can't think of a cozier night in.

Recipe: Chicken Casserole with Campbell's Soup

Candied Yam Casserole

Few things say "Thanksgiving" like a candied yam casserole — that sweet, mouthwatering dish that first marries yams and nuts, before being crowned with a cluster of melty, golden brown marshmallows. This version of candied yams is big on taste, yet quick and easy to pull together, making it one of the best ways to get the classic dish from oven to holiday table.

But why only enjoy this sweet, filling casserole once a year? With the ability to serve as a side dish or dessert, we think candied yams should be considered for a recurring role in your fall and winter meals.

Recipe: Candied Yam Casserole

Kale Lasagna

In this vegetarian-friendly casserole, meaty mushrooms and kale join forces with a hearty marinara to come up with a lasagna that isn't just delicious, it's also nutritious!

As an added bonus, the recipe is incredibly versatile, allowing you to add in or substitute other ingredients like peppers, zucchini, spinach, or asparagus to customize your veggie-packed lasagna. This casserole is also a great way to use up any produce sitting in your fridge that's on its last leg.

Recipe: Kale Lasagna

Garlic Shrimp Mac And Cheese

Just when you thought mac and cheese couldn't get better, garlic and shrimp were invited to the pasta party. 

Perfect as a side or filling main, this decadent casserole can be stored in the fridge for three days or frozen for up to three months on the off chance you find yourself with leftovers. And don't forget the garlic bread when serving! You'll definitely want something to sop up every last bit of the rich, garlicky cheese sauce (though this mac and cheese is so good we wouldn't judge you for licking the plate).

Recipe: Garlic Shrimp Mac And Cheese

Chicken Florentine Casserole

If you see the word "Florentine" on a menu, you can pretty much assume that the dish contains spinach. Legend has it that French Queen Catherine de Medici (of Florence, Italy's infamous Medici family) loved the vegetable so much Florentine became synonymous with the green (via National Geographic).

Naturally, our Chicken Florentine Casserole combines chicken, spinach, and pasta, all under the tender loving care of perennial comfort food and casserole mainstay, Campbell's cream of mushroom soup.

Recipe: Chicken Florentine Casserole

Eggnog French Toast Casserole

This delightful casserole marries the traditional flavors of eggnog into a family breakfast favorite, allowing you to indulge in the seasonal flavor any time of the year and help get you into the holiday spirit, even if the weather outside is far from frightful. (Or perhaps you need it most when the weather is more frightful than you'd care to brave.)

With just 10 minutes of prep work, in under an hour you'll have a comforting, sweet treat perfect for breakfast or dessert.

Recipe: Eggnog French Toast Casserole

Classic Manicotti

If you're looking for a baked pasta dish but aren't too keen on a super heavy meal, our Classic Manicotti recipe could be just the ticket.

There's no meat here — just a selection of all-time favorite Italian cheeses and pasta dressed up in a marinara sauce. This Classic Manicotti ticks all the boxes for the perfect casserole: it's quick, straightforward, and ready in under an hour. The recipe serves four (with two manicotti each), but when paired with a salad and some homemade garlic bread for a classic Italian-inspired dinner it could easily be stretched further, depending on appetites. 

Recipe: Classic Manicotti