Tasting Table Asks: What Is Your Favorite Fall Vegetable? - Exclusive Survey

Fall cooking is all about comfort. When the weather starts to cool and the trees begin to turn, there's nothing cozier than roasting, baking, or cooking your go-to meal. Comfort foods are often associated with all things decadent and gooey, but fall harvests can provide just as much coziness as your favorite baked goods.

One of the simplest and best ways to enjoy fall's seasonal vegetables is to roast them, according to Southern Living. Not only does roasting bring out the sweetness of the vegetables, but if you cook a variety of them, you will have a colorful plate because autumn's vegetables tend to come in vibrant, inviting shades, from bright orange butternut squash to the vibrant pink sheen of beets. Once the vegetables are roasted, you can enjoy them as is for a satisfying side dish or blend them into a comforting soup, like this roasted butternut squash soup with spicy seeds

Of course, a few fall veggies tend to be the most popular. Options like carrots and brussels sprouts are blank slates that lend themselves to a variety of recipes and cooking techniques. Yet if you're short on inspiration and don't know what veggies to take home, take a peek at Tasting Table's latest survey. We asked 588 people about their favorite fall vegetables — and their answers shouldn't come as a surprise.

Pumpkin rises in the ranks of fall vegetables

When the air turns crisp, it's pumpkin's time to shine. You can thank this humble orange squash for the beloved pumpkin spice latte, which is reason enough for this fall veggie to take the top spot in the hierarchy. 

Of those who responded to Tasting Table's latest survey, 26.19% pointed to pumpkin as the fall vegetable. With 154 votes out of 588, the winter squash is clearly doing something right. Pumpkin began to emerge as the token flavor of fall circa 2010 due to McCormick's yearly "Flavor Forecast," says USA Today. Given its long-standing popularity, pumpkin isn't going anywhere, whether it's inspiring spiced drinks or vegetable dishes.

However, pumpkin isn't the only orange squash that amassed a significant portion of the votes. Butternut squash received 135 votes or 22.96% of the favor. Likewise, carrots maintained a sizable amount of fans — 116, to be exact — keeping orange vegetables in fall fashion. With almost 20% of the vote, carrots remain a classic vegetable that is delicious both raw and roasted. For a fall twist, try slow-roasting your carrots to upgrade them from a crunchy snack to a main dish.

Rounding off the list, Brussels sprouts, then beets, received 17.86% and 13.27% of the vote, respectively. Sprouts were favored by 105 people, whereas 78 people opted for beets. No matter what you choose, however, it's time to turn on your oven and embrace fall's freshest produce.