Is Gordon Ramsay's 'Bottomless Pizza' Restaurant A Good Deal?

So long, frozen pizzas. Celebrity chef and food personality Gordon Ramsay is bringing his bottomless pizza restaurant, Street Pizza, to Washington D.C. According to the Washingtonian, the D.C. branch will be Ramsay's first American Street Pizza and is set to open in Penn Quarter come winter.

Originally, Ramsay intended for the space to become one of his Fish & Chips restaurants, but opted to switch to Street Pizza — and for good reason. Like his Fish & Chips chain, Ramsay's bottomless pizza concept has already found success. There are currently four Street Pizza restaurants, each located in the U.K. (via Gordon Ramsay Restaurants). Their offerings range from classic pizzas — you can't go wrong with pepperoni — to funkier, fresher iterations like wild mushrooms and corn-and-chorizo.

Given Street Pizza's U.K. success, it's safe to say that Ramsay's concept is ready for an American audience. However, the concept of a bottomless pizza restaurant may be better than the real thing.

All-you-can-eat pizza sounds amazing but how much can you eat?

At first glance, bottomless pizza sounds like a great idea; unlimited pizza lets diners savor their favorite toppings on a sourdough pizza base. However, bottomless slices may be too much of a good thing — and not worth the price.

At a U.K. Street Pizza, a bottomless pizza costs roughly £16 per person, according to Gordon Ramsay Restaurants. That price tag equates to roughly $20 per person in America: the standard cost of about one pizza, capable of feeding multiple people.

The Takeout compared this price to that of similar pies. A 12” Neapolitan pizza in Chicago, for example, costs between $15 and $20. To truly get your money's worth at Ramsay's restaurant — and cash in on the bottomless deal — you'd have to eat roughly an entire pizza. Such a task is not easy. Typically Ramsay can only eat two to four pieces, he told the Washingtonian.

So before you head to Street Pizza this winter, you'll want to save room. If only bottomless wine came with the meal ...