Ina Garten's Adorable Trick For Her Perfect Cup Of Coffee

Anyone who is a fan of Ina Garten (and, seriously, who isn't?) knows that her recipes are epic, her East Hampton home is perfect, she has an apartment in Paris, and overall has a seemingly idyllic life. Her magic touch in the kitchen and business savvy has garnered her 12 successful cookbooks, a popular television show, tons of celeb friends, and nearly 4 million Instagram followers. When it comes to her cooking, Garten stresses the importance of good ingredients to make even the most simple of meals with sheer perfection. She regularly gives her fans tips on perfecting already uncomplicated recipes, like chilling cookie dough for foolproof results and choosing smaller chickens for the best roast chicken (via Food & Wine).

But, perhaps one of the most endearing things about the Barefoot Contessa is her relationship with her husband, Jeffrey, who Garten proudly gushes over to the delight of her fans. The two lovebirds have been married for over 50 years and, from what she shares with her viewers, they are the epitome of relationship goals, via Food Network. Every single one of Garten's cookbooks has been inspired in some way by her beloved Jeffrey. It should be no surprise, then, when you learn her adorable trick for making the perfect cup of coffee.

Just add Jeffrey

In 2018, Garten treated her IG followers to a clip of how she makes her perfect cup of coffee. It does not involve a fancy espresso machine or gourmet Italian syrups or any cream and sugar at all. It does, however, involve Jeffrey! She explains that, while he doesn't cook for her, he does happen to make the best coffee. Clothed in a chef's hat and a Barefoot Contessa apron, Jeffrey playfully scoots Garten out of the way so he can pour eight cups of water into the couple's very simple, uncomplicated coffee maker. He next adds a half cup of coffee grounds ("good coffee," Ina reminds us) to the filter, and presses the "on" button. Voila!

"That's the best cup of coffee!" Garten exclaims. So, it seems that the trick is to have Jeffrey in your kitchen. While you, unfortunately, will apparently never get to enjoy the perfect cup of coffee, you can probably come close. Find a great brand of coffee, a machine you love, and find the time to sit and sip at your leisure.