TRUFF Just Added A New Truffle Oil To Its Lineup

Is truffle oil played out? Is truffle everything played out? These are some heady culinary questions that inspire fierce debate at their very utterance. Of course, we're not talking about actual truffles; The place these subterranean fungus hold in the pantheon of ingredients is cemented. We're talking about those items that have been blessed with the truffle mantle, purportedly graced with the essence of truffle. Parade has a list of their favorites, from salsas and salts to honey and mayo.

For those unfamiliar, truffles are fungi related to other mushrooms, explains USA Today, the most famous of which are the French black and Italian white varieties. They thrive under the soil near the roots of trees and are rather difficult to find. In fact, truffle hunters who forage for them are known to employ pigs and dogs to sniff them out. That is one reason why they are so expensive. Worthly reports that the most expensive truffle ever sold rang up for $330,000.

But when it comes to truffle flavorings, especially truffle oil, feelings run high. And TRUFF, who've made a name for themselves with a line of truffle-flavored hot sauces, are forging ahead with a product they say is perfect for plussing up all kinds of dishes.

Oil and more

Hypebeast has the skinny on TRUFF's newest offering, straight-ahead truffle oil, which is quite the departure from their spicy sauces. This olive oil is infused with white truffle, and, according to TRUFF's website, works well on delicate flavors like seafood, pizza bianco, or whipped into a vinaigrette. A bottle of TRUFF white truffle oil will set you back $29.99 and is available on their website and on Amazon.

This isn't the company's only oil. They also offer a bottle of olive oil that is infused with black winter truffles, as well as their line of four hot sauces, two truffle mayos, and two ready-to-use pasta sauces. The company itself has a provenance you might not expect. In an interview with Bristol Farms, TRUFF founders Nick Guillen and Nick Ajluni explain how their original spicy concoction was a product of their popular food-focused Instagram account, and their following played a major role in popularizing — and publicizing — the early efforts of the nascent entrepreneurs.

Of course, you can always make your own truffle oil. Truffle Aroma details the process, which isn't all that complicated and can be accomplished in a home kitchen. The catch, as one might imagine, is the need for truffle with which to infuse your oil, and that is going to come with quite the price.