The Ingredient Swap To Elevate The Flavor Of Boxed Chocolate Cake Mix

Making a chocolate cake from scratch is always worth the effort, but for those nights when you simply lack the energy, a boxed cake will suffice. Even if you're just mixing the dry ingredients with wet ones, there are lots of creative substitutions that can improve even the most basic of boxed recipes. You can incorporate chocolate chips if you're looking for extra chocolate flavor, or opt for a scoop of peanut butter. Alternatively, if you really want to get funky, you can try adding sauerkraut to chocolate cake, which supposedly enhances moisture and chocolate flavor. We know — this is one swap you'll have to try to believe.

Per radio network SBS, the options for improving chocolate cake are endless. Fans of fruit-based desserts can have the best of both worlds with the addition of fruit purees, while spice-lovers can add some kick to their cake via chilies. Meanwhile, caramel lovers may prefer a piece of dulce de leche cake. To make this sugary dessert, simply slice your boxed cake into two halves ... or make an extra layer. Then, sandwich a layer of silky-sweet dulce de leche in between the two pieces, and your dessert is ready to go.

Yet if you're looking to keep the attention on the chocolate rather than any secondary flavors, one particular addition is bound to deepen your cake's cocoa. As a bonus, this substitute will also keep you wide awake — and alert enough to taste every nuance in your boxed cake.

Coffee can deepen the flavor of chocolate cake

An after-dinner coffee pairs well with dessert — but why not consolidate the two? According to Insider, brewed coffee can act in lieu of water for most chocolate cake recipes. While water does the job just fine, using coffee gives your cake the moisture it needs while simultaneously enriching its cocoa taste.

SBS agrees with this chocolate-coffee pairing, but ups the convenience factor. To deepen the cocoa taste, you don't necessarily need to brew a pot, but can simply add a teaspoon of instant granulated coffee to your dry ingredients. However, you'll still need water if you opt for dried coffee, so if you're looking to elevate your boxed mix with a richer liquid, you may want to try ready-to-drink coffee.

If vanilla cake is more your thing, you can still swap out the water for something more flavorful. Insider recommends adding milk to vanilla cakes — though, for both chocolate- and vanilla-based recipes, you can swap water for buttermilk, cream, or half and half. Any addition of a fattier liquid is sure to enhance both moisture and flavor, so try incorporating something other than water. You'll make a dessert worth eating and drinking.