Here's What King Charles Typically Eats Every Day

Even though America has been a sovereign nation for a few hundred years, we still find ourselves fascinated with the affairs of the British royal family. There is just something about the elegant and glamorous life of royalty that captures our attention. Despite this intrigue, at the end of the day, they are still people like us who wake up every day and have to fill their stomachs.

It's easy to imagine a royal meal as a highly elaborate affair with long tables piled high with sumptuous delicacies and culinary wonders of all kinds, but, in reality, these types of feasts come few and far between for the royal family of England. When it comes to average day-to-day dining, each member of the house of Windsor has a much more simple (albeit specific) palate. The newly-crowned British monarch King Charles III is no different. Read on to see what a king eats in a day.

Fresh local fruit

His Royal Highness King Charles III has long been a fan of fresh produce and local fruit. When not at Buckingham Palace, the King resides with Queen Consort Camilla at Highgrove House, an estate in Gloucestershire. The sizable gardens at Highgrove have been planted with thousands of plants and trees, as well as fruits and vegetables of all kinds, including whole orchards of heirloom apples meant to preserve endangered British varieties.

The royal garden at Highgrove also produces spectacular plums that are jarred by house staff to be eaten even after the season is over. According to Yahoo News, the King's standard breakfast order would include two of these plums, along with an assortment of dried fruit or a seasonal fruit salad, all fresh from the gardens at Highgrove. We can only imagine the tart and sweet strawberries of late spring and the crisp, juicy apples of fall.

Organic eggs

People from all walks of life and corners of the globe start out their mornings with simple chicken eggs. Whether purchased from the store or collected from a backyard coop, eggs are simple, cheap, and full of nutritious and filling protein and fat. The nutritional content of chicken eggs makes them an ideal food to start your morning, no matter what the day has in store for you.

Most people have a preference when it comes to how they prefer their morning eggs cooked, and the King is no different. King Charles III will only eat eggs that have been cooked for precisely four minutes, otherwise known as a soft-boiled egg. On the weekends, he will sometimes indulge in some cheesy baked eggs. In any case, he requires that all the eggs (and everything else he eats) be organic, as the King is a big advocate for sustainable farming.

Pheasant pie

One of the most classic British dishes is the meat pie. Unlike in America where we mostly consume sweet pies, savory pies are well-loved across the pond. Meat pies typically feature chunks of meat, like beef or chicken, in a savory sauce or gravy (which can have milk or cream but don't always). Sometimes there are vegetables like carrots, onions, or potatoes.

On his 70th birthday, King Charles spoke about his favorite meal of all time, a pheasant pie. The pheasant is a game bird that can be hunted throughout the British Isles, and the King himself has been known to snag a few birds for dinner. His favorite pheasant crumble pie starts with poaching the pheasant before making a rich gravy. The whole thing gets topped with a decadent parmesan-bacon crumble. As rich as it is, the King likely only consumes this on special occasions or particularly chilly evenings when something particularly rib-sticking is in order.


If you had a private, personal chef that would cook you anything in the world you wanted to eat for breakfast, what would you choose? A huge stack of Belgian waffles? A steaming plate of eggs Benedict smothered in rich hollandaise sauce? What about a bowl of cold cereal? As simple as it seems, the British royal family loves their cereal and several members eat it every morning. When richer breakfast foods get to be too much, cold cereal provides a quick hit of protein and carbs in a quick and convenient vehicle.

Queen Elizabeth II was known to favor a bowl of Kellogg's Special K every morning. For King Charles III, a bowl of muesli comprised of oats, grains, nuts, and dried fruit is served alongside his other breakfast favorites. Muesli is often mixed with milk and soaked overnight, but it can be eaten with yogurt as well.

Foraged mushrooms

According to a former chef for the King, His Royal Highness loves wild and foraged mushrooms. Luckily, the British royal family holds the keys to thousands of acres of pristine English countryside and forest. While at Balmoral Castle in Scotland, the chefs (and the royals) have access to the entire 50,000-acre estate to forage for wild mushrooms. The damp, fertile soil offers the perfect breeding ground for producing spectacular varieties of chanterelle and porcini.

A former chef for the family, Darren McGrady, spoke about making the most of the mushrooms' short season and how his team would sauté the entire harvest up with butter and tarragon before freezing it to be used throughout the year. The mushrooms would end up in dishes like creamy mushroom risotto, a favorite dish of King Charles III. McGrady would sometimes serve the King's favorite risotto with locally raised lamb chops or some other organic, farm-raised meat.

The king eats a simple breakfast

It's widely known that the King rarely eats lunch, so what he eats for breakfast is of the utmost importance. While a traditional English breakfast features sausages, eggs, bacon, baked beans, toast, and sometimes tomatoes, the King prefers a much more simple affair. Mirror says that he often breaks his fast with "fruits and seeds," among other things.

In addition to the fruits and seeds, King Charles III requests freshly baked bread, different types of muesli and cereal, no less than six types of honey, and tea (of course) or juice to wash it all down. No matter where in the world the King travels, he must have his breakfast box with all these specific items inside, or else he can't start his day properly. According to a former royal chef, Darren McGrady, the pantry is always stocked with fresh, local produce in case the King has a craving for something more substantial.